• Three of only four billionaires in the Ukraine are jewish despite being only one half of 1 percent of the population (as at 2009)
  • Ukraine's Jewish Billionaires (pulled)
  • Chernobyl: The horrendous financial and human cost to life VIDEO

    While the gutter rags are telling us it is our lifestyles and what we eat and drink that are causing cancer it is a massive cover up to provide positive reinforcement for the continuation of the elites nuclear desires with claims of cheap electricity. NOTHING could be further from the truth and if anything it is the irradiation that has contaminated the fields, water courses, crops and animals we consume that are likely sources of cancer caused by radiation from any number of nuclear accidents in the UK, Ukraine, Japan and America.Also the massive number of above ground nuclear bomb tests that have spread radiation across the globe.
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  • A Disturbing Chernobyl Scene Was Cut Because the Show's Creator Said It Was 'Just Too Much'
  • Ukraine robbed by oligarchs via London and legal mafia VIDEO

    Aljazeera’s Investigative Unit unravels a high-stakes international plot hatched by powerful Eastern European oligarchs to make millions of dollars from a crooked deal. According to one Ukrainian analyst: “It sounds like an agreement between criminal bosses. You can sign it with your blood.” The scheme involves using a web of offshore companies and international lawyers to raid US$160 million dollars under the noses of the authorities.

    The money is effectively being stolen for a second time… the funds were initially frozen by Ukraine’s courts after its former president, Viktor Yanukovych, was discovered to have emptied the country’s treasury. The Oligarchs include an exiled gas billionaire guarded by Russian special forces, a Moscow property magnate and an Olympic show jumper on the run from Ukrainian authorities. The investigation shines light on the ever shifting battle between the oligarchs and global financial regulators.
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  • Giant dome project aims to contain Chernobyl's radioactivity (Wont stop the massive contamination in the surrounding forests getting into the water table and into the air through forest fires)(VIDEO)
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    Violent Tune: Angry crowds storm pop star's gig in Kiev VIDEO

    Crowds riot outside a concert arena in central Kiev. Rioters throw rocks and smoke grenades at lines of policemen, and shout nationalist slogans. A similar incident happened just one day prior, after a Ukrainian pop star was accused of treason for receiving a music award in Moscow.
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    This was an outrage of unspeakable proportions
    "This was an outrage of unspeakable proportions" says US President Obama about the Malaysian airliner which has fallen from the skies in Ukraine.

    Well, let us think back to which countries have committed similarly 'unspeakable outrages': Back to 3rd July 1988, when the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian Airbus A300, a passenger jet making a routine flight from Bandar Abbas, in Iran, to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

    There were 300 or so people on board, including 66 children & 38 foreign nationals. Many were Iranians on their way to Mecca. There were no survivors. The plane blew up six miles from the Vincennes, the wreckage falling in Iranian territorial waters. Iranian television broadcast scenes of bodies floating amid scattered debris. President Reagan called the incident an "understandable accident", said he regretted the loss of life. Admiral William J Crowe, Jr, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a Pentagon news conference that the US government deeply regretted the incident. Though they expressed 'regret', the US government never apologised for the tragedy. US warships had been patrolling the Persian Gulf since July 1987 as part of its controversial undertaking to keep the Straits of Hormuz open during the eight-year-old Iran-Iraq War (when the USA & UK were supporting Saddam Hussein!)

    In February 1996, the US government paid $61.8 million to Iran as compensation for the 248 Iranians killed, plus the cost of the aircraft & legal expenses, & a further $40 million to the other countries whose nationals were killed.
    On returning to the USA, the captain & crew of USS Vincennes were decorated for their 'bravery'!

    This is not an 'attack' on Americans, who have many good qualities, but I hate the hypocrisy of those who denounce wrong-doing by other (often at the wrong target), falsely assuming the mantle of virtue for themselves.

    'Wrong target'? Some think the bomb attack on Pan Am Flight 103 (the Lockerbie bombing) on Wednesday, 21 December 1988, was a retaliation for the attack on the Iranian airliner. UN Sanctions were used to force Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to hand over two men for trial at Camp Zeist, Netherlands including Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who, at a very dodgy 'trial', was convicted, then imprisoned in Scotland. Many, including relatives of those who died, believe Megrahi was an innocent scapegoat. NS.

    Norman Scarth
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    Odessa Ukraine anti-goverment activists jump to their death from burning building VIDEO

    WARNING! Some users could find this footage disturbing.

    39 anti-government activists have died in a fire at Odessa's Trade Unions House. Some burned to death, while others suffocated or jumped out of windows.
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    Protesters shower cops with water at -10 degrees Celsius in Ukraine VIDEO