UK's CARE homes more like DEATH homes
Coronavirus: The price of England voting evil tory bastards back into power

A very rare occasion when a DWP spokesperson Veronica Madden shows their face on TV. She must have drawn the short straw.

This morning on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show, which we have been unable to record, a large portion of the program was dedicated to what benefits many thousands of staff and employers can claim now they cannot operate their businesses thanks to Coronavirus. We have been warning for well over a decade about the enormity of the pain and suffering that has been inflicted on those at the bottom of the ladder by a tory mafia hell bent on pushing the poorest and most vulnerable into early graves.

Now we have a situation where the tory voting scum who put Boris Johnson's tory mafia back into power are now demanding that emergency measures are needed to ensure evictions are cancelled and 4/5th's of their salaries to be paid by a government that has inflicted the most enormous brutal cuts that have been killing the peasants en masse. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE.

There is an horrendous price to pay for allowing these vile bastards to continue their reign of terror across Britain and some of the MIDDLE CLASS business owners who have always voted in a tory regime will now see the enormity of trying to survive on the utter pittance, if any, is paid towards their large mortgages and keeping their BMW's on the road. A large portion of the population has been brought to its knees for over a decade thanks to the brutality of a tory government and only when the middle and upper classes demand change will we see if the tory's will change their stance and bail out their tory voting friends while the peasants have been suffering dramatic changes in their lives with many ending up in early graves.

The DWP have been acting as state assassins brutally psychologically and financially torturing the poor and disabled and with their welfare disregarded yet at the last election those responsible have been given another five years to carry on their reign of terror and utterly disgusting as the SHIT HITS THE FAN BIG TIME.

The program may get recorded and put up online by the BBC, if so we will add to this article.

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    Peter Badger, 54 - one of the coach drivers who was pictured without a protective suit or mask as he transported the Britons flown home from China - revealed that he wasn't worried and was simply 'doing his duty'

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    Scottish rags have a very different view

  • Scottish independence: MSPs back new referendum in Holyrood vote pointing
    to Brexshit as a "material change in circumstances"

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  • Kids Disappearing To London Paedo's - Ex-Cop Jon Wedger VIDEO

    A major reason why kids are made vulnerable is by losing the biological fathers protection by the state mafia judges decisions.
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  • Police open investigation into 'electoral fraud' from 'deep inside Boris Johnson's team' (If British cops are in charge NOTHING will happen)
  • England might have voted tory scum into power but will inevitably lead to Britain breaking up (Johnson may be revelling in his mighty election victory but the results in Scotland and Northern Ireland have hinted at battles ahead in trying to keep the UK together. Scotland want FUCK ALL to do with the evil murderous policies of tory henchmen like Johnson)
  • Maps show how 'youthquake' would have won Election for Labour if 18 to 24-year-olds had been only voters - while Tories would have been even bigger winners if over-65s were the only ones to go to the polls (Blue rinse brigade need to die off to get some sense back into British politics and Labour should NOT be being forced to ditch its plans to accommodate old tory scum voters)
  • England goes further down the far right wing politics road by now voting in the murdering arm of extreme politics

    Any SENSIBLE and concerned voter must be in utter shock that England has voted in maybe the most ruthless bunch of murdering bastards that has ever run their country. Many many concerned voters did not vote for them but must find it troubling that they live in a country where there is widespread opinion that mass murderers are the best form of government. Some of us who have moved away from Britain and who have seen this extreme starting way back with Thatcher and Heath that one part of Britain is allowed to have murdering gangsters and Eton groomed privileged thugs impose their extreme dogma on, in their eyes, the UNWORTHY while claiming it is some form of democracy.

    Anyone with any sense should consider trying alternative ways of living as while they remain in England they will have seen the suicide rate rapidly increase expotentially along with vast homelessness and is looking ever more like the dickensian state of the distant past with ruthless scumbags getting away with treading over the disabled and mentally ill who are wallowing in total deprivation that has been the hallmark of the far right wing tendencies of England going back decades.

  • England a place were homeless people die on the street and nobody seems to give a fuck (At least 726 homeless people died in England and Wales in 2018. Nobody seemed to be taking any notice of him at all, even though there was clearly something wrong. He was just lying there lifeless)
  • The mathematical odds of SEVEN former members of an elite drinking club (Bullyingdon and Eton) all getting top political jobs all at the same time, and all being members of the Conservative Party is at least 240 MILLION to ONE
  • England's tory voting scum rubber stamp mass murder

    Britain's evil gutter rags run by the two 'sick fuck' billionaires Harmsworth and Murdoch rejoice at mass murderers back running Britain. When a country votes back into power pure evil with a history of the mass murder of the peasants through financial and psychological torture you have to ask what state that country is in? Leaving their own people to rot on the streets of their country to die homeless and penniless.

  • Boris Johnson to pass anti-BDS law, official says (Johnson like Trump another Israeli lackey that gets in via their hold of the gutter press)
  • “We’ve always had the print media, which is page after page after page of press barons absolutely destroying and vilifying Labour leaders from time immemorial. What’s changed in the 2019 election is the way the broadcast media have joined in with that battle”
  • Meet Prime Minister Boorish Johnson: A Sistema-Made Man
  • The mathematical odds of SEVEN former members of an elite drinking club (Bullyingdon and Eton) all getting top political jobs all at the same time, and all being members of the Conservative Party is at least 240 MILLION to ONE
  • Harmsworth's gutter rag promotes the vast inequality that comes from a tory government
  • Cardiff University lecturer has been criticised by a Welsh Tory for branding Tory voters "vermin" ("I was quoting Nye Bevan, a political hero of mine. I stand by my view of Tories as vermin. Those who support, whether wittingly or not, the human devastation doled out by the Conservative Party are not worthy of respect")
  • Broken Britain as England votes for more tory murder and mayhem

    Another Royalist Eton entitled and privileged lackey back in control

    Expect much more of this across Britain under an extended tory boot


  • The mathematical odds of SEVEN former members of an elite drinking club (Bullyingdon and Eton) all getting top political jobs all at the same time, and all being members of the Conservative Party is at least 240 MILLION to ONE
  • Broken Britain now even more broken with tory scum back once again in control
  • Shocking result as England votes to murder ever more victims of extreme far right wing Tory austerity
  • Scotland totally rejects tory scum and their hardline Brexit plans
  • Wales rejects tory scum
  • England isolates itself from Europe under a far right wing tory boot as ex-No 10 adviser claims UK no longer makes running on world stage
  • Scotland wants separation and to remain in EU just as England backs murderous tory regime
  • Europe well shot of the English tory voting scum that want another austerity boot reeking havoc on millions

    England now isolated by a murderous tory regime. Who in their right mind would deal with a political system that sees thousands of its citizens murdered by financial and psychological torture? Scotland also want shot of this mob of gangsters
    When did they release a terrorist to go on a rampage in London?


