Why do people back NASTY?

Sturgeon swearing to kiss the royal arse

Sturgeon when she was Salmond's legal lackey alongside his other legal lackey MacAskill. SNP is totally controlled by lawyers

Have you ever seen a family situation were one member of the family is behaving in the most deplorable of ways yet other members of the family back them? Have you ever watched mothers of mass murderers being interviewed on tv and claiming, despite evidence to the contrary that 'My son's a good boy' .

It is exactly the same with politics. In Scotland over the last few days SNP lawyer Nicola Sturgeon got voted in by more people than any other party. Now this is the same voters that years before kicked out the nasty tory party for treating Scots like dirt yet the SNP provide deluded utopian messages about Scotland that encourages Scots to vote for them again.

The reality is that very little has changed yet Scots believe the bullshit being fed to them by a lawyer controlled media only to happy to see one of their law society lackeys Sturgeon holding the reins of power and will continue to allow the mass destruction of heterosexual men and their families under a freemason controlled family court structure. Some of Scotland's sink estates are even worse than during the 1950's but you would never believe it with the deluded optimism that somehow Sturgeon and the SNP will wave a magic wand and repair the destruction of the Crown lackeys who work out of Westminster. Sturgeon is just ANOTHER crown lackey as can been seen when she swore total allegiance to the Queen when she took up office.

But what is even worse is that some Scots have started to vote for the tory mafia again, the very scum who have caused widespread poverty and homelessness like never before. You can but ask why so many are prepared to back scum bags behaving in the most deplorable of ways when it is plain to see much of what is going on is a nightmare for many wrapped up in political bullshit. Or is it just degrees of nastiness and the SNP are seen as less nasty than Labour or the Tories?

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