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  • Snipers on roof during 'Yellow Vest' protest in Paris VIDEO
    French police fire teargas at 'gilets jaunes' protesters in Paris VIDEO
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    French officer claims interior ministry made her alter Nice attack report
    A senior French police officer has claimed that the interior ministry “harassed” her into altering a security report from the deadly terrorist attack in Nice.

    Sandra Bertin, the officer in charge of Nice's CCTV control room, told the Journal du Dimanche newspaper on Sunday that an unnamed interior ministry official contacted her after the attack and pressured her into altering her report for the night of the incident. On July 14, a truck driver plowed through a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, killing 84 people and wounding 200 others.

    Bertin claims that she was "harassed for an hour" by the official who wanted her to detail the presence of local and national police at the fireworks event where the carnage took place.

    "The national police were perhaps there, but I couldn't see them on the video," she said, adding, "He ordered me to put in (the report) the specific positions of the national police which I had not seen on the screen."

    She also said that the person from the ministry told her to email her report in a “modifiable form … so they didn’t have to type it all out again.”

    France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has dismissed the claims and has announced that he will sue Bertin for defamation.

    “It will be very useful if Madame Sandra Bertin could be questioned by the investigators and could give them the names and positions of the people she is accusing, the emails she is talking about and their contents,” he said in a statement. “Unworthy accusations are part of the virulent polemic that certain elected representatives in Nice have wanted to encourage and feed every day since the terrible July 14 attack,” he added.

    The 31-year-old Franco-Tunisian assailant in the attack, who was later shot dead by police, was identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel. The Daesh Takfiri terrorist group later claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in Nice. But, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said that no direct evidence has been found to link the attacker to the terrorists.

    The European country has been in a state of emergency since last November, when assailants struck at least six different venues in and around the capital Paris, leaving 130 people dead and over 350 others injured. Daesh claimed responsibility for the horrendous assaults. On Wednesday, the French parliament extended the country's state of emergency for another six months.

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    DONATE: Hell's kitchens in Calais
    Hell's kitchens

    There are around 7,000 people living in the Calais refugee camp just across the water from us. They each have their own story to tell about the loved ones they have left behind, the terror they fled have from and the epic journeys that have undertaken to end up in a holding pen with very little to their names. As governments and NGOs, to their shame, have turned their backs, individuals have come forward to take a stand. A motley crew of devoted volunteers is working as you read this to provide the basics of food and shelter to cold and hungry people who arrive in camp every day.

    Over the last month, the kitchens on camp have come together under the umbrella Calais Kitchens with the aim of making sure everyone in camp can get at least one hot meal a day. We are changing the way food is going into camp - to restore dignity to people who have lost almost everything else and to make sure food is going where it is most needed. Food is nourishment for the body and the soul. It is vital to us as communities and as individuals. We cannot survive without it.

    What are we already doing?

    There are established kitchens in camp, run out of tents and shacks, where volunteers, largely camp residents, cook delicious nutritious meals for thousands on a couple of gas burners. The One Spirit Ashram Kitchen, the Belgian Kitchen, and the Kitchen in Calais together serve around 5,000 hot meals every day. These kitchens are central to life in camp because people know where they can go at what time to get a hot meal. If you try and imagine what it would be like not to know when you might eat next, you can begin to understand the importance of the kitchens and the routine they provide.

    A wonderful woman called Alice also set up the first community kitchen on site, next to her Healing Centre. A community kitchen is much smaller and allows individuals or groups to cook for themselves. We are now sending bulk ingredients to Alice like oil, rice, potatoes and onions to support those cooking in that kitchen and setting up other community kitchens across the camp.

    At the nearby warehouse where we store all our food donations, talented volunteer chefs are sweating over stoves all day long at the new Refugee Community Kitchen. The RCK has been going for less than a month but is already sending out 1,800 hot meals to the camps in Calais and Dunkirk every day (as well as feeding around 200 hardworking volunteers at the warehouse). The RCK also sends hot food down to Alice to help meet the need in the family area and 500 hot meals to a new hot food point in the centre of camp. As many of the existing kitchens are located in parts of the camp which are home to a specific nationality of people, they are considered out of bounds to those from other parts of the world. The new hot food point is in a neutral location so anyone can feel comfortable going there to get the food they need.

