War against heterosexual men in Scotland like gender Apartheid

The SNP run by an acclaimed feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon has just laid down the gauntlet against heterosexual men with her and her law society terrorist pals latest legal machinations as reported by the femi / homo BBC with claims of 'Groundbreaking new domestic abuse law comes into force'. See HERE.

We have been exposing how freemason judges are running Scotland's civil courts and especially family courts(STAR CHAMBERS NO JURIES) to create the biggest criminal racket in Scottish history. SO how do they do it? Endless smear campaigns that allow NON jury courts and solitary freemasons to decide the future of heterosexual men's wealth, homes and children. The old saying 'SHOUT at your spouse and lose your house' has now become much easier for the legal crooks running those courts for their own self enrichment . A simple argument over money or husbands not being happy about their wives running off to nightclubs with their pals leaving the husbands to take care of the kids will now be classed as a crime and regarded as coercive behaviour for not giving the poor wee down trodden women their freedoms.

Holyrood, we have been exposing for decades, consists of radical man hating feminists/ lesbians, homosexuals and freemasons intent on destroying any last bastion of heterosexual family life and this piece of garbage that masquerades as law has been drafted to allow the crooked lawyers in Scotland easy access to every heterosexual man's wallet.

While former SNP leader Salmond is under multiple investigations for abuse against women it seems inconceivable that same party can bring in laws with the previous assistance of those now charged with crimes against women. It is so absurd you just cannot make this up while the SNP are at civil war in how they have handled Salmond's abuse cases.

We recommend NO man should even consider marriage in Scotland and any man who wants to ensure they do not suffer the same fate as so many others including some in our group should get to fuck out of Scotland before these vile laws provide even easier access to all their worldly possessions. We believe, even more than previously, that life for heterosexual men will get much more difficult and with many more expected to end up on the streets homeless and penniless when this abortion of a law starts producing even more injustice than those divorce courts had previously been getting away with.

  • Scotland's tyrannical domestic abuse laws tested and proven a joke as Motherwell manager cleared of assault charges ("It terrifies me how easy it is to ruin someone's life with this new law in place," his partner wrote. She added: "The stress this has caused both of us, and our families, is impossible to emphasise enough. It has taken an immeasurable toll on our lives all because the system has failed us both.")
  • 'Groundbreaking new domestic abuse law comes into force
  • Even feminists claim 'row like crazy' for a happy marriage (But now Scotland's corrupt mafia will claim that is a crime and coercive behaviour towards women)
  • Scotland the corrupt
  • The morally upstanding SNP who are chaining innocent men with their obscene laws have abusers in their midst who exploit their position of power
  • What happens to heterosexual men in Scotland when feminist leaning lawyers, lesbians, womens aid , homosexuals, and freemasons at Holyrood manufacture apartheid style laws (The most serious attack on men throughout history and promoted by the femi / homo BBC and the excuse for the legal mafia to fleece men and their families dry)
  • Scotland's hypocritical Holyrood mafia wine and dine weapons dealers (Is this the same mob that claim so much about domestic abuse rubbing shoulders with those who provide weapons for mass murder? Campaigners say that 'many companies in attendance have armed human rights abusers and dictatorships)
  • Lawyer Sturgeon accused of running a SECRET Scotland (With freemasons running Scotland and especially the Law society corruption is rife)
  • A lawyer James Muir "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for 2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • Thousands of WOMEN and their lawyer pals misusing domestic abuse orders to get legal aid
  • Legal aid chief arrested with rent boy in shopping centre toilet (This evil bastard is STILL responsible for signing the cheques to Scottish lawyers from their legal aid honeypot to aid smearing divorcing fathers and separate their biological protection from their children)
  • Lawyer controlled SNP in disturbing move over what is classed as domestic abuse (Freemason cops will be TRAINED to identify 'insidious' abuse then freemason lawyers and judges have the excuse to thieve mens homes, money and children. Tyranny alive and well in freemason run Scotland)
  • Holyrood mafia consisting of lawyers / freemasons / feminists / homosexuals are putting even more money into their domestic violence scams (How Scotland's legal mafia use DV to thieve property and children on the grandest of scales. The legal mafia's equivalent to claims of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' coined by warmongering LAWYER Tony Blair)
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  • In 2008 SNP Minister Mike Russell stepped down from the masons to avoid criticism
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