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Hollie Greig The Jimmy Savile Connection VIDEO
In Hollie’s birthday month and taking advantage of the ‘Savile surge’, now is the ideal time for this campaign to go fully public at last, starting with a challenge the BBC as to why they pulled the documentary programme about Hollie in July 2009 just as it was about to air on BBC Frontline Scotland and BBC Radio Scotland and thereafter on Panorama. Who gave the order to pull it and what were the reasons? Mark Daly the producer told Anne at the time they couldn’t go ahead after all “or we’ll lose our jobs” but then a few weeks later he denied he’d said that.

The BBC continue to sit on a lot of crucial information about the case collected by Daly in 2009. He seems to have had some very special relationship with the Crown Office. For example, he managed to get hold of the autopsy report on Anne’s brother’s death which she herself had been pressing for for 12 years yet it had been continuously withheld, despite her being Roy’s next-of-kin. It was only thanks to Robert’s help that she finally laid hands on it in December 2009, yet Daly had got hold of it months earlier! Then, Daly very quickly found out all about the incident in 1997 when Greg was arrested for ‘lewd & libidinous’ behaviour, details of which Anne to this day has not been permitted to know, such as who was the Sheriff who after 3 admissions to the court let Greg off with an admonishment? Could that by any chance have been Sheriff Buchanan?! And she also suspects that Daly obtained details on her unlawful sectioning in 2000 to which again she herself is not privy.

In other words, the BBC are very much implicated in the cover-up of Hollie’s abuse and we need to start pressing them for answers to questions as to what they know about the case that they are withholding from the two ladies and the public. (Incidentally, HGH (the Hollie Greig Hoax so-called team) also seem to have the knack of obtaining confidential information on Hollie’s case).

Friday’s demo will be at the HQ of BBC Television, 201 Wood Lane London W12 (WHITE CITY Central Line) from 11 am to 2 pm. We’ve been denied permission to process around the complex, for example to visit the offices of Panorama or of Children in Need, unfortunately. We’re only allowed to stand opposite the main entrance to the Television Centre on the other side of the road, not even outside the entrance itself. It appears the personnel have had enough of being harangued by the public as they go in and out of the building!

Another sensitive point is that BBC Children in Need airs that evening – well of course, that’s the reason for our being there on this particular day! We’re going to find out if the BBC is going to do something to help children in need of being rescued from paedophiles NOW, not 20 or 30 years ago, bearing very much in mind that Denis & Greg Mackie are still at large in Portugal and we fear, still terrorising small girls. And who might they be hanging out with these days, and who might be giving them cover?? A propos, Esther Rantzen has been asked many times for help with Hollie’s campaign but being a close friend of She Who Cannot Be Named she’s somewhat compromised. OK, so now we’ll go around her and ask current Chairman Stevie Spring & colleagues if they will help Hollie get justice and help keep all the other little Hollies safe from now on, please?

BBC assistance in getting justice for Hollie/protecting children NOW would be a marvellous way for the Corporation to recoup the moral high ground which is exactly what’s needed as Aunty flounders ever deeper into the mire…

* Hollie’s birthday is actually a week later, Friday 23rd November and she’ll be 33. If anyone would like to send her a card please contact us and we’ll give you the address. She’ll be thrilled to get a little shower of cards, like the last 2 years! Thank you.

    Letter to Tim Collard

    The following letter was sent to Shropshire Council on Monday 23rd June in order to clarify points that have either not been answered previously or where we have found to have been given false answers in the past.

    On the Wednesday 25th the CEO of Shropshire Council, Kim Ryley suddenly and unexpectedly resigned and left.

    Dear Mr Collard

    I refer to your letter dated 22nd June 2012 [......]

    Two years on, the Greigs house is still not repaired, although estimates were submitted to the Housing Department. Shropshire Council officials continue to deny responsibility. The police likewise deny all liability; they state, Shropshire Council instigated the break-in. We require the names of the staff in attendance at Anne and Hollie’s home on 3rd June 2010, as they may be required to write a statement in relation to the crime that took place on that day. How do you support your claim that your staff were not responsible in any way for the damage caused to the property? Provide further clarification. Provide the details of the assistance the Council gave to the police to enter the premises. Did the Council employees actually enter the premises by breaching the threshold of the property?

    With regard to the compensation sought, this was rejected on the grounds that the police action was lawful. Provide a certified copy of a wet signed warrant issued by a magistrate to enter the property or provide details of what reasonable cause for forced entry was claimed by the police, as well as of the removal of personal items. Since Anne and Hollie are Council tenants, provide an update on your promise to look into this issue further and for note: I acknowledge your comment on the spending of public money. Can you confirm for clarification, as a representative of Shropshire Council, that you are not seeking to remove Hollie from her mother by direct legal action, or by any other means, against her will or the will of her mother?

    Can you further confirm, as Legal Services Manager, that the Family Court judges and the judges in the Court of Appeal were acting under their sworn Public Oaths of Office at the moment of any administrative hearing regarding this case? Also, confirm that all previous court hearings in relation to this matter have been administered by duly authorised individuals acting under their sworn Public Oaths of Office. Sworn Public Oaths of Office constitute a very clear logical and fundamental principle of the judicial system and one which demands full respect. As a Legal Services Manager, you should be able to provide confirmation. Anne has asked for this confirmation from the Court. Under the Oaths Act of 1978, each of these individuals made a solemn, ecclesiastical ‘promise to do without fear or favour all manner of good to all peoples.’ We now accept and acknowledge this solemn promise and require certified confirmation that representatives of our judicial system will uphold this voluntary oath to which they have subjected themselves without the possibility of perjury charges. This oath they have taken, overtly serves to subject them to an unwarrantable jurisdiction wherein they have no rights, and ‘their duties shall be to all people without fear, favour and ill will.’

