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    A California man who said he wanted to fly to the edge of outer space to see if the world was flat or spherical died when his DIY rocket blasted off into the desert sky and plunged straight back to Earth. "Mad" Mike Hughes was killed on Saturday afternoon after the crash on private property near Barstow, California.

    UGC footage showed the rocket taking off, with what appears to be a parachute tearing off during the launch. The steam-powered rocket streaks upward, then takes around 10 seconds to fall straight back to earth.

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    Students and adults at several Los Angeles schools suffered minor injuries when the flight bound for Shanghai experienced engine issues.
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  • Boeing whistleblower raises doubts over 787 oxygen system (A senior manager on the 737 Max production line complained about workers being "exhausted" from having to work at a very high pace for an extended period. He said that schedule pressure was "creating a culture where employees are either deliberately or unconsciously circumventing established processes", adversely affecting quality)
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    French inventor and former jet-ski champion Franky Zapata has failed in his bold attempt to cross the English Channel on a flyboard, falling agonizingly short and plunging into the sea, just 18km from his destination
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  • Eurocopter EC135 helicopters used for Air Ambulance and police worldwide had serious fault for 10 years that wasn't rectified causing water to get into the fuel tanks
  • Clutha FAI: Helicopter operator warned manufacturers of a "lack of attention" and concerns over EC135 airworthiness with water contaminating the fuel supply
  • Airbus took more than a decade to issue a worldwide alert about persistent water leaks in the fuel systems of Clutha helicopter EC135
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    Flying anywhere has become much less safe these last few months with Boeing exposures and now Russian planes crashing.

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    On December 11, 2013, about 1522 Hawaiian standard time, a Cessna 208B, N687MA, was destroyed following a loss of engine power and ditching into the Pacific Ocean near Kalaupapa, Hawaii. One passenger was fatally injured, the airline transport pilot and two passengers were seriously injured, and five passengers received minor injuries. The airplane was operated by Makani Kai Air.

    The flight departed from the Kalaupapa Airport on the island of Molokai, about 2 minutes prior to the accident, with an intended destination of the Honolulu International Airport on the island of Oahu. In a written statement, the pilot reported that shortly after takeoff from runway 05, at an altitude of about 400 feet above ground level, he began a left turn for a downwind departure.

    Shortly after passing 500 feet AGL, the pilot motioned toward the power lever to reduce power for the climb when he heard a loud bang followed by an immediate loss of engine power. The pilot continued the turn toward land, verified the fuel valves were on, and observed all engine gauges displaying "zero." The pilot realized the airplane was not going to make it to land, and rolled the wings level while broadcasting a mayday distress call. Shortly after, the airplane landed within open ocean water in a flat or slightly nose up attitude. All the passengers and the pilot exited the airplane through the rear right door, and the airplane remained on the water surface for approximately 25 minutes before it sank.

    One passenger swam to shore, and United States Coast Guard and Maui Fire and Rescue helicopters recovered the pilot and 7 passengers from the water about 80 minutes after the ditching. A couple of minutes of standard-definition footage from this video were disseminated immediately following the event, however this - right here, right now - is the first time that the full-length, full-HD video is being made publicly available.
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  • Boeing 737 Max 8 planes that crashed in Ethiopia and Indonesia lacked two optional pilot safety features that the company charges EXTRA for
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  • In 2016 the FAA mandates lithium battery safety features on Boeing’s 737 MAX
  • Boeing has grounded its entire global fleet of 737 Max aircraft after investigators uncovered new evidence at the scene of the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash
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    Haunting CCTV footage shows FINAL moments of fatal Boeing 767 crash

    Final moments of the fatal, 6,000ft descent of a doomed Boeing 767 flight in Texas has been released by a local sheriff’s department. The crash killed three people. Chambers County Sheriff's posted the haunting footage showing the final moments of commercial flight 5Y3591 from Miami to Houston on February 24 which was carrying packages for Amazon at the time, along with three crew. The aircraft fell thousands of feet in mere seconds after what had been, until that point, a routine approach and descent. The cause of the tragic crash which killed all three on board has yet to be determined.
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  • Ex-girlfriend of Emiliano Salacalls for the 'soccer mafia to be investigated' as she refuses to believe disappearance of his plane is an accident
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  • Police chief apologises to couple wrongly arrested over Gatwick Christmas chaos - as he admits some drones spotted may have been those of his own force
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    How safe is flying today?