    Why do we need to do more?

    The kitchens on camp are making miracles every day with what they produce in very challenging circumstances. But sometimes those challenges mean they are unable to open and when that happens, the hundreds or thousands of people who would have eaten there go hungry. Another way people have been getting food is through line distributions. This involves a van full of individual food parcels containing two days' worth of supplies pulling up on camp. Immediately a queue forms behind the van as people wait patiently in single file to get a bag of food. There is never enough to go around. People wait for a long time and get nothing, it is demeaning and not an effective way of reaching those most in need.

    To get away from line distributions and a dependence on the established kitchens, we have set up more community kitchens, like the one by Alice's Healing Centre. Through being in camp, talking to people and identifying community leaders, we are now sending bulk food orders to communities every week and setting up the facilities to enable them to cook for themselves. Not only do community kitchens allow individuals to take ownership of the food they want to cook and eat, whole communities can cook together and invite their neighbours, which they do – a generous spirit is alive and well in the camp.

    The community kitchens are also much more efficient, with bulk deliveries feeding many more for longer than individual food parcels lasting just a day or two. It also takes less volunteer time at the warehouse to put together a bulk order for a community kitchen than assemble 200 individual bags of mixed goods. In exchange for putting up community kitchens and providing food in bulk, the communities they serve agree to keep their patch clean and tidy. Médecins Sans Frontières? (MSF) and ACTED – the only two NGOs doing anything in camp – are helping by providing the shelters for the kitchens and bins.

    Once they are up and running, we can refill individual bottles of oil, sugar and milk to cut down further on waste and rubbish. We are in the process of setting up around twenty new community kitchens in camp, which can be taken down and moved to another camp in the future when needed.

    How are we making it happen?

    We are now mapping the whole camp with the help of ACTED – plotting each place where communities are already preparing food with GPS coordinates. These 'kitchens' are usually in small wooden shelters with most are cooking on open fires with no ventilation., making them quite dangerous. With our new map we can fix their shelters and with your help, install proper wood burning stoves with flues. As well as getting bulk food deliveries out to them, enabling them to feed more people around them, we can also identify who needs more help -the vulnerable, the sick and the elderly.

    It is truly amazing what can be achieved when we all work together, when we connect, communicate our ideas and listen to each other, no egos, just working for the greater good from our hearts with passion because it's the best way to stand up for humanity. Food connects us, feeds our bellies, minds and souls. Kitchens are the heart of any home and community.

    How can you help?

    The team of people already making this happen is moving mountains every day but we cannot do this alone. We need to buy the stoves to go in the community kitchens, we need to restock them with wood every week. We need to buy the food to send out to them and we need to put petrol in the van which makes the deliveries. You can help by donating £10 to buy firewood for a week or £100 to buy a rocket stove or whatever you can afford.

    We also desperatley need people power – to get the community kitchens up and running and to keep them supplied with food and fuel. If you could come and help us for one month or more, we can put you up in a caravan and you could help make a huge change to a lot of people. Email for more information. You can be a part of doing the right thing and standing shoulder to shoulder with our fellow human beings instead of turning our heads away.

    Thank you

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    France now more repressive of boycott calls than Israel

    On 20 October, France’s highest court of criminal appeals upheld the conviction of a dozen Palestine solidarity activists for publicly calling for the boycott of Israeli goods.

    The ruling by the Court of Cassation adds to growing concerns about the harsh crackdown on free speech, backed by French President François Hollande, since the murders of journalists at the offices of the magazine Charlie Hebdo in January. It also makes France, in addition to Israel, the only country to penalize appeals not to buy Israeli goods.

    But the French law, which includes criminal penalties, is arguably harsher than Israel’s which allows boycott supporters to be pursued for financial damages, but not jailed.

    “Sad day”

    “This decision is bad news for the respect of freedom of expression in our country,” France’s century-old human rights group Ligue des Droits de L’Homme said. “It is one of the outcomes of the desire to silence all criticism of the policies of Israel’s governments and any opposition to the grave human rights violations of which they are guilty,” the group added.