    Society functions according to fundamental principles of law, to provide a remedy in criminal and civil matters. One of these fundamentals is honour (honesty) of which the opposite is dishonour (dishonesty). Disregarding fundamentals in a civil matter when there is no injured party or consent to civil proceedings can and does in most cases create an injured party. In this case the Greigs are the injured party and yet they are treated like a criminal party due to the actions of individuals who represent various agencies and local authorities. Mr Collard, as the Principal Solicitor for Shropshire Council, you will be aware that you have a duty. Under the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, you are required to adhere to fundamental principles. One of these primary principles is to uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice. We now hold you to this principle by bringing to your attention our fear that proper administration of justice and/or the rule of law will be abandoned. The evidence of this abandonment will be firstly the failure on your part to provide confirmation of your Public Oaths of Office.

    Any administration of this ‘estate’ must be administered at all times under the Justices’ sworn Public Oaths of Office and anything other than this is improper, unjust, obtained with non agreement and under duress and harassment. This will not provide a resolution to this issue. As the Principal Solicitor for Shropshire Council, we trust that upholding the rule of law and ensuring proper administration of justice will be your operating principles in these matters. Before penalties of perjury can be attached to an ‘Oath,’ the ‘Oath’ must have been taken and the party must be lawfully sworn in accordance with the Oaths Act 1978. This confirmation is forthcoming from the justices and will ensure no favour will be provided to a corporation, which exists only through a legal entity. Corporations such as Shropshire Council are the ‘created’ and not the ‘creator.’ They are represented by trustees and not by beneficiaries.

    As duly appointed Public Servant Trustees, your scope of Office and the law prohibit you as individuals from interference in other individuals’ private affairs and any claim over their lives. If you claim you have such a right then you must provide an affidavit to affirm this. Would Shropshire Council be willing to address this issue with transparency in an open public forum, to which purpose we will arrange the hire of a public meeting hall? Note the following points, which we will be happy to address openly in public, should you accept this offer to help, remedy and bring these matters to speedy closure:

    1) Provide proof of authority, such as permits you to take action against Anne and Hollie Greig in the High Court.

    2) Who instigated the Missing Persons alert for Anne and Hollie Greig, in June 2010? This in turn instigated the forced entry of their home by the police.

    3) Explain how persons who caused damage to the home of Hollie Greig, whilst she and her mother were away on holiday, leaving it in an uninhabitable state, constitutes protecting Hollie as a vulnerable adult?

    4) Why was the electricity left turned off in Anne and Hollie’s home, spoiling all refrigerated and frozen food?

    5) Neighbours state that people remained in Anne and Hollie’s home for approximately ten hours, until 10pm on the night of the break-in. Why was it necessary to go onto the roof of the house? Specify in detail what was done in those ten hours to the home.

    6) Provide a copy of the warrants used to enter the property and take belongings, as required by law, and a copy of the item log for items removed from Anne and Hollie’s home. The law states that an inventory of items removed must be left in the home. Provide a copy of that inventory.

    7) The actions sanctioned were hugely inappropriate. Upon inspection, the home was found to have loft insulation and wiring disturbed, broken internal doors, unsafe external doors (split), security alarm disabled/broken and curtains/rails pulled down, freezer and fridge contents destroyed and the lock smashed off internal shed door – left unsecured. Advise which Statute, Act, Regulation, or Code was used to apply for the required warrants from a Justice of the Peace in order to enter this property, remove belongings and if necessary cause damage.

    8.) *Have you, Tim Collard and your colleague Stephen Chandler, considered the psychological and emotional impact caused by the violation of and wilful damage to Anne and Hollie’s home? Provide the unredacted risk assessment.

    9) In the light of Data Protection Laws, under what authority did Stephen Chandler contact Anne Greig’s GP, Dr Brodie Fraser and discuss her health and other issues?
    Provide full-unredacted documented details of all correspondence including statements of any telephone conversations.

    10) Who ‘in Scotland’ initiated concerns to Shropshire Council about Anne’s mental health? Provide the name/s and documented evidence.

    11) Have you or anyone else in Shropshire Council seen evidence of any sectioning warrants issued ‘in Scotland’ against Anne Greig? Provide a certified copy.

    12) What is the exact relationship between Shropshire Council and Grampian Police in this matter? What is the nature of the reporting functions to Grampian Police? Provide full documented details of all correspondence.

    13) In documents obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it states, “Jan Clamp told a Level 3 Meeting, she had been informed by Scottish Police that HG and her mother AG have a long history of making wild allegations….”
    Give the full name of the Scottish Officer who provided Jan Clamp with this allegation. Provide full unredacted documented details of all correspondence.

    14) Shropshire Social Service records state: “AG was regarded as a risk to HG …and she displays paranoid thoughts.”
    Explain by whose assessment and under what authority and under what guidance this statement was made?

    15) In documents obtained under FOI, it states: “The state of Anne’s mind became an issue for (Grampian) police which resulted in her being sectioned under the Mental Health Act (1984). Her ability to care for HG was called into question.”
    Confirm with ‘absolute certainty’ with ‘documentary evidence’ that Anne has ever suffered from mental illness.

    16) What authority and evidence permit Shropshire Council to state Anne Greig had/has “paranoid thoughts?” Provide full unredacted documented details of all correspondence and evidence.

    17) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, state: Shropshire Council is providing reports to Grampian Police. Provide unredacted copies of all reports exchanged between Shropshire Council and Grampian Police relating to Anne and Hollie Greig and all unredacted Social Service records, under Data Subject Access Request, Section 7.

