British media's extreme gender bias

To IPSO Independent Press Standards Organisation

We make the following serious complaint against many of the UK's news media that a lawyer run and government funded group 'Women's Aid' are almost always given a platform to comment when any incident takes place where the supposed victim is female. However when the female is the perpetrator against another female no comments from 'Women's Aid' are sought as it does NOT fit the agenda.

But worst of all when the female is maybe a serial killer no British newspaper seeks comment from a male based group and of serious concern that the whole British press are deliberately biased to ensure the UK family courts can smear and frame divorcing men for all their worldly possessions. That would include the removal of their children from their biological fathers protection and into care homes awash with paedophiles.

That media is failing to ensure male groups are able to do, as the well funded Women's Aid can do, make comment when females are the defendants of some of the most wicked crimes against men. We have collated thousands of articles that show how much violence has been perpetrated by females against men and children and downplayed by many British newspapers particularly the BBC and Guardian. Also the many innocent men who spent time in jail over rape claims when evidence was withheld by the Crown until it was later exposed and those men released.

We already have had provided to us a list of the assistance being given by the National Lottery to women's groups especially 'Women's Aid' and is huge compared with those assisting men. We are taking steps to expose this outrageous bias that makes Apartheid in South Africa pale next to the treatment being meted out to divorcing men in secret family courts and the main reason so many end up on the street homeless and penniless. See attached Big Lottery FOI we made in 2012 clearly stating over 25,000,000 was donated to Women's Aid and less than 40,000 to groups helping men which is OUTRAGEOUS when most of the homeless are men forced out of their homes due to divorce this is a multi trillion pound industry.

Please ensure anyone dealing with this complaint is NOT a member of any UK law society as we believe the overseeing of media lawyers in the press is why so much bias is being created to paint heterosexual men as all being potentially serial abusers, rapists and murderers. This is TOTALLY and UTTERLY unacceptable and we continue to expose this extreme bias through our influence on the internet. IPSO is ultimately responsible for how that bias has increasingly developed over decades. Either BOTH genders get to make comment on individual stories or NONE at all. That is the only way to correct this serious and malicious injustice against heterosexual males in Britain that we intend to continue to pursue and expose globally.