    He was TAGGED yet was able to go on a rampage at a convenient time for Johnson during the election farce to rant about 'our values will prevail'. Many people will be heaving at the thought that he is deluded in that he speaks for many people who loathe the tory's murderous agenda.

  • London Bridge attack gives tory scumbag Johnson the opening to claim 'our values will prevail' (Would that be the tory values of mass murdering of a large percentage of the population through financial and psychological torture via the state assassins the DWP and their private murderous contractors like ATOS, Maximus and Capita?)
  • London Bridge: Why was the attacker, Usman Khan, out of prison? (Ideal backdrop for murderous tory scum to take a stand before election ranting on about UK values and with an electorate only to happy to vote for evil political bastards that systematically kill its own people and has the blood of thousands on their hands?)
  • Boris Johnson says 74 terror prisoners released early
  • Babies and mothers died amid a "toxic" culture at a hospital trust stretching back 40 years

  • ANTIFA VS TOMMY Protest UNCUT - London Police Control Political Madness VIDEO
    Violence erupts in Central London at 'Free Tommy' protest 3 August 2019 VIDEO
    Britain is run by a self-serving clique. That’s why it’s in crisis

    May's murderous cabinet

    Thatcher's murderous cabinet

    Government and culture are dominated by the same narrow section of the population. It’s no way to run a country

    Last week Boris Johnson delivered a speech to a Royal Horticultural Society audience in Wisley, Surrey, before heading to the affluent village of Oxshott to buy some fennel and tarragon sausages and have a cup of tea in the Munch and Wiggles cafe. In a series of interviews later that day, he was unwilling to reveal the provenance of the staged photograph of him and his partner, Carrie Symonds. He was, however, able to insist that Britain would leave the European Union, “do or die”, by the end of October.

    On the same day, the Sutton Trust and the Social Mobility Commission issued a report into elitism in Britain that “paints a picture of a country whose power structures are dominated by a narrow section of the population [where] social mobility is low and not improving”. Those who went to private school comprise 7% of the country’s population but 39% of the elite; those who went to Oxford or Cambridge university comprise less than 1% of the population but 24% of the elite. Senior judges, junior ministers, permanent secretaries and diplomats are among the least representative professions. But the media, and particularly newspaper columnists, are right up there, too. At issue here is not individuals but a system that rewards privilege and privileges the rich

    There is a clear and undeniable link between the entrenched and calcifying class stratification in British society and the inept chaos in which we currently find ourselves. The gene puddle from which the elite siphons its ranks has become shallow and fetid. Those who make the laws in government, oversee the civil service that will implement them, adjudicate on them in court or assess them in newspapers, are drawn from such a narrow social layer that they might as well be the same person. Even when they do not form a majority, their critical mass is such that they set the tone, define the culture and shape the parameters for what is institutionally permissible. This was never healthy and always absurd. But recently it has become untenable. The prime minister who got us into this Brexit mess a few years back went to the same school and joined the same supper club at the same university as the person who will most likely be prime minister in a few weeks’ time. Nobody thinks that is an uncanny coincidence. It’s how Britain works. It’s also why it’s not working.

    “The country’s model of leadership is disintegrating,” wrote the Economist, not known for its Marxist tendencies, in December. “Britain is governed by a self-involved clique that rewards group membership above competence and self-confidence above expertise.” The overwhelming failure of integration in this country has nothing to do with Muslims or race – it’s that those who are running it, governing it and commenting on it have such a limited experience of living in it the way that most do. The consequences of that dislocation are proving devastating. A brief caveat here to confront predictable straw men. Nobody should be blamed for being born rich or the school they go to – they had no say in it. Meanwhile, the handful of working-class people who make it to Oxbridge should be applauded for their achievement. At issue here is not individuals but a system that rewards privilege and privileges the rich – giving more opportunities, wealth and power to those who did not earn them, or have otherwise acquired them, while excluding others of access to resources.

    Britain is still ruled by a privately educated elite. Let’s end this culture of deference

    Class privilege is not new. Between 1955 and 1964 all three British prime ministers went to Eton and Oxford. But several things have changed since then that make this persistent dominance of a tiny stratum particularly problematic. First of all, levels of income inequality have grown massively. According to the Equality Trust thinktank, between 1938 and 1979 the share of income going to the top 10% fell by 40%, while that going to the bottom grew a little. After 1979 that trend reversed sharply and has now effectively stalled. Real wages have yet to catch up with pre-crisis levels. So the oligarchic tendencies in our economy are being reinforced and amplified in our polity and broader culture. The people who have everything also run everything. The Tory frontrunner, Johnson, is not just a product of that system but an advocate for it. When we see him call for a massive tax cut for the rich, we see a candidate who has had much and wants more. When we see him guessing the minimum wage “at or around £10” when it is in fact £8.21 we see a candidate who knows nothing about those who have little and has no interest in learning. (Imagine what would have happened to Diane Abbott had she made a mistake like that.)

    Second, their increasingly desperate efforts to preserve their grip on power are having increasingly extreme consequences. We are in a period of extended crisis and division, largely brought about by financial elites whose reckless behaviour was first enabled and indulged, and then forgiven and written off, by political elites. It is highly unlikely that the imaginative and radical responses we need to turn this around are going to come from those same elites. Brexit is simply the clearest manifestation of these crises. The race for Tory leader is the clearest illustration of how ill-equipped we are to deal with them. This party has won an outright majority just once in the last six elections and is about to elect its third leader in three years. The runaway favourite is an unrepentant race-baiter, liar, philanderer and opportunist, liked least by those who know him best. His opponent is just hopeless. The question of how long either will last in the top job is debatable.

    Throughout this time media elites, drawn from the same class as their financial and political counterparts, have mostly been obsessed by the crisis in leadership in an ostensibly “unelectable” Labour party, which has had the same leader for four years – and gained seats and vote share in the last general election. Those media elites have called pretty much every major political event, from Brexit to the last two elections, incorrectly. The point here is not about Jeremy Corbyn or partisanship – though it could be – but perspective and proportionality. One of the reasons why British politics is so difficult to understand at present is that most of those critiquing it are so deeply embedded and implicated in the world they are critiquing, they just can’t see straight. Which leads to the final point. Since the war Britain has come to think of itself as far more meritocratic. The current situation gives the lie to that illusion. If you think Johnson is the best person for the top job then you either know nothing about the job or you know nothing about him.

    At Eton, notes James Wood in the London Review of Books, they were taught to impose themselves on the world with “effortless superiority”. But these people fall short too often. The trouble is they keep failing upwards – constantly given the benefit of the doubt, leaving them with the benefits and the rest of us with the doubts.