    18) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it is states: “January 24, 2006, HG took part in a video interview, she was confused and rambling.”
    Provide a copy of this video and the name under whose authority this assumption was made.

    19) Stephen Chandler is quoted in documents as saying: “He felt he would rather concentrate his efforts and time in court making Hollie safe and securing her immediate protection.” What does this statement mean precisely, for protection against what and whom?
    Provide further clarification and justification for this statement* see (8) above.

    20) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it states: “Explore ways of ensuring Shropshire Council is alerted if Anne and Hollie travel to another part of the country and come to notice.” Was this request implemented? Provide precise unredacted details.

    21) If the answer to question 20 is yes, state what overt/covert action has been undertaken? Provide precise unredacted details of all such actions and any notifications.

    22) Have any of Anne and Hollie’s movements been entered into West Mercia Police and Shropshire Council’s databases and records? Provide unredacted copies of all reports and database records under Data Subject Access Request, Section 7.

    23) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it states: “8 May 2007. Police searched their intelligence for details of Denis and Greg Mackie [….]”
    To which police force does this quote refer? Provide the precise and full-unredacted report to which this quotation is part.

    24) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, there is a letter/report dated 2/6/2010 reference: StephenChandler/STAFF/SHROPSHIRE-CC from Stephen Chandler to Kim Ryley.
    Provide the unredacted letter/report and any other correspondence to/from Kim Ryley regarding Anne Greig or Hollie Greig, under Data Subject Access Request, Section 7.

    We do not know whether Kim Ryley’s sudden departure is in any way related to the contents of this letter, as we are actively exploring the possibility of action, and our reason for publishing this particular letter is to ensure that the questions put to Shropshire Council are seen by the public at large.

    We hope that following the largely unexplained departure of Kim Ryley, Shropshire Council will now see sense and withdraw from all legal actions at all levels against Hollie Greig and her mother Anne.

    Elish Angiolini Would that include all the separated fathers that are harassed and persecuted by the legal mafia that Angiolini is part of and who make a killing from legal aid, claiming men abuse their ex-wives and children. The Scottish legal establishment controlled from the top by freemasons and speculative members is rotten to the core and when their corruption is exposed they try and claim it is some form of harassment. when it is themselves that use those courts to harass millions of men just prior to stripping them bare.

    Dame Elish sought court protection against Robert Green, a self-styled "investigator" jailed earlier this year for naming prominent Scots as child rapists.

    She is using laws she championed for the victims of harassment and aims to bar Green from approaching or contacting her in any way. Her action is the latest result of a series of unsubstantiated child sex abuse allegations made by Hollie Greig, a young Aberdeen women with Down's Syndrome, more than a decade ago. Dame Elish is understood to hope a non-harassment order would prevent Green, who acts as Ms Greig's "lay legal adviser", using the internet to claim she covered up for a paedophile ring said to include a sheriff, a senior police officer and other prominent Aberdonians.

    The former Lord Advocate's solicitor, Peter Watson of Levy & McRae, last night said: "We are seeking an order to prevent Mr Green doing anything which would amount to harassment." Dame Elish, the prinicipal of St Hughes College, Oxford, is taking the action amid heightened concern about the behaviour of "online trolls" and cyberbullies – those who use the internet to defame or intimidate others. Her name has been widely linked on the internet to Green and Ms Greig's claims, despite two police investigations failing to find evidence of wrongdoing.

    Dame Elish and others are said to be deeply hurt by an online campaign, partly linked to Green, that have made the Hollie Greig conspiracy theory an international internet sensation. Campaigners who call themselves "Hollie's Army" have bombarded the Crown Office, the Scottish Government and MSPs with calls and emails complaining about Dame Elish. Some websites have previously named those Green and others believe were victims of the supposed Aberdeen paedophile ring – as well as those they believe were abusers.

    Websites have also claimed that Ms Greig's uncle – who died in a car crash in 1997 – was murdered after he witnessed her abuse and that her mother was "forcibly" sectioned days after the first allegations were made. Green was released last month after serving three months of a year-long sentence. The former travel agent, who is 65 and from Warrington in Cheshire, was jailed after what he believes to be the most expensive breach of the peace trial in Scottish legal history.

    He was convicted of breaching the peace by naming members of the supposed paedophile ring and of breaching bail conditions barring him from travelling to the north-east of Scotland. Last night Green, who is electronically tagged under the terms of his early release, said he would contest the non-harassment order. He said: "If I don't get legal aid I will represent myself if Dame Elish is prepared to do so too. I would love to go up against her in court even though she is much more qualified than I am."

    Green denies claims by Dame Elish's lawyers that he has taken pictures of the former Lord Advocate's home. He also says he does not know who runs a website called "Free Robert Green" which repeats some of the unsubstantiated allegations against Dame Elish. Green is barred from approaching witnesses from his trial by a series of non-harassment orders granted by the sheriff overseeing the case.

    However, Dame Elish did not give evidence and has now turned to the civil courts to obtain protection. Green faces criminal sanctions if he breaches any non-harassment order granted by the courts. The "investigator", who always stresses Ms Greig received criminal injury compensation as a probable victim of sexual abuse, committed his breach of the peace while campaigning in the 2010 Westminster elections. He is thought to be the only candidate to ever run in a constituency – Aberdeen South – which he was legally barred from entering. Green stood for a party called Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers.

    The "Hollie" case split the party, which subsequently disbanded.

