Lunatic BBC make extraordinary analysis of English local elections 2018

The judeo / masonic / femi / homo / paedo protecting BBC controlled by lunatics claim 'NO CLEAR WINNER' after the latest local election results in England. Now Labour win 2350 seats and Tory's win 1332 yet the BBC madhouse think they are 'NECK AND NECK' after they have spent months pounding the anti-semite smears at Labour and Corbyn. Now we are NO big fans of any major political party but when a public broadcaster, paid from the public purse via a draconian licencing system, comes up with this extraordinary conclusion you have to ask what the fuck they are doing manipulating the sheeple into believing the result was CLOSE?

British far right wing gutter rags controlled by millionaires claim bonkers outcome

  • Gutter press grossly distort outcome of English local elections 2018