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  • Still the same tory bastards just more women than under Thatcher
  • Tommy Robinson talks after being found guilty of contempt of court VIDEO

  • Ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been found guilty of contempt of court
  • London goes fucking crazy with councils spending money on rainbow crossings for homosexual / lesbian marches

    Glasgow's homosexual run council promotes homosexual adoption on billboards

    They complain about lack of money to help the heterosexual homeless while WASTING public money on this fucking bullshit. How many of these masonic run councils use homosexuals and lesbians embedded in their social work departments to provide the courts with smears and lies to destroy heterosexual fathers and their families lives when divorcing? We have personal experience of just how that operates and with another lot of homosexual / lesbian judges and lawyers to back their lies up.

  • Homosexual social worker struck off over sex 'contract' with vulnerable young man (Government embedding homosexuals and lesbians in social work departments to DESTROY heterosexual men and their families)
  • Homosexual social worker struck off after engaging in a sexual relationship with a vulnerable male care leaver
  • Britain's LONG history of STEALING children into care homes who were horrifically abused

    Abuse victim James Cleverley outside Beechwood Children's Home in Mapperley, Nottingham

    Andris Logins jailed for 20 years and Barrie Pick jailed for 6 years

    Beechwood: 'I can't believe the evil that happened there'

    For decades, young people at a Nottinghamshire children's home were subjected to a regime of sexual and physical abuse. Boys and girls were watched while washing, groomed and assaulted in their beds. Laura was one of those children. One of the witnesses at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), she has been speaking to the BBC about her time at the notorious Beechwood Community Home.

    This article contains details of child abuse some readers will find upsetting

    Laura came home from school one day to find her suitcases packed and a social worker waiting for her. Feeling "totally abandoned" and "absolutely heartbroken", she was taken into Enderleigh, one of the four units comprising the Beechwood children's home in Mapperley, just outside Nottingham city centre.

    Even though she was only there for a matter of weeks, Laura - not her real name - became one of the many residents who were sexually abused. Now in her 50s, she is telling her story in the hope it helps other victims of abuse in the care system, and highlights their fight for justice.

    Laura, who grew up in Nottinghamshire feeling "unloved" by her family, vividly remembers arriving at Beechwood shortly before her 15th birthday. "I was taken by a social worker, and from the outside I thought it looked like a lovely house," she said. "It was a big place, it had like a balustrade balcony that ran around the upstairs - it looked so pretty, almost a little colonial, with trees and flowers outside.

    "As soon as you went in, the atmosphere changed. It was a horrible place. The doors that would have opened to the balustrade were all boarded, the beds were just metal and horrible, there was nothing in there that was soft or homely. "It was almost like an army barracks - just bare walls."

    Beechwood first opened in November 1967, and by 1976 it incorporated four units, with an administration building augmented by the Enderleigh, Lindens and Redcot sections. Its original reputation as a home for criminal children endured - as did Enderleigh's notorious padded cell - and reports from staff repeatedly referred to the "appalling and squalid" state of the buildings. The state of them was so bad, it led to one visiting psychologist asking: "How is it we can place young people in such atrocious conditions?"

    The standard of "care" on offer at Beechwood was similarly appalling: children were dragged by their hair across rooms, stripped naked to stop them leaving and made to fight each other. One resident said he was forced into masturbation competitions by staff, while another said she was visited and raped at the home by the same man who had abused her before she was taken into care. Some also described being raped by staff - and being punished for speaking out about the abuse.

    When Beechwood closed for good nearly 40 years later, hundreds of children had passed through its doors, with many left permanently damaged. The daily routine was dull, Laura said, with residents largely left to their own devices.

    "Even though there was school, there was no education going on there," she said. "After school you'd get frogmarched back down the road - you'd only do half a day, because you'd get back for lunch at 'home'. "Lunch was in a big room; we'd just sit there and have whatever was put in front of us, which was never very appetising, just your usual stodgy, plain stuff. After lunch you then just found something to do.

    "I tried to do a bit of calligraphy, just for something to do, because there was nothing in the activity room, there was nothing really there. A record player with about a dozen singles, a table tennis thing, but that was basically it in the whole place. Horrible. "It was dead old-fashioned - we had those cast-iron baths which were either freezing or boiling, and there were no doors on the bathrooms, so anyone walking by could see whatever you were doing in there.

    "It seems strange, but it even smelled old; just damp and fusty." Laura said her early encounters with John Dent, a resident social worker, were initially positive, which she now knows was part of the grooming process. The first time Dent sexually assaulted her was the day of the FA Cup final.

    "He told me if I wanted to ring my boyfriend, I could use the phone in the office, and he went and he bought some stout and cigarettes and, you know, I was allowed to have a drink, and he was being very friendly," she said. "That same evening he came up to the dormitory in the middle of the night, and this was the first occasion that I woke up with him on top of me. He got his mouth over my mouth, and he says, 'I'm not going to hurt you. Please be quiet, I'm not going to hurt you.'

    "I was just rigid… I said 'no', and when I realised I could feel his erect penis rubbing against me, I was really, really scared." Laura said she "couldn't believe what had happened" with Dent, but did not know how to report it.

    "I had nobody to tell, I had nobody to talk to. I just felt that people would just think I was a rebellious teenager and making excuses, that I was in a care home and I wanted to get out." Away from her family, Laura was in a very vulnerable position - one that Dent readily exploited. After her roommate was moved, she was on her own every night. "At every available opportunity he was coming again into the dormitory," Laura said during the inquiry.

    Despite fighting off Dent during the abuse, Laura feared challenging his authority and reporting what he was doing in case he kept her at Beechwood. "He always used to say: 'It's my say-so whether you go home at the end of this term.' He made that really, really clear on lots of occasions." Laura left Beechwood weeks later, but the scars of her short stay have endured.

    She took an overdose soon after leaving the home, and felt "awful" for years after. After two decades of keeping the abuse secret, when her daughter reached the same age she had been when admitted to Beechwood, it became too much to bear. "I had the chat with my daughter, and I tried to explain everything that happened in a balanced kind of way," Laura said. "I thought I had done quite a good job with it, I thought I was so grown-up and could handle it, but when I explained to her that past, seeing her come down the stairs brought it all back - it made me feel like I had to do something about it.

    "It had such an adverse effect on her - she felt that if she hadn't been born then she wouldn't have reminded me of that awful time." Years later, Laura learned how her daughter drew inspiration from how she handled her ordeal.

    "I found out there was an essay thing she had to do in school," she said. "People were writing about who they admired, so they talked about celebrities - Princess Diana, people like that - and she wrote about me. She wrote all about what I had been through, and she said she was really proud of me. "She wanted to be there to support me every step of the way in court - to the point that Dent clocked her one time, and he looked quite taken aback because she looked quite like me when I was that age.