  • Former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini demands court order to silence anti-abuse campaigner & journalist Robert Green over Hollie Greig case claims
  • Suicide lawyer made millions in legal aid claiming men abused their children in divorce actions
    This information has been received from 'Angus the Mole', believed to be a member of the Aberdeen-based Snitch & Grassers judicial abuse watchdog – the accuracy of which is supported by feedback from the ‘Prisoners of Conscience International’ group.

    Message reads:

    Rusty appeared at Aberdeen’s Castle St Sheriff’s Court No 1 on Wednesday morning, 9th May, before Sheriff Summers. Court was dealing with bail applications.

    Court was halted at 11:00 and Rusty with solicitor attended private /‘in camera’ closed session hearing in Sheriff’s chambers with outside Procurator Fiscal representing The Crown - and Clerk of Court.

    The Crown’s petition was to modify Rusty's bail conditions to enforce him to remove any and all references he had made 'anywhere' on the internet regarding the Complainant - including his Skewed News Views weblog - plus any references to Robert Green / the Hollie Greig case / COPFS / SLAB / Holyrood - and Scottish Rite Freemasonry. They further petitioned to have bail conditions modified so he could not ‘cause’ any third party to post comments concerning the case / Hollie Greig-related sexual abuse / Aberdeen paedophile ring scandal and have the Skewed News Views weblog closed down and deleted from the Google ‘ethernet / cyberspace’.

    Sheriff Summers denied the Crown’s petitions as they contravened existing laws inasmuch as any comment posted by Rusty that generated ‘debate’ - and thus further comment - would place him in breach of bail conditions. Further, it would be futile to order the removal of any blog post that had been mirrored / reposted or linked. Hence the COPFS lost out on that one and original bail conditions remain the same – as does the published primary line of Rusty’s defence: An IP address is NOT a person.

    PS The case was only listed internally, not externally/online, hence there being no supporters in attendance because no one knew where to go. Nice one.


  • Hollie Greig and Robert Green jailing discussed on Lou Collins Radio Show (AUDIO)
  • Free Robert Green
    Rusty's Skewed News Views (currently in a forced state of stasis)

    Hello Readers n Followers of this blog alike.

    My husband Rusty was arrested last Friday by a mob-handed gang of Scotland's Finest: Grampian Police from Aberdeen

    - on charges of expressing an opinion concerning the content of the last post on his blog which apparently have upset the subject involved.

    Rusty has been charged with a variety of offences concerning his campaign to expose the Hollie Grieg / Robert Green paedophilia ring scandals and invoke an investigation of those involved and is currently bailed - with certain conditions imposed - specifically that he cannot access the internet and hence the Skewed News Views blog. So it looks like another Robert Green style show trial is afoot - the last one is rumoured to have cost well in excess of £500,000 - and another Prisoner of Conscience going to jail to silence them.

    Regards to all, Mrs Rusty

  • Rusty Skewed news HERE
    The horrors of what goes on in Scottish courts are no more identified than with the jailing of Robert Green. As campaigners against the masonic mafia that have taken over the running of Scottish courts for their own enrichment and persecution networks we have seen how even the LOCAL newspaper plays a major role in stifling the reporting of a case as serious as Hollie Greig , her mother and Robert Green who campaigned for an inquiry that has led to his arrest and persecution at the hands of Scotlands speculative judicial mafia .

    In Scotland, juries have become almost non-existent as star chambers have been restored to the sheriff courts where judges at HER MAJESTY'S PLEASURE operate for an English crown ensuring in virtually all civil cases men are being fleeced on a grand scale of all their worth while anyone who DARES challenge their vile control will find themselves like Robert facing trumped up charges before a SINGLE MASONIC JUDGE, seldom juries, to be jailed for a breach of the peace which is an outrageous sentence that emanates back to the middle ages and serfdom.

    We just happen to be some of their victims and know how they operate as spineless bastards that think they can get away with their tyranny indefinitely . If there is ONE CASE that should get men onto the streets , instead of football , it should be the long term jailing of Robert Green who has had a vendetta waged against him and £100,000's thousands of pounds in public funds used to wage that vendetta to protect the filth and scum that masquerade in robes and regalia dishing out sentences that to any NORMAL person would seem incredible.

    Action from various quarters are being mustered across the UK including our own challenge to the local media who have silently allowed victims to be jailed without informing the local people of Aberdeen just what is going on under their noses. Stonehaven , a village 17 miles from Aberdeen, was used to try and quell the simmering anger of the many supporters who have followed this case for many years and the sinister satanic nature of the long term persecution of Hollie, her mother and Robert Green . Psychiatric gulags had been used previously to try and silence Anne Greig and similar to our own member George Farquhar who was chemically lobotomized in an Edinburgh psychiatric gulag before we could get his case exposed before the Scottish Parliament and these evil bastards continue to get away with this outright abuse of legal powers in OUR courts.

  • Free Robert Green
  • FREE ROBERT GREEN : Calls for release of anti abuse campaigner jailed for ONE YEAR to silence Hollie Greig abuse claims against Scots legal figures
  • Claims of COVER UP as Judge jails anti abuse campaigner for ONE YEAR to justify £1/2 million cost of trial started by ex Lord Advocate Angiolini
    Please push this out far and wide
    Coaches to Aberdeen - FREE ROBERT GREEN campaign.

    We are co-ordinating a leaflet raid on Aberdeen... to hand out 250,000 leaflets to every man and women in Aberdeen to expose the establishment and the paedophile network that has orchestrated the phony trial of Robert Green. We will hand out the same leaflets that Robert handed out - TO MAKE OUR POINT We will arrange coaches from wherever they are required.

