Global gutter rags all implicated in worldwide house theft

When the gutter rags all chant the same mantra about domestic abuse and violence you can be sure the crooked judges and lawyers who dominate and control their output it is for ONE reason only UTTER corruption. Heterosexual men have faced a massive global attack from the judeo masonic law society scum who wreak havoc on men dragged through their "ANYTHING BUT LEGAL" courts and use their gutter rag pals to endlessly rant about abuse while they are paid millions for advertising the properties stolen from men through a vast network of criminality.

Johnny Depp is only one of many men smeared and framed that allows the criminal legal mafia access to his many properties and bank accounts to allow their snitch Amber Heard to spout her bullshit as if Johnny was the aggressor when all the parties that knew them know exactly who was the twisted bitch playing Johnny to strip him from as much of his wealth as she possibly could aided and abetted by their crooked courts and a gutter press only to happy to smear Johnny as the abuser.

This case is finally highlighting what heterosexual men are living with day to day when a cadre of feminist witches band together, and funded by governments, to paint themselves the victims of all us bad men while turning themselves into millionaires on the back of all the crooks using the law to line each and every one of their own pockets. The ONLY victims are the screwed men, many who dont survive the psychological and financial torture these utter masonic scum inflict through dodgy court orders, instigated by solitary masonic judges with the backing of their godfather the Dukey Kent for and on behalf of the richest despots on the planet the royal mafia. This is the biggest criminal racket on the planet by far and NO OTHER crime comes close.

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  • Johnny Depp was never abusive or violent to me, his ex-fiancée Winona Ryder will tell court as Hollywood legend takes the stand for a FIFTH day(Yet Amber Heard is trying to destroy Johnny's career with outrageous DV claims)
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  • Johnny Depp 'not a wife beater' and Amber Heard allegations are 'lies', court hears (Family courts across the globe hear this fucking bullshit every day that destroys men thanks to the crooks running the courts for their own self enrichment schemes, Murdoch's SCUM claims amounted to a "full-scale attack" on Depp as a "wife beater" with "defamatory allegations of the utmost seriousness")