How safe is flying today?

Today Rolls Royce announced 4,600 job cuts due they claim to requiring a major reorganisation. One of the reasons is that Rolls Royce have been caught up in a corruption scandal losing 4.6bn in 2016. That has led to problems with its Trent 1000 engines that are wearing out so fast airlines have been slapped with an FAA restriction on planes flying that limits operations to a maximum of 140 minutes to the nearest diverted airport. BA and Virgin planes have been warned to stay within an hour of an airport.

Now we hear claims in the gutter rags that flying has never been safer with new modern techniques and new materials but those claims are in direct contradiction to the evidence now coming out that the world's biggest supplier of engines have greatly underestimated how quickly those new engines and materials are wearing out to the point where the FAA have been forced to step in and slap major restrictions on all major carriers using planes with Trent 1000 engines that are installed on Boeing's 787 - 8/9 Dreamliners. Airbus A380 also has issues with the Trent 900 engines.

For anyone who has to fly regularly, especially long haul, this is NOT good news when we were told engines have become so safe that instead of four engines planes now only need two. With our own fairly limited knowledge of aircraft design this always seemed overestimating the ability of jet engines when flying over thousands of miles of ocean. We wonder how the regulators have given such clearance when it is now evident from these Trent 1000 failings that two engines have reduced NOT increased the distance planes can now fly with warnings that they must always fly within the range of an airport they can get to at short notice.

If Rolls Royce have been caught bribing airlines to take their engines what other sharp practices have they been taking with their engine designs that are leaving the Trent 1000's parts wearing out years sooner and putting the lives of passengers at much more risk?

Flying as we are being told is NOT getting safer but increasingly much more dangerous when the reputations of aircraft designers are seemingly cutting corners to save money and to make more profits for shareholders and before the safety of those designs and their passengers.

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