Blinded by the masonic light of darkness and lies VIDEO

NYC Mayor Telling the public to 'Be Vigilant' After Manhattan Explosion

Attack used as an immediate promotion of the police as safeguarders
instead of the mass murderers they have become of late

Most cop commentators on controlled media are freemasons

Here is WHY you cannot trust the mass media. Every single time there is an incident concerning threats to the public the immediate response from the corporate media is to wheel on a law enforcement boss to give their version of what kind of threat that is.

If they are NOT a freemason that will be a surprise as the royals Duke of Kent ensures every police force across the world has a freemason at the top thanks to their devious selection process and to ensure their NWO plans are not distorted by a spokesperson telling the TRUTH. Everything they spout actually masks the truth and their half truths ensure news reporting is always distorted from the view of looking at threats through masonic tinted glasses.

From 9/11 to London's 7/7 and a myriad of other international incidents that supposedly threaten the public a freemason is wheeled on to tell us how they are going to protect us and why so many skeptics believe many of those INCIDENTS are false flags and lets the scum and dregs of this earth claim they can protect us. They are only in positions of power to protect their diabolical murderous system of law and order that encompasses the globe ensuring the public remain BLINDED by the masonic light of lies and distortions.