    This will be a grueling trip for many... especially from the south coast - but we MUST do this. The authorities picked Aberdeen - because it is as far away as it is - deliberately to frustrate his supporters. Their tactics are about to BACKFIRE SPECTACULARLY... because it will be easier for us to saturate the whole city of Aberdeen (population 200,000 approx) than virtually any other city. We will describe our event as 'The Shame of Aberdeen' We will publish this event to the world's media This will shake the establishment to its core. We will include reports on 'Where were the BBC' and 'Who Killed Dr Kelly'

    At the expense of Robert Green's freedom - the establishment have just scored a spectacular own goal... this will resonate around the world and explode the institutional corruption and extensive paedophile networks that operate everywhere We need coordinators on the ground to help arrange groups to travel to Aberdeen - hit the streets and SHAME the establishment into investigating this gross miscarriage of justice.

    I am proposing the weekend of the 7th and 8th of April. All those willing to help to co-ordinate coaches - please email Roger Hayes - roger@thebcgroup.org.uk.

    Please title your response Free Robert Green Campaign for ease of identifying.

    We need printers, We need coaches, We need coordinators, We need webmasters, We need bloggers, We need emailers, WE NEED YOU.

    Lets do this for Robert... but above all let's do it for our children and the many victims of this disgusting regime.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Sincerely Roger Hayes
    Chairman The British Constitution Group

  • FREE ROBERT GREEN : Calls for release of anti abuse campaigner jailed for ONE YEAR to silence Hollie Greig abuse claims against Scots legal figures
    Robert Green - Hollie Demands Justice campaigner jailed today in Scotland.

    The Hollie Demands Justice campaign very much regrets the decision today of the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven to deprive Robert Green of his Liberty.

    Despite breaches of Mr Green's human rights and repeated irregularities in law and process by the police, the legal profession and the court system since Robert Green was first arrested in February 2010, the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven, Sheriff Principle Edward Bowen saw fit to curtail his freedom, sentencing him to 1 year in jail (9 months for Breach of the Peace, 3 months for Breach of Bail conditions).

    Robert has been a most robust and valued campaigner on behalf of Hollie Greig and her mother Anne, in seeking justice for the wrongs inflicted upon Hollie, exposing the lack of a duty of care from those in positions of trust, the perjury of Grampian Police and highlighting the nefarious nature of the legal system and the Establishment in both Scotland and England.

    Anne Greig said today:

    Hollie and I would like to publicly thank Robert Green for his bravery, his tireless work and his dedication to Hollies cause, her search for justice. We consider ourselves most fortunate to have found such a man of principle to act and campaign on our behalf, whose selfless actions have taken him into conflict with those who would abuse their power and powerful connections to evade justice. Our disappointment with the legal system in Scotland now knows no bounds.

    In our opinion Robert Green should be awarded a medal, not a criminal conviction.

    It is our hope that Robert's legal team will mount a speedy and energetic appeal on his behalf to release him from this enforced loss of his liberty that he most certainly does not deserve and we now state publicly that we will have fears for his well-being whilst in prison. We will hold responsible and accountable those who have seen fit to incarcerate him should any interference with his being or any harm befall him.

    I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have supported Hollie, Robert and myself during this long and ongoing campaign, especially those who have repeatedly made the long trip to Scotland regularly giving support to Robert during his many hearings.

    Both Hollie and myself extend our heartfelt wishes, our thoughts and our prayers are with Robert today.

    Far from seeing the jailing of Robert as a setback, the Hollie Demands Justice campaign will be stepping up the pressure as Anne Greig will now vigorously move forward with her High Court appeal and is currently discussing the timing of mounting a series of private prosecutions against those who have abused their positions of trust, many of whom have now perjured themselves in the courts and on the public record.

    This campaign will not be silenced, it will move forward relentlessly until every possible avenue is exhausted, no matter how long that takes. No stone will be left unturned until Justice is not just done, but that justice is seen to be done.

  • Claims of COVER UP as Judge jails anti abuse campaigner for ONE YEAR to justify £1/2 million cost of trial started by ex Lord Advocate Angiolini
  • More on Hollie Greig case here
    Claims of COVER UP as Judge jails anti abuse campaigner for ONE YEAR to justify £1/2 million cost of trial started by ex Lord Advocate Angiolini

    Anti abuse campaigner Robert Green is sentenced to ONE YEAR in jail for handing out leaflets calling for abuse inquiry. IN what many legal observers have branded a STAGGERING decision, Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen sitting at Stonehaven Sheriff Court earlier today took the unprecedented step of jailing the well known anti-abuse campaigner Robert Green to ONE YEAR in prison, for a ‘crime’ which can be traced back to Green’s arrest in February 2010 by Grampian Police officers on orders from the Crown Office for the heinous offence of attempting to hand out leaflets calling for an inquiry into allegations of child abuse raised by downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig and her mother, Anne Greig who were forced to flee Aberdeen some years ago after Grampian Police and Scotland’s Crown Office refused to investigate allegations of child abuse by an alleged paedophile gang based in the area.

    The stiff sentence issued by Sheriff Bowen, who, it is claimed, failed to declare relationships with key figures central to the case which included the now former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC (née McPhilomy) brings to a close for now, Scotland’s most expensive ever Breach of the Peace trial which saw a record HALF A MILLION POUNDS spent on the investigation & trial of Mr Green, a case which tunnelled through the Scottish Courts system for over two years at huge cost to taxpayers. A legal insider speaking this evening to Scottish Law Reporter branded the one year sentence as “excessive”, putting it down to the judge needing to justify the enormous amount of money & effort spent on bringing Mr Green to trial.