    Today Rolls Royce announced 4,600 job cuts due they claim to requiring a major reorganisation. One of the reasons is that Rolls Royce have been caught up in a corruption scandal losing £4.6bn in 2016. That has led to problems with its Trent 1000 engines that are wearing out so fast airlines have been slapped with an FAA restriction on planes flying that limits operations to a maximum of 140 minutes to the nearest diverted airport. BA and Virgin planes have been warned to stay within an hour of an airport.

    Now we hear claims in the gutter rags that flying has never been safer with new modern techniques and new materials but those claims are in direct contradiction to the evidence now coming out that the world's biggest supplier of engines have greatly underestimated how quickly those new engines and materials are wearing out to the point where the FAA have been forced to step in and slap major restrictions on all major carriers using planes with Trent 1000 engines that are installed on Boeing's 787 - 8/9 Dreamliners. Airbus A380 also has issues with the Trent 900 engines.

    For anyone who has to fly regularly, especially long haul, this is NOT good news when we were told engines have become so safe that instead of four engines planes now only need two. With our own fairly limited knowledge of aircraft design this always seemed overestimating the ability of jet engines when flying over thousands of miles of ocean. We wonder how the regulators have given such clearance when it is now evident from these Trent 1000 failings that two engines have reduced NOT increased the distance planes can now fly with warnings that they must always fly within the range of an airport they can get to at short notice.

    If Rolls Royce have been caught bribing airlines to take their engines what other sharp practices have they been taking with their engine designs that are leaving the Trent 1000's parts wearing out years sooner and putting the lives of passengers at much more risk?

    Flying as we are being told is NOT getting safer but increasingly much more dangerous when the reputations of aircraft designers are seemingly cutting corners to save money and to make more profits for shareholders and before the safety of those designs and their passengers.

  • Rolls-Royce announces 4,600 job cuts
  • FAA Limits Trent 1000 Operations on 787s
  • Rolls-Royce aircraft engine fix will take 'some years'
  • Trent blade issues impact all RR-powered 787-9s, Boeing says
  • Rolls-Royce takes hit on 787 and A380 blade flaws
  • Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Engine Disruptions Continue with New Advisory
  • BA and Virgin planes warned to stay within an hour of an airport amid engine safety concerns
  • Rolls-Royce and airlines grapple with further Boeing 787 Dreamliner engine issues
  • The Boeing 787: Broken Dreams
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    Broken fan blade behind engine explosion that sucked woman out of Boeing 737

  • New inspections ordered on planes after deadly engine failure(VIDEO)
  • FAA to order inspections on engine fan blades like one involved in fatal failure
  • NTSB: Engine in deadly Southwest jet incident missing a fan blade
  • Delta had similar engine failures way back in 1996
  • Delta crash history
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    Not for the peasantry
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    Flying Drone That Can Operate Underwater! VIDEO
    Anti-drone gun: Kalashnikov presents its REX-1 VIDEO

    Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov demonstrated its REX-1 anti-drone gun at the International Military-Technical Forum 'Army 2017' expo. Rex-1 is a non-lethal device that works by severing the connection between a quadcopter and its controller, as well as jamming satellite positioning systems, GSM and Wi-Fi signals.
    Jet Engines VIDEO
    Freefall from 22,000 feet: Russian becomes 1st base-jumper to jump from Peru’s highest peak VIDEO
    Florida airport worker blown off feet by lightning VIDEO
    Future of Aviation Documentary VIDEO
    New-design MiG-35 makes air show debut at MAKS 2017 VIDEO
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  • Fatal moment plane corkscrews to the ground while performing air stunts in Russia VIDEO
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    Over an hour into the AirAsia flight one of the engines of Airbus A330 flying from Perth to Kuala Lumpur experienced a violent malfunction
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    Hangars Documentary VIDEO
    World’s biggest aeroplane the "Stratolaunch" VIDEO

    The world's largest plane has been unveiled by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen
    after it left its hangar in the California desert for the first time.
    Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Advanced Jet Airliner - Documentary VIDEO
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  • United Airlines boss Oscar Munoz refuses to resign (So when will he be sacked?)
  • United Airlines has more than $1BILLION wiped off its value in just one day after violently dragging doctor off an overbooked flight (Flying has reduced passengers to a form of cattle that can have their rights abused for daring to stand up for them)
  • How United Airlines Train Their Staff VIDEO
    United Airlines HELP passenger off plane VIDEO

  • United Airlines overbook plane seats then get cops to physically drag customers off their planes
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