    "It was only in the last five years or something like that [that I found out about the essay]. It made me cry." Laura said she was treated sympathetically by the police when she came forward, and eventually an investigation was launched into Dent's activities.

    A trial followed, but in a case that was in essence Laura's word against Dent's, he was acquitted of the charges relating to her - a common experience for those alleging abuse against figures of authority. However, after she came forward to report his abuse - the first person to do so - others did too, and at a second trial he was convicted of child sex crimes, including those committed at Beechwood. Dent received a prison sentence of seven years, although for Laura he "got away very lightly". Nearly two decades after he was jailed, she said she still suffered from the ordeal of the court case.

    "I'm still in fear. It's a real fear to me that he will one day blow up at me, because if it wasn't for me he wouldn't have been in prison, and now it's all kicked off again [with the inquiry]."

  • Beechwood a cesspit of depravity whose stench still lingers
  • Manchester terror attack, father blames the UK government and MI5 for his daughter's death VIDEO

    A BLATANT FALSE FLAG??????????
    Britain’s hidden children’s homes run by paedo's VIDEO

    Abuse victim James Cleverley outside Beechwood Children's Home in Mapperley, Nottingham

    Thousands of teenagers in care are living in unregulated homes and being "abandoned to organised paedo's and crime gangs". Domestic violence scams used to force children into care and big money for those running unregulated slums getting £800-£1000 per week per child not counting the big money made by adopters and lawyers running the system for their own self enrichment rubber stamped by equally corrupt judges.

  • Barrie Pick former children's home worker jailed for six years for assault on child (2018)
  • Andris Logins jailed for Nottinghamshire children's home sex abuse (2016)
  • Outrage: Melanie Shaw, Survivor of “Beechwood Children’s Home” Sexual Abuse Given 2 Year Imprisonment in Secret Court – 13 Jan 17
  • Nottingham children’s homes protest – ‘Silence is NOT justice’
  • Victims of Nottinghamshire children's home abuse urged to come forward as police investigate at least 50 claims(2013)
  • More abuse claims at former Beechwood Nottingham children's home(2013)
  • Allegations of historical child abuse in Nottinghamshire (Council response)
  • Shameful UK report of the 'Growing inequality that threatens democracy'

    "enriching the few at the expense of the many"

  • Paedo Hunters Cleaning Up The Streets Of The UK! VIDEO
    Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population

    Men are being robbed of their land and property in the Queen's family courts and this report VASTLY underestimates the true extent of her global land ownership.

    Research by author reveals corporations and aristocrats are the biggest landowners

    Half of England is owned by less than 1% of its population, according to new data shared with the Guardian that seeks to penetrate the secrecy that has traditionally surrounded land ownership.

    The findings, described as “astonishingly unequal”, suggest that about 25,000 landowners – typically members of the aristocracy and corporations – have control of half of the country. The figures show that if the land were distributed evenly across the entire population, each person would have almost an acre – an area roughly the size of Parliament Square in central London. Major owners include the Duke of Buccleuch, the Queen, several large grouse moor estates, and the entrepreneur James Dyson.

    While land has long been concentrated in the hands of a small number of owners, precise information about property ownership has been notoriously hard to access. But a combination of the development of digital maps and data as well as pressure from campaigners has made it possible to assemble the shocking statistics. Jon Trickett, Labour MP and shadow minister for the Cabinet Office, hailed the significance of the findings and called for a full debate on the issue, adding: “The dramatic concentration of land ownership is an inescapable reminder that ours is a country for the few and not the many.

    “It’s simply not right that aristocrats, whose families have owned the same areas of land for centuries, and large corporations exercise more influence over local neighbourhoods – in both urban and rural areas – than the people who live there. “Land is a source of wealth, it impacts on house prices, it is a source of food and it can provide enjoyment for millions of people.”

    Guy Shrubsole, author of the book in which the figures are revealed, Who Owns England?, argues that the findings show a picture that has not changed for centuries. “Most people remain unaware of quite how much land is owned by so few,” he writes, adding: “A few thousand dukes, baronets and country squires own far more land than all of middle England put together.” “Land ownership in England is astonishingly unequal, heavily concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite.”

    The book’s findings are drawn from a combination of public maps, data released through the Freedom of Information Act and other sources.

    Shrubsole estimates that “the aristocracy and gentry still own around 30% of England”. This may even be an underestimate, as the owners of 17% of England and Wales remain undeclared at the Land Registry. The most likely owners of this undeclared land are aristocrats, as many of their estates have remained in their families for centuries. As these estates have not been sold on the open market, their ownership does not need to be recorded at the Land Registry, the public body responsible for keeping a database of land and property in England and Wales.

    Shrubsole estimates that 18% of England is owned by corporations, some of them based overseas or in offshore jurisdictions. He has based this calculation on a spreadsheet of land owned by all UK-registered companies that has been released by the Land Registry. From this spreadsheet, he has listed the top 100 landowning companies. The list is headed by a large water company, United Utilities, which said that much of its land consisted of areas immediately surrounding its reservoirs.

    Prominent on the list are the Boughton estate in Northamptonshire, belonging to the Duke of Buccleuch, the Woburn estate, which is owned by the Duke of Bedford, and the Badminton estate in Gloucestershire, owned by the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort. Several large grouse moor estates and Beeswax Dyson Farming, a farm owned by pro-Brexit businessman James Dyson, are also high on the list. Shrubsole, who works as a campaigner for the environmental charity Friends of the Earth, estimates that “a handful of newly moneyed industrialists, oligarchs and City bankers” own around 17% of England.

    The public sector – central and local government, and universities – appears to be the most open about its landholdings, according to Shrubsole, partly in order to advertise land it has wanted to sell off in recent years. He concludes that the public sector owns 8% of England. Shrubsole writes that the bulk of the population owns very little land or none at all. Those who own homes in England, in total, own only 5% of the country.

    He calculates that the land under the ownership of the royal family amounts to 1.4% of England. This includes the Crown Estate, the Queen’s personal estate at Sandringham, Norfolk, and the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster, which provide income to members of the family. Conservation charities, such as the National Trust and the Woodland Trust, collectively own 2% of England, while the church accounts for 0.5%.

    A small number of ultra-wealthy individuals have traditionally owned vast swaths of land in Scotland. Last month, a major review conducted by the Scottish Land Commission, a government quango, found that big landowners behaved like monopolies across large areas of rural Scotland and had too much power over land use, economic investment and local communities. The quango recommended radical reform of ownership rules. Carys Roberts, chief economist of the left-of-centre thinktank the Institute for Public Policy Research, said she was “shocked but not surprised” by Shrubsole’s findings on the concentration of land ownership. She said that the concentration of land in a few hands was a big reason why wealth as a whole was so unequal in the country, as those without land were prevented from generating more income.

