The rantings of an Eton groomed psychopath

Anyone who has been watching the Eton groomed twat masquerading as a Chancellor during the Autumn statement and talking himself up as if he has created a mini financial recovery can see a psychopath operating at their extreme. A government that has brought millions of UK citizens to their knees with debt and unable to keep up with the massive rises in costs especially energy rises.

A government that has psychologically tortured thousands of the vulnerable, dependent on state help, to death using the DWP and ATOS, thousands who have died in hospitals and care homes for the elderly thanks to wide spread abuse and lack of resources.

Millions of men fleeced of their life's work thanks to the continued corruption in courts the length and breadth of Britain. Thousands of children dying due to social work failures and poverty and abused in state care homes. Listening to psychopath Osborne you would think the miracle he imagines in his deranged mind was real when in reality it is pure fiction manufactured to justify his attacks on millions of ordinary citizens to satisfy the greed of London city. He rants about HARD WORK when he and his tory cronies have never known what it is like to do any physical work most of them living a life of opulence on the back of inherited wealth from tax dodging forefathers meanwhile he raises the age of retirement to 70 years of age stating that it is so that people retire only for one third of their life.

Has he seen the stats for deaths of men that know what it is to WORK in mining , shipbuilding and steel mills? How does he think those men can continue to work until 70 when few ever reach the average age of life expectancy yet will end up working until they drop thanks to ruthless callous mobsters who have lost touch with reality.

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