    He said : “The sentence has little to do with justice, rather it appears more to do with the Crown Office, Police, the Court Service and a collection of questionably motivated ‘others’ needing to take someone’s head off to justify the enormous amount of taxpayers money they have spent on their vindictive pursuit of Mr Green.” The record spend of at least half a million pounds on the case included FIFTEEN PRE TRIAL HEARINGS at Stonehaven Sheriff Court, 18,000 travel miles for the accused, trips by Grampian Police Officers to England to search & raid homes & seize property including computers & documents, Crown Office staff being flown into Aberdeen especially for the case, and a witness list which at one point totalled SIXTY ONE persons. The Hollie Demands Justice campaign issued a Press Release, stating it very much regrets the decision today of the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven to deprive Robert Green of his Liberty.

    Hollie Greig: Sheriff in £1/2Million trial of anti abuse campaigner failed to declare relationship with Lord Advocate on Northern Lighthouse Board ‘lawyers club’

    Sheriff Principal was Lighthouse Board Commissioner along with Angiolini for TEN YEARS, failed to declare at trial. Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen who heard Scotland’s most expensive ever Breach of the Peace trial of anti abuse campaigner Robert Green and subsequently found Mr Green guilty of committing a breach of the peace over an attempt to hand out leaflets in Aberdeen during February 2010, is today alleged to have failed to declare a relevant relationship with one of the central characters of the trial, former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC.

    She served as a Commissioner along with Sheriff Principal Bowen on the Northern Lighthouse Board together with a large, if curious gathering of senior members of the legal profession, the judiciary & prosecutors which includes the current boss of the Crown Office, Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland, and his deputy, the Solicitor General, Lesley Thomson. Detailed documents shown to Scottish Law Reporter reveal Dame Angiolini and Sheriff Principal Bowen were Commissioners at the Northern Lighthouse Board for around TEN YEARS, until both resigned, within 24 hours of each other during 2011. It has now transpired Sheriff Bowen “was the preferred choice of COPFS” to hear the trial against Green during the time the Sheriff served with Angiolini on the NLB. Several records of meetings held by the Northern Lighthouse Board where the Sheriff & Lord Advocate Angiolini were both present, are available on the NLB’s website here NLB Minutes-of-Meetings The Sheriff & then still serving Lord Advocate attended three meetings on 22 February 2010, 01 June 2010 and 28 February 2011, dates which tally with the period of Green’s arrest & initial hearings.

    Unusually there has been no reference made by Sheriff Principal Bowen in the trial to his previous relationship with the former Lord Advocate, who headed the Crown Office when Green was charged with breach of the peace for attempting to hand out leaflets in Aberdeen calling for an inquiry into allegations made by downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig of child abuse. Sheriff Principal Bowen also blocked the appearance of Dame Angiolini at the trial of Green, despite his legal team citing her as a witness, featured on Scottish Law Reporter HERE Stonehaven Sheriff Court officials refused to confirm Sheriff Bowen’s status. A letter handed over to Scottish Law Reporter today reveals Sheriff Court officials at Stonehaven Sheriff Court have REFUSED to elaborate on Sheriff Bowen’s relationship with Angiolini, or confirm whether the Sheriff Principal did tell the court of his association with the former Lord Advocate. A member of the staff at Stonehaven Sheriff Court took an angry tone over enquiries made on the Sheriff’s relationship with Angiolini, saying : “I am not in a position to confirm or deny that Sheriff Principal Bowen failed to disclose to the court his relationship with Elish Angiolini, and I do not think it would be proper to enter into any further correspondence on the matter.” Legal experts say the Sheriff should have declared his interest and immediately recused himself from the trial. A solicitor commenting on the matter today was of the opinion Mr Green’s rights as an accused had been breached.

    Meanwhile a campaigner speaking to Scottish Law Reporter this morning said there should be an independent investigation to establish whether the Sheriff Principal deliberately concealed the information from the trial. Mr Green has written more about the apparent conflicts of interest on his web blog : holliedemandsjustice-robertgreensblog A reminder of previous events in the trial of anti abuse campaigner Robert Green can be viewed in earlier coverage by Scottish Law Reporter HERE and further coverage of the Hollie Greig case along with a recent investigation into the knighthood of Angiolini, apparently recommended by the Scottish Government.

    Former Lord Advocate now Dame Elish Angiolini employed Cayman Islands hopping lawyers from Glasgow. Reporting on the background of the case, Robert Green was arrested by Police on 12th February 2010 in relation to a breach of the peace alleged to have been committed in Aberdeen when Mr Green attempted to hand out leaflets regarding the anti-abuse campaign. It was also revealed the then Lord Advocate, now Dame Elish Angiolini had employed private law firm Levy McRae to serve interdicts on Mr Green in connection with his campaign to ‘out’ alleged abusers of downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig. Glasgow law firm Levy McRae who later represented shamed former Glasgow City Council Boss & Cocaine addict Steven Purcell, proceeded to threaten several media outlets & journalists over their reporting of the case, covered by Scottish Law Reporter HERE & HERE. The Purcell scandal caused some newspapers to ‘evaluate’ their relationship with Levy McRae.

    Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill worked at, has ties to same law firm used by then Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini in interdict case. As details of the case began to be reported in the wider press, it emerged the Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill had links to LEVY MCRAE, the law firm employed by the then Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini in legal action against Mr Green. Mr MacAskill has made no comment on the fact he served his apprenticeship at Levy McRae and also worked at the firm for a considerable time during his years as a solicitor before he entered politics, while he is thought to have backed Dame Angiolini in her actions at the time. The revelations were reported by Scottish Law Reporter at the time.

    Northern Lighthouse Board – A haven for lawyers, judges and prosecutors A perusal of the list of Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouse Board reveals some very interesting personalities from the Scots legal world, which include senior Sheriffs, the current Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland and his Solicitor General Lesley Thomson, and a host of others in a curious mix of unexpected legal world dominance.

