The Queen is visiting Scotland today as part of her WORLD tour celebrating 60 years on the tyrannical throne. She only has the power and wealth she has thanks to the hand picked freemasons who do the dirty work for her and who go about stealing men's assets through a very sinister use of 'law'.

So it comes as no surprise that at the very top of her list of meet and greet are two of her top henchmen Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire Guy Clark and Sheriff Principal Bruce Kerr. For anyone unfamiliar with the old bags pyramid of power scattered across the UK in every burgh are her Lord Lieutenant's like Guy Clark who coincidentally, like her other henchman sitting as the Prime Minister David Cameron, was groomed at Eton where the rich have their children brainwashed into the royalist mindset prior to her setting them up in key positions of power across the UK.

The Sheriff Principal is the role played by her judicial lackeys who keep in line the lower level judges who, acting for the crown, steal vast swathes of land, property, business's and children in star chamber courts for and on behalf of the richest despot on the planet. B.A. Kerr happens to be one of the most notorious judicial mobsters on the face of the earth with a star chamber in Paisley sheriff court that would not look out of place in a Hammer House of Horrors production.

He is behind the enormous destruction of men and their children in that area and anyone who dares cross this evil bastard will find their lives made a misery with a myriad of government agencies suddenly investigating every aspect of their lives for daring to challenge the abuse of his judicial authority granted by crown powers that the royal parasite oversees. Wealth both her and her forefathers accumulated through vast theft by her judicial mafia that fleece men with impunity and the same evil bastard the sheeple are out waving flags for, happy in their form of enslavement.

Every judge that is 'sworn in' in a Scottish court is usually flanked by the Lord Lieutenant and the Sheriff Principal as the picture clearly shows and how those courts are NOT there to ensure justice but as a modern day form of feudal tyranny that removes victims from their assets thanks to the secret decisions and unaccountable power of some of the most vile mobsters on this planet. The wee neds they send down who they claim are committing all the crimes pale next to the biggest rogues and thugs like B.A.Kerr.

Crown powers ensure the continued affluence of the few by manipulating laws that they can avoid as all the courts are run in her name and for her PLEASURE.

Here are some facts about their powers.

Although Lieutenants were appointed to a few counties in Scotland from about 1715, it was not until 1794 that a Royal Warrant ordered the development of volunteer forces for the defence of the country and permanent lieutenancies were established. Forces were based in each County led by a Lord-Lieutenant who was appointed by the Sovereign and who in turn appointed Deputies.

The duties included provision for the protection of their counties in the event of invasion, threat or civil uprising. They directed volunteer forces and, after the 1797 Militia Act, were empowered to raise and command county militia units. After 1802 the Lord-Lieutenant was ex officio a member of the police committee and the local authority but the Local Government (Scotland) Act of 1889 abolished these functions and the role of lieutenancies gradually became largely ceremonial.

HM The Queen appointed Mr Guy Clark as Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Renfrewshire in 2007 on the retiral of Mr Cameron Parker, Mr Clark’s predecessor. His Grandfather Sir Walter Guy Shaw Stewart was Lord-Lieutenant of Renfrewshire from 1950 to 1967. Mr Clark was born in 1944 and was educated at Sunningdale School (Preparatory ) and Eton College.

As Lord-Lieutenant, he is responsible for arrangements for Royal Visits to the area, and represents Her Majesty when called to do so. He is closely associated with the West Lowland Army Cadet Force and the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. Mr Clark also takes an interest in all aspects of life in his area, including education, commerce, industry, the Armed Forces and voluntary organisations.

The Lord-Lieutenant is appointed by The Queen and is Her Majesty’s personal representative in Renfrewshire with the prime duty of upholding the dignity of the Crown.

Mr Clark is responsible for the organisation of all official Royal Visits to Renfrewshire by any members of the Royal Family whom he escorts throughout the duration of their visit. He also ensures that The Queen’s Private Office is kept informed about local issues relating to the area, particularly when a Royal Visit is being planned. He makes nominations for Honours and Queen’s Awards and recommends those for invitation to Her Majesty’s Garden Party held each year at The Palace of Holyroodhouse.

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