    She added:”We have this idea that the class structures have changed so that the aristocracy is not as important as it used to be. What this demonstrates is the continuing importance of the aristocracy in terms of wealth and power in our society.” She said that one effect of the sale of public land was that the public lost democratic control of that land and it could not then be used, for example, for housing or environmental improvements. “You can’t make the best social use of it,” she added.

  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000 (Stolen by her despotic forefathers and using freemason judges today to steal mens land and properties in family courts right across the globe)
  • Report calls for reform of 'unhealthy' land ownership in Scotland
  • Savile's homopaedo pal Peter Jaconelli was a former lord mayor of Scarborough

  • Jimmy Savile had homosexual affair with 21-stone King of Cornets accused of abusing young boys
  • Far right zionist funded thugs hide behind yellow vest protests in Britain VIDEO
    Zionist funding behind far right agitators like Tommy Robinson and James Goddard

  • Zionist funding behind far right agitators like Tommy Robinson and James Goddard (the UK yellow vest protesters are linked to a new far-right group called the Liberty Defenders, which is supported by Nick Griffin, the former leader of the British National party)
  • A notorious hardline, pro-Israel conservative think tank has claimed that it is helping fund the legal expenses of jailed far-right British activist Tommy Robinson
  • Zionist funded agitator Tommy Robinson visits Israel in 2016
  • Tommy Robinson Proud Zionist (VIDEO)
  • Tommy Robinson Zionist agent(VIDEO)
  • Tommy Robinson - The Zionist (VIDEO)
  • Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley-Lennon's lengthy violent criminal history
  • Rise of nanny state fatcats: Fury at huge salaries for health officials

  • Three of Britain's biggest childcare charities in child abuse probe

  • Three of Britain's biggest childcare charities including Barnardo's are at heart of police probes into claims of historic child abuse (and why domestic violence smears are used to block a biological fathers protection of his children who end up in the hands of the care system paedo network)
  • Gayrdian report fails to mention zionist money behind agitator Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

  • Gayrdian report : the hidden global network behind Tommy Robinson (Fails to mention it is ZIONIST money backing him)
  • A notorious hardline, pro-Israel conservative think tank has claimed that it is helping fund the legal expenses of jailed far-right British activist Tommy Robinson
  • Zionist MEF Organizes 25,000 Strong Protest in Support of Tommy Robinson; Plans Additional Rallies
  • Some donors to USA conservative provocateur also fund Jewish causes and Tommy Robinson
  • Zionist funded agitator Tommy Robinson visited Israel in 2016
  • United Nations poverty expert visits Newcastle's impoverished VIDEO

  • Wave of young people sleeping rough on the streets of Newcastle in 2014
  • Israeli flags prominent at Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley-Lennon rally VIDEO

  • A notorious hardline, pro-Israel conservative think tank has claimed that it is helping fund the legal expenses of jailed far-right British activist Tommy Robinson
  • Zionist funded agitator Tommy Robinson visits Israel in 2016
  • Latest on zionist funded agitator Tommy Robinson

  • Zionist funded agitator Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley-Lennon to be tried for contempt of court at Old Bailey
  • A notorious hardline, pro-Israel conservative think tank has claimed that it is helping fund the legal expenses of jailed far-right British activist Tommy Robinson
  • Zionist funded agitator Tommy Robinson visits Israel in 2016
  • Archbishop of Canterbury is accused of hypocrisy after slamming web giant Amazon for ‘leeching’ off taxpayers as it emerges his Church holds a multi-million-pound stake in the retailer

  • The Impossible Photo

    CCTV images released by Scotland yard today allegedly show Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov

    Russia has developed an astonishing new technology enabling its secret agents to occupy precisely the same space at precisely the same time.

    These CCTV images released by Scotland yard today allegedly show Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov both occupying exactly the same space at Gatwick airport at precisely the same second. 16.22.43 on 2 March 2018. Note neither photo shows the other following less than a second behind.

    There is no physically possible explanation for this. You can see ten yards behind each of them, and neither has anybody behind for at least ten yards. Yet they were both photographed in the same spot at the same second.

    The only possible explanations are:
    1) One of the two is travelling faster than Usain Bolt can sprint
    2) Scotland Yard has issued doctored CCTV images/timeline.

    I am going with the Met issuing doctored images.


    A number of people have pointed out a third logical possibility, that the photographs are not of the same place and they are coming through different though completely identical entry channels. The problem with that is the extreme synchronicity. You can see from the photos that the channel(s) are enclosed and quite long, and they would have had to enter different entrances to the channels. So it is remarkable they were at exactly the same point at the same time. Especially as one of them appears to be holding (wheeled?) luggage and one has only a shoulder bag.

    I have traveled through Gatwick many times but cannot call to mind precisely where they are. Can anybody pinpoint the precise place in the airport? Before or after passport control? Before or after baggage collection? Before or after customs? The only part of the airport this looks like to me is shortly after leaving the plane after the bridge, and before joining the main gangway to passport control – in which case passengers are not split into separated channels at the stage this was taken. I can’t recall any close corridors as long as this after passport control. But I am open to correction.

  • Mystery of glamorous Russian woman who is Novichok suspect Ruslan Boshirov’s only Facebook friend – but she claims she met him only once
  • accuses Britain of 'dirty tricks' over CCTV Gatwick images that show both Novichok hitmen walk through gates at the SAME time... but UK police rubbish claims in an instant
  • BBC claims the only credible explanation for Skripal poisoning and everyone else is colluding with Russia (Meanwhile lets push more royalist bullshit down the gullible British peasants throats using the very cash they pay us for a dodgy licence fee to watch royalist propaganda)
  • Ministry of Justice seizes control of SQUALID Birmingham prison from G4S

  • Private prison in Britain run like something out of a third world despotic regime
    (Oh right that's how Britain is run now)

  • Google map location HERE

  • RAVENSIDE INVESTMENTS LIMITED (Interesting list of who might be behind the grotesque statue in Manchester)
  • The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England VIDEO
    "Sue" and "Marianne" speak out! Survivors of Aston Hall expose institutional child abuse VIDEO
    The twisted tory filth England still votes into power

  • Tory scumbag sent barmaid and pal over 2,000 desperate messages crudely detailing violent sex acts
  • Pictured with his wife and newborn, hypocritical Tory scumbag, who quit after sending 2,000 explicit texts to barmaid, had complained about 'abuse from Labour trolls' over wanting to 'ensure women were treated with respect by MPs'
  • Thousands Gather In Central London To Protest Trump's UK Visit LIVE VIDEO
    Trump protest balloon now flying over London VIDEO

