Freemason judicial mafia still the biggest threat to heterosexual men globally
No matter how often the controlled media rant on about terror threats by far the biggest threat to heterosexual men is still the family court system. There is hardly a day goes by but another horror story comes out about men being stripped and left penniless and homeless from draconian powers freemason judges have given themselves, making up divorce laws as they go along.

There are millions of men across the world on the edge of life, NOT because of some spurious terror attack, BUT because of the powers of the judicial mafia and their lawyer lackeys only to happy to destroy and persecute men who are dragged by ex wives into divorce actions that are stripping men of every last bastion of human rights.

While the mass media promote homosexuals they ignore the suffering of heterosexual men being destroyed for the greed of a corrupt crown and global law society who use the London inns of court to control a global court structure where freemasons are behind the vile laws that are manufactured and used to destroy men not part of their creepy network of satanic power.

Their false flags are only increasing to take away the spotlight being shone on these monstrous decisions that are by far and away the most dangerous threat to heterosexual men and NOTHING will change our position on this primarily as former victims with the knowledge of what these evil bastards are getting up to behind closed doors. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

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