Trump brings the lunatic feminazi out on to the streets

Selfish self centred feminists out on one of their 'I WANT I WANT I WANT' marches.

If there was any more stark example of what heterosexual men are facing is the rabid feminist extremists that masquerade as defenders of equality but are really pushing for entitlement, positive discrimination and massive cheques on the way out of divorce courts.

We are not defenders of Trump, who like Hillary Clinton is a zionist hand picked lackey and a more important threat than any sexist claims by the nutters out on the streets over a Trump presidential win. They were planning celebratory marches over a feminist Hillary Clinton win but that changed when more women voted for Trump. The same lunatics ignored the abuse of women by Clinton's hubby and the threats lawyer Hillary Clinton made against any woman that dared to accuse her husband of sexual abuse while he was in the White House.

Hypocrisy at the extreme and it has been lawyer President Obama and lawyer President Bill Clinton and their lawyer wives that have spent so much time legislating for feminists, lesbians and homosexuals while ignoring heterosexual mens rights and why Clinton did not get the vote the feminazi were hoping for.

They are a lost cause as many women turned against their MAN HATING rage and voted for Trump despite a massive campaign to discredit him by a hostile press that has been pushing LGBT and feminist rights for so long the public now see the damage both sets of extremists are doing as families collapse under brutal legal legislation imposed by the biggest terror cell on the planet emanating from a global law society that props up these high profile demonstrations with money stolen from men during divorce.

Men are now seeing first hand how the feminazi have been deviously operating behind the scenes to force men into homelessness, poverty and childlessness thanks to the corrupt legislation enacted by the judeo freemason political and legal mafia's only to happy to attack and destroy heterosexual men while sharing the spoils of divorce the biggest multi trillion dollar industry on the planet.

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