It's not just Hollywood that's being run by these fucking monsters

There is a global network of these vile bastards controlling much of the world's finances, courts and political mafia's behind the scenes thanks to their myriad of secret society networks and their oath swearing goffers.

Weinstein and his Mossad influenced spy agencies have used extreme measures to shut down any attempt by a victim to alert the public with a complicit media now only reporting after the internet gave a voice to the victims of jewish thuggery and extreme abuse that is RIFE across the planet with Weinstein only the tip of an enormous brutal and barbaric iceberg.

Any man who has faced divorce courts will know exactly how these evil judeo masonic bastards operate where persecution leads to the enormous redistribution of mens wealth into these evil bastards coffers and the sinister network of child theft that feeds their paedo networks like his partner in crime Jeffrey Epstein. Along with their royal hangers on like Randy Andy who is still free living an opulent lifestyle despite allegations of rape of minors and the judeo / freemason controlled cops failing to act and arrest him for questioning. But they will be round at your house PRONTO and locking you up for daring to argue with your wife.

  • Jewish thug and rapist Harvey Weinstein is rushed to hospital 'suffering chest pains' in the ambulance that was transferring him from court to Rikers Island - after shouting out 'I'm innocent' as he was convicted
  • Jewish thug Weinstein's ex-Israeli mossad spy for hire shares Black Cube secrets(VIDEO)
  • BLACK CUBE - DARKNET OF SPIES (Private Intelligence, Mossad, Harvey Weinstein, Ronan Farrow) (VIDEO)
  • Weinstein guilty over sexual assaults but acquitted of the most serious charges