  • Hollie Greig: Bowen and Angiolini - Ten Years Together
  • Northern Lighthouse Board another pseudo-speculative club for all the freemasons from the legal mafia?
    Trial Day 6 – Robert found guilty

    Robert was denied a second key defence witness today (Dame Elish Angiolini) by Sheriff Principal Bowen when he supported an objection to her citation by the Prosecution, on the grounds that she was IRRELEVANT TO THE CASE. He had already been denied the Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan as witness for the defence, despite unanimous support for his citation by all his legal representatives, past and present. Thus prospects of a successful defence were damaged from the beginning, yet another instance of bias by the Scottish justice system, in Robert’s view.

    On taking the witness stand therefore Robert asked if he could make a statement on the record? but was refused by the Sheriff. His cross-examination then began and continued all morning, with the only other witness to be called today taking the stand in the last 10 minutes before the lunch-break. Answering his Counsel’s questions with his customary eloquence and clarity, Robert stressed that his main object throughout the activity which had offended a few people in Scotland was to secure an investigation of Hollie’s allegations. He was able to quote from Dr Eva Harding’s letter in which Sylvia Major is named as an abuser and stated that this individual was sitting in the court.

    Throughout Mr Lamb’s cross-examination Robert reiterated his belief that he was acting in the public interest in attempting to protect vulnerable citizens. He explained that he had tried every possible avenue prior to taking the action which had given rise to his being prosecuted, and that Anne Greig had also been directing her concerns through the normal legal channels since 2000. By the time of his arrest therefore, 10 years had passed during the whole of which time the authorities had obstructed every attempt to secure justice. Robert also continued to stress that his efforts were designed to instigate an OPEN, INDEPENDENT INQUIRY into all aspects of Hollie’s case, including the abduction of Anne and the highly suspicious death of Robert Greig. The Procurator Fiscal, Stephen McGowan then opened the Crown’s cross-examination of Robert. Robert immediately countered this by asking McGowan why he had passed a sheet of paper bearing the masonic symbol of the Square and Compass to Sheriff Patrick Davies on 30th April 2010? and asked what possible role the Freemasons could have had in the prosecution case. Unsurprisingly, the Sheriff blocked this question, which only served to underline how his refusal to allow McGowan to stand as a defence witness had helped to undermine Robert’s case.

    McGowan continuously challenged Robert on his expertise on a wide range of technical subjects, including his knowledge of post-mortem examinations. Robert pointed out he was not a pathologist, nor had he ever claimed to be, but that his opinion on all these subjects was directed by the expert witness statements provided him by Anne Greig. Moreover, as the pathologist Dr Grieve had stated that he liked and trusted such people as the Majors, Sheriff Buchanan and Elish Angiolini, he could hardly be regarded as an impartial witness.

    To be fair, McGowan did raise questions about a possible family relationship between individuals of the same surname not having been properly established. Robert conceded the possibility that there might be some grounds for doubt in this regard but stressed that what was at issue was what the individuals had been alleged to have done, rather than any family connections between them, real or otherwise, that might exist. Further on in the discussion it became apparent that McGowan, when questioned by Robert, had little knowledge of the PCCS report to which the latter had referred. It also became clear that neither McGowan nor the Sheriff appeared to have any concept of the effect that Satanic Ritual Abuse has on those unfortunate enough to be forced into such a cult. Robert explained that for 14 years Hollie had suffered the most appalling ordeals in silence, due to having been terrorised by her father. Therefore, anyone with any knowledge of this issue would know that evidence provided even under oath could be unreliable. As things stand, the Scottish court system does not yet provide a facility for swearing oaths in the name of Lucifer, somewhat surprisingly.

    The only other witness to be called by the defence was Steven Raeburn, Editor of the distinguished legal magazine The Firm. During a brief cross-examination by Defence and Prosecution, Mr Raeburn described clearly and authoritatively his attempts to engage individuals in the Crown Office in connection with issues relating to the FOI Commissioner, details of which have already been published. Whereupon Mr Lamb brought up the matter of the payment to Levy & McRae over Angiolini’s private legal actions. McGowan objected to Defence’s questions but was overruled by the Sheriff. In the afternoon session both sides summed up and Mr Lamb skillfully had Robert acquitted of 3 of the 5 charges against him. However the Sheriff ruled that in his view Robert was guilty of Breach of the Peace and of breaking some of his bail conditions. Sentencing has been deferred until Friday 17th February, until which time the bail conditions on Robert remain in force.

    As a group with vast experience of the VENDETTA'S waged against any victim that stands up against the freemasons and spec members who run the Scottish legal system for their own enrichment this case proves the lengths they will go to destroy their adversaries. Also the vast amount of public moneys they use to pay the persecutors and their psychological torture campaigns.

    Record £1/2million Breach of the Peace ‘VENDETTA’ trial of anti-abuse campaigner set for next week, Angiolini to appear as witness ?

    Former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini set to appear in trial of anti abuse campaigner Robert Green SCOTLAND’S most expensive ever Breach of the Peace trial against the well known anti-abuse campaigner Robert Green, a case which has so far cost taxpayers a staggering HALF A MILLION POUNDS, having already seen FOURTEEN COURT HEARINGS, 16,000 travel miles for the accused, trips by Grampian Police Officers to England to search & raid homes & seize property including computers & documents, Crown Office staff being flown into Aberdeen especially for the case, and a witness list which has varied in numbers and currently totals SIXTY ONE persons is set to begin at Stonehaven Sheriff Court next week 16 January 2012 in front of Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen However, it is still unclear at this late stage whether the person described as the central witness to the entire case, former Lord Advocate and now Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC will be called to appear to answer questions about the peculiar circumstances of the charges against Mr Green, arising from an incident where the anti-abuse campaigner visited Aberdeen in February 2010 to hand out leaflets detailing the allegations in the case of Hollie Greig, a downs syndrome girl who is alleged to have been abused by an Aberdeen based paedophile gang.