    (Update: It should be noted that Ligue des Droits de L’Homme has itself filed a legal complaint against two boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) activists in Montpelier for an allegedly anti-Semitic Facebook posting during Israel’s summer 2014 war on Gaza – a move that is totally inconsistent with its professed commitment to free speech.) The campaign group BDS France said the court decision marked “a sad day for French democracy when a call to boycott a criminal state that violates human rights is no longer self-evident,” and the government could “distort the spirit of the law whenever it affects a political partner.” CRIF, the leading pro-Israel lobby group in France, welcomed the ruling.

    French anti-Palestinian groups have actively backed the judicial crackdown – under the guise of combating anti-Semitism – hoping it will put an end to the campaign of BDS.

    Criminalizing peaceful protest

    In 2009 and 2010, a dozen BDS activists entered supermarkets in the eastern city of Mulhouse, where they shouted slogans, handed out leaflets and wore shirts urging the boycott of Israeli products. Their purpose, as BDS France explains, was “to inform customers about the ethical problems involved in the purchase of goods coming from Israel,” including that their production “is part and parcel of the apartheid situation endured by the Palestinian people, the dispossession of their lands [and] the refusal of the refugees’ right of return.” In 2010, Michèle Alliot-Marie, then justice minister, instructed prosecutors to go after BDS activists across the country.

    In December 2011, the Mulhouse activists were acquitted of charges brought by local prosecutors. But in 2013 an appeal court found them guilty under a 1972 law which provides up to a year in prison and large fines to anyone who “provokes discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or a group of people by reason of their origin or their membership or non-membership in a specific ethnic group, nation, race or religion.” The activists were sentenced to fines and costs amounting to $35,000. The Court of Cassation upheld the 2013 conviction.

    “Israeli nation”

    The activists were found guilty for speech calling for “discrimination” against the producers and suppliers of goods by reason of their belonging to the “Israeli nation.” In a supreme irony, apparently not appreciated by the French judges, Israel’s own high court rejected in 2013 the existence of any “Israeli” nation. Israel recognizes only Jewish nationality as well as other ethnic and sectarian categories to which it assigns citizens and non-citizens against their will.

    French magistrate Ghislain Poissonnier provides background and legal analysis of the Mulhouse case in an article for AURDIP, an organization of academics who support Palestinian rights. He writes that the 1972 law, an amendment to France’s 1881 press law, was intended to combat “discrimination against physical persons and in no case in order to prohibit peaceful calls to boycott the goods of a state whose politics [are] criticized.” Poissonnier adds that the Court of Cassation violated established principles in French and European law and its decision is all the more questionable given the abundance of calls in recent years for boycotts of goods from other states accused of violating human rights.

    The judges, he says, disregarded key facts: the supermarket actions were totally peaceful and store managers brought no charges; there was no interference in the freedom of commerce; the goal of the activists was to bring about the respect for international law; and Israeli goods often carry fraudulent labels to conceal that they come from settlements that are illegal under international law. The activists – and the BDS campaign in France – are, moreover, publicly committed to opposing all forms of racial and religious discrimination, including anti-Semitism. In another irony, the French government is now pushing strongly for new EU-wide rules to clearly label settlement goods presumably so consumers can boycott them.

    Suppressing free speech

    Journalist and free-speech campaigner Glenn Greenwald has been particularly scathing of France’s free speech hypocrisy since the Paris march following the Charlie Hebdo massacre “led by dozens of world leaders, many of whom imprison or even kill people for expressing prohibited views.” PA leader Mahmoud Abbas joined world leaders in Paris on 11 January to march for free speech, including the right of French cartoonists to depict the Prophet Muhammad in a bestial manner. Philippe Wojazer Reuters Writing at The Intercept, Greenwald says that the “absurdity of France’s celebrating itself for free expression” is vividly highlighted by the conviction of the BDS activists.

    “Ponder how pernicious this is. It is perfectly legal to advocate sanctions against Iran, or Russia, or Sudan or virtually any other country,” Greenwald observes. “But it is illegal — criminal — to advocate boycotts and sanctions against one country: Israel.” He notes that leaders of anti-Palestinian groups in Europe want France’s crackdown to serve as a model for other countries, a goal shared by the powerful US Israel lobby group AIPAC. Canada’s outgoing Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper already threatened to use hate speech laws to target BDS activists.