    If Trump had been part of the LGBT mafia they would have banned it under HATE crime legislation. London welcomed thousands of the weirdo's last week spilling on to the streets in disgusting debauched drag. It's good to see they have their priorities right.
    Heterosexual Trump not welcome in London but 1000's of homo's / lesbians in drag are

  • A giant blimp of Sadiq Khan could fly over London after mayor approves a Donald Trump one to fly during his visit (Trump not welcome in London but a horde of weirdo's given top attention to fill the streets with debauchery)
  • London's yearly freak show promoted by ITV (VIDEO)
  • Pride in London: Ten LGBT Jews pushing the debauchery and hedonism on the streets of Britain
  • London Pride the debauched capital of the world (Disturbing anti-heterosexual climate being usurped by an imposed supremacist homosexual agenda and the gutter rags and corporations that back it)
  • London Evening Substandard gives homosexual mouthpiece Thatchell another platform (London is becoming a no go area for heterosexuals)
  • Gayrdian gives homosexual mouthpiece Thatchell platform to spout about London Pride march limit
  • London's 'Evening Substandard' promotes 'WHAT TO GET UP TO' in London this week

    WHAT???????????? Dress like a fucking transvestite???????
    English football and the royal parasite

    Anyone watching the world cup must be finding it disconcerting when the English fans start singing 'God Save the Queen' after every goal. Now the working class peasants who don't have the money to fly to Russia and pay substantial sums for the stadium seats should realise that the royal mafia have a tiered system that ensures only their loyal lackeys that swear allegiance to the royal mafia get all the cushy jobs that lets them afford the huge cost of supporting England and are all part of the freemason, orange order, knights templar, rotary club and other loyal lackeys.

    The working class peasants will be lucky to afford a beer down the pub to watch the game and would wonder why the rich supporters are singing 'God Save the Queen' as they just happen to be in that tier she ensures are well looked after and who get a much bigger bite of the pie than the rest of the population.

    The same thing is happening at Wimbledon where her loyal lord lieutenant freemason the Dukey Kent ensures there are only seats for the ruling mafia's buddies while everyone else can sit outside looking at screens or on TV. We wonder just how long it will take for England to really waken up to what is going on and why every time the royals have an occasion they can ensure a bunch of overpaid misfits take up all the positions that suggest they are well liked. Gaddafi used the same ploy and look how he ended up.

    That is so far from the truth and every single Youtube video we and others put up that have anything to do with the royals have a mountain of comments that condemn them and tells us the myth that is built up by their media mafia is utter bullshit despite even football being used to psychologically browbeat the peasants to believe they have a majority following across England . Germany under Hitler used football in the same way and look how he ended up.

  • Trump Baby blimp prepares for takeoff over London: 'fragile, like the president's ego' VIDEO

    He will hold talks with the prime minister at Chequers, followed by a meeting with the Queen at Windsor Castle. He will then travel to Scotland later on Friday and stay until Sunday. How about a meeting with toxic SNP lawyer lackey Sturgeon?

  • Trump to almost entirely avoid London during UK visit
  • Trump's Scotland visit confirmed
  • Britain's High Street's dying thanks to tory austerity

  • Britain's High Street's closing down as austerity decimates industry while peasants are squeezed to death
  • Beechwood a cesspit of depravity whose stench still lingers

    Abuse victim James Cleverley outside Beechwood Children's Home in Mapperley, Nottingham

    Andris Logins jailed for 20 years and Barrie Pick jailed for 6 years

    Whistleblower Melanie Shaw still being persecuted in British prisons for exposing the abuse(VIDEO)

    Britain is a paedo protecting hellhole and the abuses that went on inside Beechwood children's home and the persecution of whistleblowers under Theresa May's watch shows how far the evil UK establishment will go to protect their own from the mountain of evidence linking high profile figures with abuse in children's homes not only in Nottingham but throughout the British Isles.

    The scum and filth that use domestic abuse claims against fathers in family courts is the excuse to allow these perverts to remove children away from the biological protection of fathers and into these dens of iniquity.

    The establishment now taking desperate measures to shut down anyone still claiming abuse and using UK prisons like psychiatric gulags where anyone with evidence that exposes the perverted scum running children's homes is locked away and in some cases murdered to stop anymore sordid exposures of what drives the political and legal mafia's that daily destroy families of these perpetrators of pure evil.

  • Barrie Pick former children's home worker jailed for six years for assault on child (2018)
  • Andris Logins jailed for Nottinghamshire children's home sex abuse (2016)
  • Outrage: Melanie Shaw, Survivor of “Beechwood Children’s Home” Sexual Abuse Given 2 Year Imprisonment in Secret Court – 13 Jan 17
  • Nottingham children’s homes protest – ‘Silence is NOT justice’
  • Victims of Nottinghamshire children's home abuse urged to come forward as police investigate at least 50 claims(2013)
  • More abuse claims at former Beechwood Nottingham children's home(2013)
  • Allegations of historical child abuse in Nottinghamshire (Council response)
  • Britain's 14 worst care homes where some elderly are left without a bath or shower for SEVEN WEEKS

    Britain has now become a deathtrap for the elderly either in hospital or in a supposed CARE home. The complete lack of interest in the vast numbers dying by the political mafia who have been using Brexit to distract the public from the mass murder of the most vulnerable citizens who are systematically psychologically, financially or negligently pushed into early graves by an evil force claiming to be some sort of government

  • Thousands more patients may have died prematurely because of cheap and faulty drug syringe drivers like those prescribed by shamed doctor Jane Barton, a Department of Health whisteblower has claimed (Britain has become a very dangerous place to live where even in hospital you're not safe)
  • Now it could be thousands killed in 'one of the biggest NHS cover ups ever'
  • The great NHS cover-up: opiate syringes may have killed thousands
  • Mass murder inside the NHS
  • Mass murder by tory assassins the DWP, Atos and Maximus
  • Ronald Bernard ~ Fmr. Dutch Banker exposing abuse networks VIDEO
    Latest giant uncapped pyramid goes on display in London VIDEO

  • 'Alien mothership': Christo's mastaba floats on London's Serpentine
  • Murder in British hospitals

    Feminists ain't screaming despite the murdering being done by a female doctor

  • 450 patients died after being given powerful painkillers inappropriately at Gosport War Memorial Hospital (Mass murder in British hospitals as more Shipman's come to light)
  • Gosport War Memorial Hospital shortened lives of up to 650 people with 'institutionalised regime' of lethal drugs (The elderly mass murdered in UK hospitals with NO oversight)
  • Mass murder inside the NHS(Tory assassins the DWP are up to the same)
  • Strange New Symbol At Speaker's Corner VIDEO
    Grenfell: Burning tower victims told to stay put

    The lunatics that control fire safety in Britain
    Why did it take so long to work out two Grenfell tower 'victims' were fraudsters?

