Remitly: How do the banking authorities let these crooks away with murder

Listen to this bullshitting bastard CEO Matt Opennheimer talk about his crooked empire who have been scamming victims for god knows how long while the authorities turn a blind eye, another jewish thug and gangster?

We had been trying to find a quick way of sending money to friends in third world countries who are starving and on the edge of life due to the global pandemic. We found this company Remitly online who promise a fast money service to people with no access to banks and tried using their service. We found after collecting the money from our bank they cancelled the payment locked us out of their website and with no phone contact the only way to chat was by logging in that was impossible.

After digging a bit we found Sitejabber a review site had recorded a LONG history of victims of Remitly who used similar tactics and with recipients in desperate need of funds to feed themselves instead find Remitly pocketing many thousands if not millions and locking the senders out of their account and ability to contact these crooked fraudsters. Only after extreme pressure did they refund the payment but for many Remitly victims they have lost thousands.

The supposed financial ombudsmen are allowing this lot to continue trading despite their crooked scams. Here are a few of the reviews which are shocking as many recipients are desperate and at the edge of life due to lockdown with no work and no goverment assistance which makes their crimes so much more disgusting.CEO Matt Openheimer should be hung drawn and quartered.

Worse experience ever!!! April 23rd, 2020

I tried sending $2999.00 maximum amount they would allowed me to send not only they cancelled my transaction because of "suspicious activity" but now they have a hold on my bank account for $2999. I am so furious! They made me fill out questions and send them copies of my bank statement, only so they can cancel my transaction either way. Such a waste of time and huge inconvenience of now having to wait for my own money to be released while im in another country with a disabled child. Its absolutely ridiculous!

Dont use this company save yourself the frustration. I checked them out yesterday and it said they had a 4.6 rating but now I see others have them at 1.7 because of their horrible customer service. Also I waited 2 hours to speak to a service representative another waste of time. Finally I wrote them an email this morning and got an automated response that they are too busy and can not reply back to emails, so unacceptable. They are Unreliable, irresponsible, inconsiderate and should not be trusted with your money, specially during these difficult times. Once I get back home I will be reporting them to better business bureau.

DON'T USE IT April 15th, 2020

People easily stole your information in this website and then they treat you as your are the thief. BE AWARE of this web site somebody stole my information and they do NOTHING! 3 days trying to connect to them. then 3 hours trying to be transfer to somebody who can do something for me and still nothing. They haven't help me at all. Imagine have to deal with in this hard times


They have started cheating now March 23rd, 2020

First time they send the right amount they tell you by the message to earn your trust and 2nd time they start cheating you by sending the less amount and the customer service phone they list in the web site does not answer. Be very careful I got $7 less amount received the other side the whole purpose to save money for the service fees is ruined and my party on the other end got frustrated by dealing with the bank who got less money after Remitly transfer. I might start a law suit for these bastards.

Avoid this service March 19th, 2020

Avoid Remitly at all costs. My experience with them has been extremely dissappointing. Transfers are put on hold for an inordinate amount of time. When speaking to them, they ask unneccessary and highly intrusive questions, and also ask for potentially sensitive financial information. I have never in my life experienced being asked by a service company such probing questions that border on offensive like Remitly has. Transfers are slow, and do not arrive on time. Refunds are held and at times never sent. They are without a doubt, the worst money transfer service I have dealt with.

Disgusting piece of #### May 4th, 2020

Disgusting company. Withdraws money but doesn't deliver it. Every time you contact them they lie that it will be resolved but it won't be. Won't connect to a supervisor. Barely speak English. Disgusting attitude. I'll be contacting my bank to dispute the charge! Stay away from these idiots.

Bad, VERY BAD June 22nd, 2020

I Have never seen a remittance company this bad. my first transfer they asked why. My second transfer they asked for more proof They have my passport + licence + bank statement + proof of send (My wife)

They Canceled my second transfer after sending my ID and bank statement and pointed me to the terms and conditions. My account was disabled which also disables Live chat, Email support and Phone support. If i can't send to my wife, why does this site even exist ? Useless company, do not trust them with your money.

Unreliable June 7th, 2020

I sent just over 200 pounds urgently to my mother-in-law on Friday 05/06/20 and was given an estimated time of around 5 minutes for transfer to go through. But then the funds went on hold, hence l called customer services which was equally a waste of time. I was informed they cannot do anything about it and that I have to give it about an hour. Fast forward to Saturday 06/06/20, I received a message from Remitly to say, they required further information from me before the transfer can go through. I was instructed to sign into my account to complete this.

I logged into my account only to find a message saying, I should upload a screenshot of my bank account as security precaution. Now, my question is who requires your bank accounts for sending just over 200 pounds. Normal people ask for a passport or your driving license, not my full bank account details. This made me query the credibility of the company hence requested a refund. I received an email to say my refund will be in my accounts on the 06/06/20, but as I write this review today 07/06/20, the money has still not be refunded. Meaning a delay in re-transferring the money to my in-law. What a joke of a company. Stay away completely from them.

Scam June 4th, 2020

No email support, no chat service and there is no other way to track your money. It will show you your money has been sent and will be given a fancy receipt number which is just a camouflage. It is obvious that an app/service allows you only to send but when it comes to tracking progress or you need to talk to them, they are well beyond your reach..what does that mean???

If the money receiver's details are wrong the amount bounces back, but how do you know if you are not allowed to communicate???


Really terrible service and discrimination. June 3rd, 2020

If the rating had "zero" I would have chosen that. Please use other services if possible. I was sending money to Nigeria, they asked me for two different documents and asked me to answer about four different questions over three days period which I did all. Some of the question was a repeat of a question I had already answered. I sent a copy of drivers license, a copy of pay stab as proof of income and all that. After all that, they called me to tell me they will cancel my transaction because they "noticed some suspicious activity..". This has been a very frustrating experience.

Never got my money. Zero custom service April 11th, 2020

On March 18, 2020, I used this app to send money to Brazil. After one week I got a receipt saying the transaction was completed and that money was in my account. How come they sent me a receipt if the money never got in my account? Besides, I tried a hundred times to reach their custom service with no luck. Almost a month later, and nobody never answered me, either by phone, email, Facebook, or Dove message. Sooo disappointed!!! I understand all the services are reduced, but theirs are just inexistent. There's just no way to reach them. I just don't know what else I can do to get this money back or transferred.

Scam Website June 10th, 2020

This website is a scam, people should not use it to transfer money. They tricked me 45 dollars. Scams people's money! No credibility! Unreliable! Not recommended! Please stop using this site before it's too late.

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