    Given his record of attacks on BDS activists and his cozying up to Israel in recent days, there is little reason to hope that incoming Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be any less intolerant. As for France, even the US State Department-funded think tank Freedom House is expressing concern over the growing restrictions on free speech. In its latest annual report on Internet freedom, France gets a severe downgrade. Freedom House says that the government and police went into “overdrive” since the Charlie Hebdo killings prosecuting people for things they said online and passing decrees giving ministers the power to block websites.

    Such measures, Freedom House states, “threaten Internet freedom in the country.” One of the cases the report cites is of the high schooler arrested for posting an ironic cartoon on Facebook. The recent documentary Je ne suis pas Charlie (“I am not Charlie”), by James Kleinfeld, follows journalist Max Blumenthal during a tour of France. The film, which can be viewed online, examines the atmosphere of racism and oppression since the Charlie Hebdo killings.


    Ghislain Poissonnier laments that with the Court of Cassation decision, “our country becomes the only one in the world — alongside Israel — to penalize civic appeals not to buy Israeli goods.” He hopes the activists will appeal their convictions to the European Court of Human Rights.

    Its record, he says, is “traditionally more protective of freedom of expression” than the French judiciary and thus “gives reason for hope to all those who were shocked by a decision that leaves France totally isolated.” BDS France is demanding an end to the prosecutions of activists under Alliot-Marie’s 2010 decree and has affirmed its support for the individuals convicted for their speech.

    Unbowed by government repression, BDS France “calls upon everyone, in France and all around the world, to implement the decision of the Palestinian people: to promote the campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against the State of Israel until it respects international law and the universal principles of human rights.” “For any citizen with a conscience who is mindful of the rights and the dignity of peoples, to promote BDS is not only a right but a moral duty.”

  • France's judicial mafia (no jury)upholds ruling against activists who called to boycott Israeli products; French law prohibits targeting of nations for discrimination (even when they are mass murdering in Gaza)
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  • French attack leads to mass hypocrisy of two western leaders
    Britain's Eton gangster David Cameron and America's mafia don Barack Obama have been high profile of late ranting endlessly about the horror of the killings in Paris . A great opportunity for mass murderers themselves to hide their sins behind what might well prove to be another false flag.

    However look at the recent background to these supposed great leaders their media keep telling us about and something very different appears despite their perceived genuine grief at those innocents who died in Paris.

    Cameron and his vile cronies in the tory party are behind the mass killing of thousands of victims of their state assassins the DWP and former sidekick ATOS that also includes a recent suicide of one of their own party Elliott Johnson, who suffered torment, bullying and abuse at the hands of their lackeys. More British citizens have died thanks to Cameron's mafia than during the French attacks yet the media don't dramatize those deaths anywhere near to the same degree as it isn't guns and bullets that caused their deaths it is the persistent use of psychological torture perpetrated on weakened individuals that finished them off.

    No blood or guts just a sinister silent campaign of murder inflicted on those they deem USELESS EATERS. This is so dire that we are to believe that the British, or more likely a Southern English population have voted them back into power at the last election despite a long history of finishing off those facing the wrath of draconian welfare cuts. The British establishment have a long history of vile campaigns against the peasants.

    Obama paints a picture of sympathy for the Paris victims while black Americans are being gunned down en masse by a police force that is now totally out of control and has always been masonic controlled and used to assassinate anyone not following the sinister American dream that for millions is now a nightmare. More American citizens have died while Obama was holding the reins of power than those killed in the latest French attack.

    Here is the total hypocrisy of two nations leaders, that are behind the most subtle and devious mass murder of their own people, yet have the audacity to tell those nations that THEY and THEY ALONE will defend them against so called terrorism. Both are warmongers who continue to light the firestorm across the Middle East, started by war criminals Bush and Blair and yet we have the bizarre scenario where they are supposedly speaking on behalf of us all about our rights and freedoms that they themselves are totally abusing in the mass murder of citizens of Britain and America. What is even more bizarre is that the sheeple buy into the fact that they are deluded into believing they will be protected by a political mafia with a long history of murdering their own people.

