Britain's evil bastards
Any DECENT Brit knows the UK is presently being run by a bunch of scumbag Eton gangsters groomed by the Queens freemason henchmen to HATE the poor while propping up the most evil regime on the planet. But Britain has a loooooong history of barbarism and a recent documentary series called 'Planet Oil' , that was surprisingly broadcast on BBC and their iplayer, showed the lengths Britain's evil establishment , with the assistance of America, would go to smear any leader that gets in their way to get oil on the cheap.

Episode 2 explains the lengths Britain went in the 1950's to undermine Iran's leaders when they refused to accept an agreement to pay 50% to Iran who they had previously been plundering paying them a pittance for their oil. Separated men know the lengths the legal and political mafia will go to smear them prior to extracting all of their hard earned estate and a few Middle East leaders were smeared as despots prior to Britain moving in to steal their assets.

This program clearly shows how manipulative Britain's tyrannical regime will go when they are hindered from thieving with impunity. Any man who has stood up to the family court mafia has faced similar persecution and what was surprising in a documentary about oil was just how far the system will go to attack any leader prepared to protect their countries interests before the interests of the crooked British establishment mafia.

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