A challenge to the Freedom in the World 2018 UK assessment

To Freedom House (research@freedomhouse.org)

We have recently read your assessment of Freedom in the World 2018 United Kingdom HERE and have been shocked by your conclusions. Do you have lawyers operating inside your organisation?

As victims of Britain's judicial and legal mafia's we more than most have first hand accounts of how anyone caught up in an enforced court hearing can be seriously damaged by psychological and financial torture and we cannot believe anyone who has been through this process could come up with the ridiculous claims in your research.

We need to ask from where did you get the statistical information that gives you the authority to assess that information? From judges and lawyers in the UK or do you interview victims of the system?

We can say with certainty your assessment that the United Kingdom has such high FREEDOM rating could only come from the very people running the system for their own self enrichment. We as a group have provided substantial evidence to the Scottish Parliament and Houses of Parliament over decades that has seen a new body created to oversee lawyer corruption in Scotland that still to this day does not provide safeguards for victims of a totally corrupt civil court system that sees lawyers and judges conspire to thieve victims estates in closed secretive family courts. This is also duplicated across Britain were a blind eye is being turned to the destruction of men's lives who end up on the streets homeless, penniless and childless. How do we know?

We have faced that persecution and also have interviewed homeless men over a 30 year period who have all faced similar and even jail time using NO JURY family court hearings where lawyers and judges make up HEAR SAY evidence to lock men up prior to stripping them bare. This conspiratorial conduct leads right to the door of the freemason hierarchy that dominates Scottish and British life and was exposed in a major news article in how the Dunblane massacre was covered up by a group based in Edinburgh called the Speculative Society made up of high level freemasons the bulk of their members are all Scottish lawyers and judges and those who write for some of the UK's top tabloid newspapers.

We provide past and recent press reports that summarise this is the norm. We suggest you make much more effort to find victims of a system of corruption that remains rife and that we ourselves deal with the fall out on a day to day basis as activists taking the time and effort to rid the UK of the vast corruption destroying tens of thousands of lives yearly. Your organisation clearly has no understanding of this or you would not have given the UK such a glowing report.

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