Judge a country's success not by how well the rich are doing but how well the poorest are doing

The most major failing of the global rags, many run by billionaires, is how they rate any country's success. It doesn't matter what percentage of the population are millionaires or even billionaires what matters is how a country's population as a whole are doing. There is no use having a small percentage of the population living like kings and queens when the rest of population can hardly keep a roof over their head or feed, clothe and heat themselves.

So much emphasise is spent looking at what the rich are doing when a whole underclass are forgotten and the media spends so much time ignoring their issues because they totally rely on advertising revenue and to cater for those who have the spare cash to buy the tacky goods they sell to those with more money than sense.

The mark of a country's success is the quality of life that everyone should enjoy without living in squalor and indebted to a state that has placed the interests of the rich, who in the end fund the political ego's, that in time will find out how long the peasants can tolerate their indifference.

Only the rise of technology has leveled the playing field and why the corporate rags are desperately trying to avoid their past history steeped in some of the most fascist articles that vilify the poor as if they themselves are responsible for their own poverty. These evil bastards are now paying a heavy price for that indifference and deservedly so.