Gutter press gangsters fucking with the sheeple
As we previously warned the scumbag mafia who control British printing presses are at the devious manipulative ploys again using spy poisoning and russiaphobe to point the finger at the baddies while running stories alongside with the British royals as the goodies. The ying and yang looks blatantly obvious and shows how far they will go to manipulate the royal sheeple into seeing parasites, like they have done with Theresa May, as the good guys. NO COINCIDENCE this is just before the wedding.

Desmond's vile rag

Barclay Brothers vile rag

Harmsworth's vile rag

  • Russia claims Britain's Porton Down was the source of nerve agent that poisoned spy
  • May I tell a pack of lies AGAIN?(VIDEO)
  • Moscow expels 23 UK diplomats and shuts British Council in retaliation as spy row deepens (VIDEO)
  • UK blocks Russia's draft UN Security Council statement on Skripal poisoning case
  • Skripal Poisoning Just Another Lie
  • ‘Blatant Russian-ness’: West shifting blame to Moscow again…now in Skripal poisoning case(VIDEO)
  • Russophobia as inferiority complex and hysterical heritage of British establishment
  • 'Novichok' Could Only Come From Russia...or Anyone Who Bought This $8.16 Book on Amazon
  • Russian envoy to UN asks about Salisbury case, says Moscow ready for open probe
  • Barclay Brothers rag portrays May like Mother Theresa during spy poisoning