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    Paris Terror Attacks: Blowback or False Flag? France Declares a State of Emergency

    Multiple likely well-planned Friday night attacks in Paris had a disturbing aroma to them – including France’s knee-jerk police state reaction. Here’s what happened.

    At least seven apparently well-coordinated attacks occurred, gunmen with automatic weapons and suicide belts killing over 150 victims. Many others were injured. Stade de France stadium was struck during a football (soccer) match between France and Germany. So was the Bataclan theater during a concert, restaurants full of patrons, a cinema, and pedestrians on Bichat Street, the Avenue de la Republique and Boulevard Beaumarchais. Reports indicated other Paris locations were attacked, including the Forum des Halles shopping area attracting an estimated 150,000 daily visitors.

    The predictable aftermath so far includes French President Francois Hollande declaring a state of emergency – effectively suspending constitutional rights under martial law. “Two decisions will be taken,” Hollande announced. “The state of emergency will be decreed, which means several places will be closed off, and traffic will be limited in certain areas.” The state of emergency will apply across the country. The second decision I have taken is to close the borders, so that the people who have committed these crimes can be apprehended.

    We know where this attack came from. We must show compassion and solidarity, but we must also show we are united. There is much to fear, but we must face these fears as a nation that knows how to muster its forces and will confront the terrorists. Heavily armed French soldiers were deployed around key Parisian locations. Five metro lines were shut. Orly airport flights were suspended. All city schools and universities were closed. De facto martial law legitimizes repressive police state powers. Constitutional protections are suspended. Following the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, a no-fly zone was ordered over a 3.5 mile radius of the incident.

    Swat teams conducted pre-dawn raids throughout the greater area. Residents were terrorized. Helicopters patrolled overhead. Police and FBI operatives were everywhere. Managed news misinformation substituted for accurate reporting. Post-9/11, Bush claimed unconstitutional “unitary executive” authority to govern extrajudicially in the name of national security. He declared (phony) war on terror and hot war on Afghanistan. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Donbass and Yemen followed. Police state laws were enacted – still in force. Repressive National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directives were announced.

    Hollande cancelled his G-20 summit participation, scheduled for November 15 and 16 in Turkey. It’s unclear if Obama will attend. The world’s leading perpetrator of state terrorism offered France “full support,” duplicitously saying America shares the bonds of “liberte, egalite and fraternite.” US post-9/11 knee-jerk reaction blamed bin Laden and Al Qaeda for the attack – the mother of all Big Lies, we now know. ISIS was automatically blamed for the Paris attacks – despite no evidence so far establishing responsibility. Official statements, actions and media hype created an atmosphere of fear, a likely public willingness to sacrifice freedom for so-called security, a rationale for harsh measures to try stemming the human refugee flood caused by US-led imperial wars, and a desire for revenge.

    Perhaps the stage is set for escalated Western wars OF terror instead of unity to battle the scourge of ISIS and likeminded groups. Were Friday attacks state-sponsored terrorism – a carefully staged false flag for whatever may follow? Herman Goering once explained how easy it is to get people to go along with “the bidding of the leaders…All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country,” he said. Friday Paris attacks were either blowback for Western wars on Islam or a state-sponsored false flag. Odds strongly favor the latter. Western history of false flags for subsequent planned events suggests it.

    On September 20, 2001, George Bush lied to Congress and the public, claiming America was attacked because we are “a beacon of freedom.” The attackers were “evil. This is civilization’s fight.” He suppressed Washington’s direct responsibility for what happened, perhaps complicit with Israel’s Mossad. The aftermath of 9/11 is clear – endless US-led imperial wars, a phony Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), an assault on fundamental human and civil rights, police state harshness replacing them, an America unfit to live in. Will France and other European countries become more belligerent and repressive than already in response to Friday’s incident? Were Washington and perhaps Israel’s dirty hands involved in what happened?

    Daesh (ISIS/ISIL/IS) is such an easy target to blame. It’s simple getting most people to believe it unquestionably. The Big Lie repeated often enough works the same way every time. ISIS is the new “Enemy Number One.” Its creation by Washington and use as proxy foot soldiers is suppressed.

    Was Friday’s Paris incident prelude to something similar planned for New York, Washington, and/or other US cities?

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