    While it has been reported Mr Green is insistent on calling the former Lord Advocate in his defence, a move described by legal insiders as “a must, given her role in the affair”, it has now become clear that defence QCs acting for Robert Green have on each occasion refused to add Angiolini to the witness list, and when instructed to do so, they had immediately withdrawn from acting for Green, leaving him without legal representation for the trial. Writing on his blog in an article last week, Robert Green said in relation to a meeting with his defence QC : “I had made it clear that Elish Angiolini is probably the most important witness for the defence and must be called. However, after deliberations, Senior Counsel Gary Allen QC felt that Angiolini`s appearance in the witness box would prove damaging to the defence, on the grounds that she would refuse to answer questions that may incriminate her and in that, her position would be supported by the sheriff.”

    “I stated that whilst I had never held any great expectation of Angiolini breaking down under cross-examination and confessing, I considered it valuable both to the defence and in the public interest for her to be seen in court, failing to answer pertinent questions about her conduct in public office in connection with both my case and that of Hollie. It has been her failings and private interventions with the media, using public funds, that led to me taking the course that has resulted in the prosecution that she in fact personally authorised. Thus I regard her as a key witness. I also failed to see how Angiolini being cross-examined could possibly harm the defence.” “As a result of our difference of opinion, we have mutually agreed that I would be best served by instructing another Senior Counsel to represent me. I accept that Mr Allen and Junior Counsel, who supported his view, were acting professionally in what they deemed to be my best interests and there is hence no ill will of any kind. It is just that an impasse was reached on a single important issue that could not be resolved. My solicitor will try to find a new team to represent me in the future, but it must be on the fundamental basis that Elish Angiolini is called as witness for the defence. I will not accept any deviation from that position.”

    Commenting on the debacle over calling Angiolini as a witness, a key Scots legal figure today branded the saga as outrageous, saying “..there should be no reluctance on anyone’s part to call an individual as a witness, no matter what position they previously occupied in the justice system”. He said the former Lord Advocate “had no immunity from justice and should appear if called as a witness”. Meanwhile a note prepared by Sheriff Principal Bowen over his refusal to grant the defence its request to call Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan as a witness has emerged, and can be viewed online here : Sheriff Principal Bowen note - PF Stephen McGowan excused from witness testimony. The decision to excuse Mr McGowan from being cross examined by Mr Green’s defence team has raised eyebrows in legal circles, with some expressing their opinion the decision violates Mr Green’s right to a fair hearing under Article 6 of ECHR. Serious questions also remain about the fairness of any prosecution against Mr Green after it emerged Crown Office officials had privately briefed a tabloid journalist to expect Mr Green to plead guilty at an earlier hearing, a matter reported by Scottish Law Reporter in an earlier article HERE.

    The journalist reported he had attended a November hearing of the case at Stonehaven Sheriff Court on the basis he had been told by Crown Office officials Mr Green was to plead guilty to the Breach of the Peace Charge. The journalist indicated he had been assured “a deal had been worked out for the accused to plead guilty”. However, when the hearing took place in November at Stonehaven, Mr Green rejected the prosecution’s efforts to force a guilty plea which then suspiciously resulted in the withdrawal of Green’s legal team which included Francis McMenamin QC. The tabloid journalist has confirmed to colleagues he spoke to individuals who attended the November hearing before it began. However after it became clear there was to be no guilty plea the journalist left the court as soon as possible without speaking to anyone else. A legal insider verified the journalist’s account of matters to Scottish Law Reporter. Alarmingly, the insider also claimed a transcript of a draft Press Release to be issued if Mr Green had entered a guilty plea has now been destroyed.

    Reporting on the background of the case, Robert Green was arrested by Police on 12th February 2010 in relation to a breach of the peace alleged to have been committed in Aberdeen when Mr Green attempted to hand out leaflets regarding the anti-abuse campaign. It was also revealed the then Lord Advocate, now Dame Elish Angiolini had employed private law firm Levy McRae to serve interdicts on Mr Green in connection with his campaign to ‘out’ alleged abusers of downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig. Glasgow law firm Levy McRae who later represented shamed former Glasgow City Council Boss & Cocaine addict Steven Purcell, proceeded to threaten several media outlets & journalists over their reporting of the case, covered by Scottish Law Reporter . The Purcell scandal caused some newspapers to ‘evaluate’ their relationship with Levy McRae, details of which were featured in a report. Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill worked at same law firm used by then Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini in interdict case. As details of the case began to be reported in the wider press, it emerged the Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill has personal links to LEVY MCRAE, the law firm employed by the then Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini in legal action against Mr Green. Mr MacAskill has made no comment on the fact he served his apprenticeship at Levy McRae and also worked at the firm for a considerable time during his years as a solicitor before he entered politics, while he is thought to have backed Dame Angiolini in her actions at the time. The revelations were reported by Scottish Law Reporter at the time, HERE.

    The now record costs of the Crown Office’ prosecution of Robert Green for a single Breach of the Peace, dubbed by legal insiders a “Three year private vendetta bankrolled by taxpayers against Robert Green & abuse victims” were revealed when Scottish Law Reporter earlier reported pre-trial costs had already risen to around HALF A MILLION POUNDS, after factoring in the expenses of all previous hearings and work by the Crown Office, Police, several other public bodies & legal aid.

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