  • MORE HERE (How councils and governments use scapegoats to undermine the legitimate claims of the tower victims and is happening far to often and a regular feature of the gutter rags as they get convicted just as serious hearings into the tragedy are underway. It is so far fetched it's just unbelievable council records would have clearly shown that)
  • Grenfell Tower fire inquiry day seven: Final day of tributes(VIDEO)
  • Grenfell Tower inquiry: Final day of commemorations to loved ones (VIDEO)
  • Murdered by the British establishment

    Any doubts about the abuse of British citizens by a ruthless establishment is confirmed with this report
    Alison Chabloz case: Judge rules songs were not satirical VIDEO

  • Guardian report on Alison Chabloz who posted Holocaust denial songs to YouTube convicted
  • Free Tommy Protest in London VIDEO

  • Tommy Robinson arrest outside court (VIDEO)
  • Tommy Robinson Proud Zionist (VIDEO)
  • Tommy Robinson Zionist agent(VIDEO)
  • Tommy Robinson - The Zionist (VIDEO)
  • How did British cops let Free Tommy protest mount the gates at 10 Downing Street? (Anyone who has regularly frequented that part of London will know multiple machine guns protect that area yet the cops have backed off on this occasion and looks like a set up)(VIDEO)
  • Tommy Robinson and his kids thrown out of Cambridge pub in claims of cop harassment in 2016(VIDEO)
  • The man who predicted the Grenfell Tower fire VIDEO

    How an uncaring ruthless state machine (tory run) leaves victims of total incompetence to fend for themselves
    UK govt and media on Skripal case pretty much like 2003 Iraq WMD hoax - Neil Clark VIDEO
    'Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama' - John Pilger VIDEO
    Cowardly firefighting bosses failed despicably at Manchester attack
    'Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama' - John Pilger VIDEO
    Zakharova Tells Who Is Really Behind The Salisbury Anti-Russian Campaign VIDEO
    Front pages on second Russian murdered in London

  • Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov found dead at his London home
  • Spy poison alert front pages
    Nerve gas on UK streets. The Russians did it?

  • Was Russian spy poisoned by British Intelligence?
  • Russian Spy "Double Agent" Found Unconscious On Park Bench Poisoned By Unknown Substance! VIDEO

  • Russian spy: Russia 'has no information' on Sergei Skripal collapse
  • Russian spy poisoning dominates gutter press front pages

    A rare occasion when the royal parasites don't dominate their vile rags
    Arrested For Calling Someone A MAN In The U.K VIDEO

  • Teacher sues school after he was sacked for calling transgender boy a ‘girl’
  • £300,000 car reg plate NH 1..... VIDEO

  • Council Owned NH 1 – A Good Asset Or Should They Sell?
  • NH 1 - Elite Car Number plate for sale?
  • Crack down on paedo's included 200 teachers, social workers, medical staff, cops, military and civil servants

  • Secret army warfare germs spraying over populated areas of England VIDEO
    Toxic food industry getting away with murder due to failed regulation

  • MORE HERE (Poisoned by greedy rogue company's dirty tricks and tory scum pampering to their demands)
  • Michael Mansfield QC and lawyer for Grenfell survivors ignored at inquiry VIDEO
    Brighton a den of debauchery with one more homo parade

  • Brighton holds another homosexual debauchery parade

    Dark tower movie and Lord Grenfall

    ‘It could be you next’: Protest hits London after black man died during police chase VIDEO

  • Riot police on streets of London as protesters set fire to barricades over death of 20-year-old Rashan Charles in police custody
  • 'The dead don't want you': Grenfell Tower survivors hit out at new council leader VIDEO
    'Not one day more': Thousands join anti-government rally in London VIDEO
    Fire Brigade Union secretary on effect of tory cuts VIDEO
    May does British politics with bungs (bribes)
    Retired judicial mafia to lead Grenfell Tower disaster inquiry

  • Retired Court of Appeal judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick has been chosen to lead the public inquiry
    (They are ALL freemasons to ensure maximum cover up and years of obfuscation)
  • Judge once accused of helping 'social cleansing of the poor' is picked to run Grenfell Tower public
    inquiry into tragedy that killed at least 80
  • The 1984 Documentary That Predicted Grenfell Tower VIDEO
    Turning London into a fortress

  • Wimbledon 2017: Anti-terror operation turns All England Club into a fortress
  • UK councils and government murdering for the British state

    Rock Feilding-Mellen, Theresa May and Nicholas Holgate

    The peasants of Britain no longer matter. We have been reporting for over two decades the most oppressive regime disguised as council and government powers that have been, sometimes through stealth, bumping off the population but it is only since the disaster at Grenfell Tower that people are now beginning to notice and WAKEN up.

    When you see mass murder, due to gross incompetence or more like corruption and a complete disregard for the welfare of a whole tier of society, you know you are living in a psychopathic paradise. The lunatics really are running the asylum and it doesn't matter if you are poor, vulnerable or disabled the British government and its councils will ride roughshod over every area those individuals rely on to survive in a hostile world made much more so by the mistreatment of those they regard as NOT WORTHY.

    Despite our own personal experiences alongside many other victims we have seen the tory mafia voted back into power, even with the slimmest of margins, and shows it is not only those in power who are shameless but the millions of vile scumbags who, despite their murderous reputation continue to vote for them. They can then continue the mass culling spree that has been going on for far longer but kept under the radar by a malicious media now forced to report when a whole glut of victims are burned to death in an inferno that could so easily have been avoided. But only if those in power where sensitive to the needs of those who died BUT THEY ARE NOT.

    There is a mindset in British power, and has been since Margaret Thatcher, that the peasants do NOT matter and thousands of British citizens have died long before Grenfell but not as blatantly in your face as a huge tower taking light and citizens are seen going up in a bonfire created by corrupt and uncaring councils the likes of Kensington emanates.

    We hope many more will start waking up to the vicious cost cutting that had to, in time, led to many more deaths and we have been saying for a very long time the tory scum have a trail of the dead hanging over their heads. Despite this their head faltering honcho Theresa May tries to continue to hold power even in their now weakened position. It will take an uprising, long overdue, to rid Britain of that EVIL and the memories of Grenfell victims cannot be allowed to silence the growing anger now reaching sections of the population that for to long ignored the suffering of so many of the targets of ruthless tory policies.

    Every last bastard that voted tory should hang their head in shame for the complete lack of concern for their fellow citizens who have been trodden under foot by the fascist boot that masquerades as government and if that tragedy had happened weeks before the election and exposed what can happen when ruthless draconian measures are put in place they may never have been voted back in. BUT in time they must be removed for the sake of the millions living in squalor and danger from their uncaring control.

