Family courts where freemasons destroy men not part of their creepy agenda
Lets NOT piss about the bush here. Their media are all controlled with their manufactured distractions and duff news for one reason only. The vast destruction of non mason mens families and lives to satisfy the greed of the masonic order and their zionist controllers. All the other bullshit that masquerades as news is just that a distraction, the curtain that hides the real criminal mafia who are a global monster high jacking decency and lawful order to push their thieving malicious form of law.

We spoke to a taxi driver the other day who faced homelessness and left penniless thanks to family courts ripping the heart out of the family he had built up over decades of hard graft with the same thing going on with increasing haste as their malicious and vicious deception only starts to get exposed across the internet. How long do they think they can get away with this deception? Indefinitely?

All men should resign themselves to the fact that in the short term things wont change until men learn what they have to do to avoid the twisted regime that they will at some point in the future encounter during their working lives . These evil bastards have designed the majority of supposed law to ensure all the world's wealth has a direct path into their burgeoning coffers and only by protecting accumulated wealth, which avoids buying into their global property racket, can men ensure they have some means to protect themselves from the rigors of homelessness and penniless ness which so many men find out to late when they are out on the street with nothing. We will continue to send out warnings on a regular basis to counter the obsessive psychopathic media crap that avoids what is behind the massive destruction of men across the globe and it is fuck all to do with their pseudo terrorism.

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