Alleged domestic abuse and/or violence a MASSIVE masonic ruse

South Ayrshire councillors and freemasons Andy Campbell and Philip Saxton

We have done in-depth exposures of Kilwinning as being the Mother Lodge of Scotland and where freemasonry spread out like a cancer across the globe. South Ayrshire council area is no more than a stones throw away from Kilwinning introducing the next phase of the masonic ruse used to steal vast swathes of Scottish heterosexual mens estates using allegations of abuse or COERCIVE behaviour inside marriage and SNP feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon is pushing on behalf of her legal buddies inside the terror cell of Scotland's law society and legal aid board. We have spent years exposing the masonic mafia using this form of corruption to give masonic judges the excuse to relieve men of all their worldly possessions including stealing childrens biological fathers protection and leaving those children NOW VULNERABLE to be stolen into care homes where abuse is RIFE.

This new plan for a freemason run council South Ayrshire to provide TIME OFF for women claiming any sort of alleged abuse is the next step in the massive persecution campaigns being waged against Scottish men not part of their satanic cult. Sinister and we list the freemasons on the council who admit membership but there are maybe more unwilling to acknowledge they are freemasons. At least two Philip Saxton and Andy Campbell list their non-financial interests as freemasonry and more than enough to connect this DV ruse right to the heart of who are pushing this feminist dogma that is RIFE across courts in Scotland and coming to a court near you soon. Anything that goes on within a marriage can now be misconstrued as being criminal even a heated argument and these laws are making freemasons richer by the minute as £billions are being lost by non mason men as their properties and business's are repossessed through this dangerous all encompassing legislation.



"Councillor Peter Henderson said: "Across South Ayrshire, we're committed to supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities and working with our partners to raise awareness of domestic abuse and violence."

What they claim is abusive behaviour (NOW CRIMINAL)?

New legislation in Scotland, which for the first time criminalises psychological domestic abuse, says abusive behaviour is:

Behaviour that is violent, threatening or intimidating
Behaviour whose purpose is one of the following:

making a partner dependent or subordinate
isolating a partner from friends, relatives or other sources of support
controlling, regulating or monitoring a partner's day-to-day activities
depriving a partner of, or restricting, freedom of action
frightening, humiliating, degrading or punishing a partner

The offence is aggravated if any of the behaviour is directed at a child or witnessed by them.

  • Freemason run Scotland and where trials are ongoing in the next phase of heterosexual male destruction using DV powers (South Ayrshire council [RABID FREEMASON TERRITORY] first to give 'safe leave' to abuse victim staff)
  • South Ayrshire Councillor Philip Saxton is a freemason (Where they are pushing the dodgy dv scams)
  • South Ayrshire Councillor Andy Campbell is a freemason (Where they are pushing the dodgy dv scams)
  • South Ayrshire Council list (Only TWO admitting to masonic lodge membership)