Disturbing scenes at Indonesian 'meat' market VIDEO

Tourists and locals flock to the Tomohon food market in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, a market famous for its exotic delicacies, such as sliced-open pythons, flame-roasted bats and skewered rats. Also live dogs kept in cages were bludgeoned to death before being roasted on the spot with the use of a torch.
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indonesia Friend!

This nation state was formed by Freemasons, starting with the VOC, Dutch Governor-Generals, compliant member pribumis at the turn of the 20th Century forming Budi Oetomo, and with a couple of breaks, a succession of compliant zionist presidents right up to the present day! Forget the muslim (like muslin) veil; this place is 100% zionist controlled and as is the case in most of the East, masonic affiliation is muted or covered up.

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