When freemasons control cops you get utter tyranny

As long term victims of these EVIL bastards who operate across Scotland as a supposed law enforcement we can say £millions have been lost to the property and land thieves who use them as hired thugs to strip men bare. Threats, intimidation, abuse and brute force are used against divorcing men who are demeaned and smeared so this lot can help themselves to men's livelihoods and children. Evil only now being slightly exposed in their complicit rags. Also if you are a victim of any crime the chances of getting help from this mob are ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  • Scotland's justice secretary claims he was unaware that corruption complaints and criticisms about cops were removed from an internal Police Scotland report
  • Secret police documents show attempts to "suppress" a report of serious corruption and criticism of Police Scotland's bosses (Freemasons running amok inside Scotland's corrupt pseudo law enforcement who NEVER investigate crimes because they are the biggest crooks of all helping steal land and property like there is no tomorrow)
  • For anyone who is forced to contact Scottish cops who fail to deal with crime this is the fucking nonsense they use to divert attention from their gross incompetence (If your home is regularly disrupted by crime making complaints to police will tar you as a PERSISTENT complainer and they will charge you for their failings. The whole of Britain's legal mafia and their hired cop thugs are GUILTY of persistent complaints and behaviour when they spend years hounding divorcing men into early graves)
  • Holyrood mafia consisting of lawyers / freemasons / feminists / homosexuals are putting even more money into their domestic violence scams (How Scotland's legal mafia use DV to thieve property and children on the grandest of scales. The legal mafia's equivalent to claims of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' coined by warmongering LAWYER Tony Blair)
  • Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland
  • What happens to heterosexual men in Scotland when feminist leaning lawyers, lesbians, womens aid , homosexuals, and freemasons at Holyrood manufacture apartheid style laws (The most serious attack on men throughout history and promoted by the femi / homo BBC and the excuse for the legal mafia to fleece men and their families dry)
  • Scotland's legal mafia removing children into care? homes to feed the homopaedo rings operating them (and why heterosexual fathers are being smeared and their biological protection is taken away from children)