Britain's Eton v Peasant divide

The vile tory arsehole brigade

There can be no more nauseating a sight than to read the vast propaganda the gutter press and its media barons are creating for the Eton groomed scum and filth that have been elevated to running Britain for the privileged few. As we approach another election the royalist ass kissing media provide the protection for her groomed lackeys to give the impression that somehow a financial miracle has happened and the long extended deviously manipulated austerity measures triggered by Labour then continued by the ConDem's has proved a success .

Meanwhile the reality is that there are literally millions upon millions of peasants struggling at the edge of life balancing massive debts that have been accumulating since the 70's during the last tory government under Thatcher after decades of oppression using every devious and dangerous trick in the book. The chants of NO MONEY have been ringing in the ears of the impoverished peasants all this time while the city boys quietly turn from millionaire's to billionaire's and trillionaire's on the back of dangerous machinations of the whole political, legal and financial systems that is becoming ever stricter as the ruling self appointed elite get greedier.

Anyone who believes this utter nonsense should take a walk around some of the opulent areas of London like Kensington and have a quick look in any estate agents window displaying homes selling for eye watering sums . Houses that in the 60's might have sold for 20,000 now selling for tens of millions. Now this is a very peculiar way of measuring wealth but has seen the fortunes of the banks and the bankers fiddling with a property market that only ever feeds the ruling rich while fleecing the peasantry who have no idea why they and their offspring continue to pay a heavy price that allows a privileged few idle rich to live lives of vast opulence that, for decades, has seen untold fortunes being inherited by the toffy nose brigade. The same mob are showing increasing signs of delusions of grandeur that funds the creation of political policies that will forever crush the masses unless the system is brought down and replaced by something else that will provide equal status to its citizens and not solely to enrich the privileged few.

Despite all these clear signs of oppression there remains far to many who continue to be deluded into assuming that there is nothing else but to tolerate the extreme circumstances that oppression creates and leaves millions living precarious and dysfunctional lives thanks to the ruling rich and their vile tory lackeys.

  • After 11 years of Labour government, the gap between the income of the richest and poorest households is unchanged (from 2008)
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