The story so far: How to keep an evil murderous government in power


First create a false flag to blame Russia on something and get the USA and Nato mafia to back that lie.

Associate the OTHER party, that isn't part of the mass murder of the peasants thanks to austerity and sanctioning of the poorest sections of society, with sympathy for a possible alternative reason for the false flag. Attack the other party for daring to suggest the evil government narrative might not be entirely correct.

If that isn't having a big enough impact use the Israeli mafia to seed dissent and instead of showing sympathy for the Palestine mass murder by zionist warmongers force the other party to bow to the demands of the Israeli lobby admitting that not showing sufficient sympathy for Israel is anti-semitic and Hitler-like for daring to do so.

The OTHER party has already been dismantled by a former warmonger and his place men have been embedded and used to turn a supposed working class party into a second party of the toffs that is no longer funded by the workers but by a small clique of rich zionist backers who ensure they have to support Israel to the hilt.

These are the seeds being sown for the scum and filth to call for another sudden election while their gutter press have done sufficient damage to the other party to ensure the sheeple wont dare to vote for them as they would then be connected with all of the above.

This has been going on for decades in Britain and wont change until a truly representative party of the ordinary voters is found and will stand up to the malicious attacks that see time and again a vicious fascist regime hell bent on doing ANYTHING to stay in power. Only the truly dimwitted could continue to believe the yarns being spun to keep the party in power that only ever bows to their ultra rich backers and the zionist agenda.

  • Proof the Israeli mafia are manipulating the world's political systems