If you tell a BIG lie long enough

The lunatics really are running Britain's printing asylums when they spout this endless bullshit. In all the decades Britain has been ruled over by the tory scum NEVER have the peasants lives boomed. Maybe the billionaires that bankroll the tory mafia into power see their bank accounts booming but NEVER, and it NEVER will boom for the majority of Brits who wont see any improvement in their lives under a mass murdering bunch of crooked bastards that masquerade as a political party, a tory fascist boot.

The same brainwashed mindset who support the evil British monarchy are the same brainwashed mindset who vote in a vile regime with a long trail of peasants blood on their hands and to watch as this cynical propaganda is played out to promote such a regime would make the average Joe nauseous. NO Eton groomed arsehole will ever create a climate where Britain's peasants prosper and during the last decade many of those peasants have died from the brutal psychological and financial mind games set up by the tory state assassins the DWP to destroy many millions of lives on their fairy tale legislation that intends to brutally cut the last vestiges of a pittance they were receiving taken away completely with many ending up suicidal their 'Universal' credit being used to CULL the population.

For this vile right wing gutter rag to print this despicable lie to cover up those mass murders shows the degree to which twisted bastards trying to run a murderous government can use billionaire print owners to provide the utter propaganda and bullshit to prop up their vile plot to finish off as many of those they class as not worthy.

England's tory voting scum should hang their heads in shame for allowing these fucking monsters to have anything to do with the running of a country that only ever sees their few rich backers as the benefactors of their evil policies that will forever enslave the rest of the population and death for the many at the very bottom of the ladder.

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