freemasons unite When a bunch of scumbags infiltrate every major position of authority through promoting their brothers , in particular the supposed regulators of much of our legal entities, you not only have a licence for them to get away with murder but the rest of the population are increasingly threatened by the lack of oversight in most of the areas we rely on to survive.

Whether its chief constables, crown judges, lawyers and barristers, politicians, council officials and the many other arms of the state, the protection they get from swearing allegiance to the biggest gangster brotherhood on the planet allows the utter scum and filth to get promotion well above their station and then they get protected from their incompetence, deviousness and thuggery that has undermined the areas of most concern to the long suffering general public.
Despite endless exposures of these evil bastards across the globe on the internet there are still large sections of society unaware or are unwilling to accept the truth that their lives are becoming ever more dependent on the utter dregs of the earth and how all those areas are slowly deteriorating before their very eyes leaving many vulnerable, impoverished and homeless which by then it is much to late.

We have catalogued endless times the freemason mafia have been behind much of the injustice and inequality that they themselves have permeated throughout society and with those at the top living opulent lifestyles on the back of the grand theft that goes on in their dens of iniquity, Crown courts.

No one truly knows the depths of horror these evil bastards are inflicting on ALL our lives to a lesser or greater degree but their crimes are a billion times worse than all other crime put together and with no one in authority prepared to do anything about it. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!! Because those with the power to do something are already committed to serving their brothers and NOT the population as a whole, and why they are in those positions in the first place. An unrelenting vicious cycle that wont be broken until all men unite against this evil empire that props up the ruling self-appointed elite.

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