Wars are triggered by the greed of the über rich
Young Duke of Westminster the world's richest young billionaire as Hugh Grosvenor inherits £9bn

After two world wars the rich just haven't learnt any lessons or maybe the political leaders that act solely for the benefit of the few haven't learnt any lessons either.

The world presently is in turmoil primarily because of the utter greed of the super rich. The recent death of the Duke of Westminster proves the disparity between the rich and poor in Britain with an estimated wealth of $10.8bn. When you have laws that ensure most of the world's wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few while the vast bulk of a country's population lives in poverty and squalor you cannot expect anything else but civil unrest.

So the political mafia have one of two choices either change the financial structures to ensure a more even society with the wealth at the top curtailed or send young men to fight in wars to ease the unrest that comes from the massive disparity between rich and poor.

You can be certain on the past occasions when this question was asked they picked the latter leaving the rich sitting on nest eggs so vast no one can truly comprehend just how vast that wealth is. However technology has changed since the last war and now the threat of nuclear war has posed a different question.

Can the rich and their political lackeys afford to trigger another global war with so many nuclear bombs that could threaten their own lives? It is not so easy to send young boys to the trenches any more with the ease with which a nuclear weapon can be launched that can take out any part of the world and there is now no where for the ultra rich to hide from that threat.

That is the present state of affairs across the globe and why a third world war would have already been triggered by the rich overlords only for the fact they have no where to hide. We are in a very precarious position unless those overlords are prepared to give up some of their riches to calm the peasants anger and frustration at the vast inequality that sees so many living in total squalor while the rich kids get even richer.

The 25 year old son of the Duke of Westminster has just inherited the entire fortune of his father thanks to the TRUSTS the rich set in place to avoid inheritance tax and a political mafia only to happy to allow those loopholes to fester.

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