English football and the royal parasite

Anyone watching the world cup must be finding it disconcerting when the English fans start singing 'God Save the Queen' after every goal. Now the working class peasants who don't have the money to fly to Russia and pay substantial sums for the stadium seats should realise that the royal mafia have a tiered system that ensures only their loyal lackeys that swear allegiance to the royal mafia get all the cushy jobs that lets them afford the huge cost of supporting England and are all part of the freemason, orange order, knights templar, rotary club and other loyal lackeys.

The working class peasants will be lucky to afford a beer down the pub to watch the game and would wonder why the rich supporters are singing 'God Save the Queen' as they just happen to be in that tier she ensures are well looked after and who get a much bigger bite of the pie than the rest of the population.

The same thing is happening at Wimbledon where her loyal lord lieutenant freemason the Dukey Kent ensures there are only seats for the ruling mafia's buddies while everyone else can sit outside looking at screens or on TV. We wonder just how long it will take for England to really waken up to what is going on and why every time the royals have an occasion they can ensure a bunch of overpaid misfits take up all the positions that suggest they are well liked. Gaddafi used the same ploy and look how he ended up.

That is so far from the truth and every single Youtube video we and others put up that have anything to do with the royals have a mountain of comments that condemn them and tells us the myth that is built up by their media mafia is utter bullshit despite even football being used to psychologically browbeat the peasants to believe they have a majority following across England . Germany under Hitler used football in the same way and look how he ended up.