Be afraid be very afraid as the Met turn London into a military zone

More lives have been lost due to murdering met cops than to any pseudo terrorist or FALSE FLAG threat and senior cops, all part of the masonic mafia and hand picked by the royal's Duke of Kent, want ever more armed cops on the streets under the guise of terrorism which conveniently coincides with the SHEEPLE slowly waking up from their masonic brainwashed slumber.

This is a show of THEIR strength with sinister creepy looking garb and machine guns and NOT to reassure the public but to threaten and intimidate ANYONE who dares to stand up to their blatant murderous tyranny protecting the paedo rings that control and dominate how they operate blackmailed to serve the establishment and oppress the peasants.

  • Met cops arrest nearly 50 at Anonymous protest in London
  • Freemasons disguised as law enforcement want to make sure only THEY have machine guns (as if the public is safe while vast arsenals are in the hands of secret society thugs?)
  • Having armed police on Tube will make Londoners feel 'less secure' (Londoners obviously know the history of the masonic Met's murderous past)