The tory government thug manufacturing gender biased domestic violence scams


You just couldn't make this utter bullshit up. Priti Patel gets a full page in Harmsworth's nasty rag HERE to rant on about wanting to protect women from all us bad men while allegations of her extensive bullying threats and intimidation are being exposed to the point one female tried to take her life in an overdose attempt.

There is no more extreme powers abused daily in freemason run family courts than those that smear and frame men for all sorts of abuses while they fleece those men of their lifes work. Patel's extensive rantings exposes how the very bastards who use bullying tactics to get their way in government try and point the finger away from their own extreme conduct and on to those they want to fleece while hypocritically claiming to protect the very women she herself bullies to the point of near suicide.

For anyone to take these nasty fuckers seriously needs their head examined to not see past the utter bullshit they claim is to protect while it is a means to bully a whole class of males caught up in the mindless mayhem the family courts have created that has left a long trail of dead men through suicide thanks to the psychological and financial torture inflicted by state assassins the law society and sanctioned by a political mafia.

See their other state assassins the DWP for the other long trail of the dead who faced brutal psychological and financial torture prior to their demise. Nasty Patel was ALSO part of their tyranny and the thuggery inflicted on the weakest and most vulnerable in society they are truly fucking monsters.

Also the vast numbers of women tortured by the DWP and living like paupers thanks to the tory mafia and the billions STOLEN by the tory scum when pensions were robbed from elderly women prior to them retiring.


  • Priti Patel staff member received £25k payout over bullying allegations (the woman took an overdose of prescription medicine following the alleged incident in 2015. A legal correspondence alleges that the civil servant took an overdose of prescription medicine shortly after the October 2015 incident)
  • Pressure mounts on Priti Patel to quit amid fresh bullying claims (The embattled minister was accused of shouting at a former aide with “unprovoked aggression” before removing her from her job. The aide received a £25,000 government payout after a threatened lawsuit in which Patel was named, the report said, adding that Patel was accused of shouting at the aide to “get lost” and “get out of her face”)
  • Tory thugs running their state assassins the DWP and how the vulnerable and disabled are being treated so wickedly (An official in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) received a £25,000 payout after alleging she was bullied by Ms Patel in 2015 during her time as employment minister)
  • From unflappable civil servant to Priti Patel’s biggest headache
  • Two more civil servants say they were aware of Home Secretary Priti Patel's 'bullying behaviour' when she was head of the Department for International Development
  • Harmsworth's far right wing gutter rag gives platform to tory bully Patel and her hypocritical bullshit about wanting to protect women(While a women under her control tried suicide over Patel's bullying)
  • Lawyer run Women's Aid pushing for more anti male laws (They need to smear and frame men as an excuse to relieve them of the family silver)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP accused of offering disabled people 'take it or leave it' benefits