savile gets a knighthood

The British media create hero's from the utter dregs of the earth. They have spent more than 40 years propping up evil bastard Jimmy Savile but only in death have they finally gotten round to expose his crimes against children .

The sheeple should now be looking at every last one of those HEROES promoted by the hideous press barons like Rupert Murdoch who obsessively promote the royal parasite and her many masonic henchmen , BBC pervert Jimmy Savile being only one of a long line of entertainers hand picked to promote Queen Lizzie at every opportunity. See each years Royal Variety performance list for the rest of her arse kissing lackeys.

Savile was only ONE of many monsters, that includes right at the top the Duke of Kent, who heads the freemasons worldwide and who dishes out the orders to persecute anyone who dares challenge the EVIL might of Lizzie and the millions of subservient RATS who do the dirty work for her everyday via orders from the United Grand Lodge of England and the 33 degree freemasons who operate out of the backdoor of Chatham House in London.

Savile is a small fish in a massive pool of sharks, who like Savile, have been getting away with murder. Tory scumbag David Cameron groomed at Eton, next door to the House of Windsor, and hand picked by Hier Majesty to destroy the peasants to satisfy the greed of the Royal parasite herself and her many henchmen who eat from the overflowing Royal trough. Each and every one of the HEROES her compliant media prop up are far from heroic when they serve the most evil regime on the planet in a satanic web of corruption , fraud and murder that encircles the globe with tentacles reaching into every area of virtually all human beings on the planet touched by her personally charged web of deceit .

Despite Savile being a very close friend of the Royals GOOGLE conveniently have removed every single image of him in contact with her despite him having received a knighthood. There is NO DOUBT her henchmen at MI5 and MI6 knew exactly what Savile got up to but as long as he promoted her at every opportunity , which he did faithfully, he was allowed to get away with that abuse against innocent children for over 40 years. That is the sick society that remains while these evil bastards are in control.

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