You will see endlessly on TV, advocates wheeled on proclaiming that only the 'rule of law' will ensure justice and stability in countries that support that agenda. However closer inspection reveals that the very bastards that promote the 'rule of law' do NOT operate within the 'rule of law' but act as if they are above the law.

In the UK anyone who would even DARE to try and drag the Royal parasite into one of HER law courts would find an unprecedented campaign of persecution would descend upon them from every conceivable source ensuring that a pursuer would NOT even get past the first hurdle. This would include the parasites vast army of freemasons embedded within the judicial mafia and down through the ranks of HER henchmen ALL protected from that 'RULE OF LAW' by the crown who control almost every aspect of life through a sinister secret society network. What we see in the compliant media that exposes criminality are the petty criminals whose theft pales dramatically next to the Royal parasites thieves. ONLY her hand picked lackeys can steal your home and kick you onto the streets with complete impunity and under the 'rule of law' or at least laws these evil bastards make up as they go along.

No man who married could actually believe when that marriage broke up the state mobsters acting for HER majesty could move in and remove everything a man has ever worked for, but that has become a daily occurrence with vast plundering of estates under the guise of family law or the 'rule of law' that keeps HER MAJESTY in the lifestyle she and her henchmen think they deserve by shuffling a few A4 sheets of paper around and with the solitary signature of one of her vile henchmen.

The power of HER judicial henchmen knows no bounds and millions of men have the psychological, if not physical, scars to show how these mobsters operate behind closed doors ensuring their crimes cannot be recorded, many an activist jailed for daring to catch them on video or audio. Until the peasants rise up and look behind the false facade of righteousness HER media constantly brainwash the public with, this tyranny will carry on plundering and getting away with far more than any wars create. HER courts are the modern day equivalent of the feudal powers kings and queens used to wipe out towns and villages but could not get away with today, so they have far more subtle , devious and dangerous ways to remove you from your life and possessions. There are a mountain of dead men's bodies founded on the back of HER evil 'RULE OF LAW'.