Yesterday you would have thought London had been transformed into North Korea. Kim Jong-il would have been proud of the biggest most vile facade in the history of the (un)United Kingdom as the Royal Overlords brought out their many little helpers to eat out of the royal trough.

We have over a long period examined the London mindset and despite small pockets of kindness and generosity to their fellow men, especially those who sleep rough on its streets, the London city boys are a breed apart in terms of their vile disregard for humanity and how they use the London financial system to line their pockets at the expense of the world's enslaved. They are only some of the mindset flying flags from their windows and getting a bigger piece of the pie than the poor who are being decanted out of London by Eton groomed Cameron, Eton next door to Windsor castle and where rich toffs children are educated to carry on the vile class system through the UK's dodgy democracy were the overlords run everything via their freemason goons.

The royal parasites cannot survive without a massive entourage consisting of freemasons and their extended families who came out en masse yesterday for the freeby concert with a multi-tier system of groups that all eat out of the Royal trough . London draws a very strange collection of the greedy and anti- social who are only interested in how much property they can accumulate while walking over the poor and disabled lining its streets. Those same individuals seem to don a different cap come Royal time and the media make it look like they suddenly all become friendly and sociable when at any other time of the year they seldom have the time for the slightest conversation with their fellow city dwellers and one trip on a bus or train would show that mindset clearly.


The London media is totally controlled by freemasons at the top . Nowhere else across the globe is there so much control over the production, presentation and entertainment than in Central London. If you do NOT show loyalty to the biggest mafia on this planet you won't be going anywhere in your career and reflects the total control the FIRM have over every aspect of life in central London. North Korea have a LONG WAY TO GO to come close to the control network the Royals have in place to ensure loyalty and allegiance to the very warped world they live in. Blackmail in secret satanic oath swearing is a most powerful tool.

We know from our own experience there is a vile underbelly of secretly silencing dissent through freemason cops and psychiatric wards filling up with those brave enough to dare raise a voice against these mobsters and that NEVER gets reported in the tightly controlled media. While the bulk of the UK struggle with austerity there are pockets of London city where million pound plus salaries are the norm and it is that mindset that line the streets and bow to their masters who serve them well while the rest of the peasants struggle to make ends meet.

Do not be fooled by all the pomp and ceremony the royal facade is rotten to the core and where the sheeple are blindly led by a sophisticated media with her thousands of masonic helpers ensuring like North Korea , the facade remains unblemished to the many morons that are so easily led down the royal garden path. The power of music was used yesterday to draw the royalist punters to see musicians well past their sell by date with the likes of Madness selling their council souls to sing 'Our House' on top of Buckingham Palace and shows how far 'Suggs' is prepared to go to kiss the Royal ass and get the extended 'royalties' from the airplay on the media controlled by her lackeys. Every last one of the vultures who stood on stage and sang for the parasite should hang their head and shame and John Lennon would certainly be turning in his grave watching old man McCartney sell his soul once again to dine at the Royal parasitic trough, may they all rot in hell.