  • John McDonnell: Grenfell victims 'murdered by political decisions'
  • Wealthy Tory councillor, Rock Feilding-Mellen, who was in charge of the Grenfell Tower refurbishment FLEES his £1.3million home after 'receiving threats from angry residents'
  • Grenfell Tower fire: Council boss Nicholas Holgate QUITS after Theresa May apologises for tragedy 'failure'
  • Woman living in billionaire block where Grenfell Tower survivors are being rehoused says: "If they move in I'll leave"
  • Tory governments mass murder on the grandest of scales HERE
  • Thousands Evacuated From Five high rise flats In Camden London For Emergency Renovations VIDEO
    Kensington council tory murdering scum
    Emma Dent Coad first Labour councillor for Kensington exposes the brutal council regime behind the mass murder at Grenfell tower VIDEO
    Kensington Street Sign sums up the council
    Grenfell Action Group email in 2014 warned about fire risk at towering inferno

    From: Grenfell action Group
    To: ben.dewis@london-fire.gov.uk
    Subject: Re: Grenfell Tower- Ongoing concerns!
    Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014

    Dear Ben,

    I am very sorry to trouble you again and I hope that you can understand that my reason for doing so is entirely genuine. A number of residents of Grenfell Tower are very concerned at the fact that the new improvement works to Grenfell Tower have turned our building into a fire trap.

    There is only one entry and exit to the tower block itself and, in the event of a fire, the LFB could only gain access to the entrance to the building by climbing four flights of narrow stairs.

    On top of this the fire escape exit on the walkway level has now been sealed. Residents of Grenfell Tower do not have any confidence that our building has been satisfactorily assessed to cope with the new improvement works and we are seeking a meeting with the Chief Fire Officer from Kensington Fire Station so that these concerns can be addressed.

    Thank you for your continued assistance with this matter.

    Kind regards,

    Grenfell Action Group


  • Grenfell Action Group had been exposing tory corruption at the heart of Kensington long before Grenfell fire
  • Tory scumbag Nicholas Holgate,CEO of Kensington and Chelsea Council, resigned this morning after continued criticism over the Government’s response to the tragedy, which saw 79 people die in a hellish blaze last week
  • Tory scumbag Nicholas Holgate joined Kensington council after working as former director of welfare reform at the Treasury (The man behind the thousands who died from tory welfare reform and now behind the deaths of residents at Grenfell tower)
  • Grenfell Tower: 16 council inspections failed to stop use of flammable cladding
  • Grenfell Tower victims 'poisoned by cyanide released by burning insulation boards used for cladding'
  • POSH Kensingtom mafia show their true colours over rehousing of Grenfell survivors
  • SIX HUNDRED high-rise buildings have cladding similar to Grenfell Tower inferno
  • Britain creates DEATH trap homes for the peasants to live in squalor
  • How BAE sold cyber-surveillance tools to Arab states VIDEO
    Thousands march in London demanding justice for Grenfell Tower residents VIDEO
    Good to see the tory government have got their priorities right?

  • May pledges £5million to help survivors - but the figure is slammed as 'derisory' as critics point out the Government is spending £369million renovating Buckingham Palace
  • Cost of moving MPs out of parliament for repairs could exceed £4bn
  • Buckingham Palace to undergo 'essential' £370m refurbishment
  • Grenfell Tower public inquiry 'not right' VIDEO
    Tory corruption behind London inferno

    Kensington council is maybe they most despicable council in Britain run by the tory scum for decades they have propped up the rich while treating the poorest with disdain. Pure evil at the heart of council and governments run by the tory mafia. Tory cuts ALWAYS lead to deaths.

    Conservative party donor's private equity firm invested in construction company accused of saving £6,000 by cladding Grenfell Tower in cheaper more flammable material

    * Jeremy Coller, who donated £15,000 to the Tory Party, owns Coller Capital
    *They part-owned Rydon Construction when the firm re-clad Grenfell Tower
    * Construction firm used a cheaper version of the cladding to save around £6,000
    *The panels are believed to have contributed to how quickly the flames spread as the fire took hold on Wednesday morning

    A Tory party donor invested in the firm that used the cheap plastic cladding believed to have carried the flames of the Grenfell Tower blaze so quickly, it has emerged.

    Jeremy Coller, a financial executive, gave £15,000 to the Conservatives in 2015. His firm, Coller Capital, owned a fifth of Rydon Construction when work started on the refurbishment in 2014. Omnis confirmed it sold the cheaper versions of the Reynobond panels, costing £2 less per square metre than the more fire resistant option. A Reynobond salesman said the version believed to have been used on the Grenfell Tower, was just plastic.

    The revelation, from the Mirror, comes amid a criminal investigation into the inferno which has killed at least 30 people, with 70 missing. A Coller spokesman told the paper: 'Coller was a minority shareholder in Rydon to 2015 and had no operational control.' Documents on the refurbishment of the tower show fire-resistant cladding was initially chosen, but later ditched to save just £6,250 with the cheaper option.

    Yesterday, the MailOnline revealed that the bosses of the company that installed Grenfell Tower's allegedly deadly cladding were accused by HMRC of pumping £2.5million into tax avoidance schemes. Ray Bailey and his wife Belinda were director and secretary of Harley Curtain Wall, which went bust in 2015 allegedly owing creditors £1.1million. Despite being liquidated with significant debts it was later bought by Harley Facades Ltd, Mr Bailey's other firm, who did the Grenfell Tower job in a contract valued at £2.6 million.

    Their cladding sparked 'like a match' and helped engulf the 27-story building, it has been claimed. The £8.6million refurbishment by Rydon and the cladding by Harley Facades Ltd will be a key issue at the public inquiry into the Grenfell blaze. The first contractor chosen to refurbish Grenfell Tower was dropped to save cash, it was revealed today.

    Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council became unhappy when preferred bidder Leadbitter told them the required works would cost £11.27 million because it was £1.6million more than they wanted to spend. A housing report from 2013 shows that unless the price dropped the contract would be put out to tender again to ensure better 'value for money'. Rydon would later win the work by saying it could replace windows, install a new heating system for flats and add the cladding, which experts believe accelerated the fire, for £8.7million.

    The deal done after re-tendering the Grenfell Tower saved the council £2.5million. A public inquiry into Wednesday's fire that is feared to have claimed more than 100 lives will consider whether the reduced price led to any impact on safety. Rydon and Harley Facades Ltd, who installed the cladding, say the work 'met all required building regulations' and was signed off by the council's building control.

  • Theresa May avoids protesters during Grenfell tower visit VIDEO
    Tory failing henchwoman Theresa May heckled by angry crowds VIDEO
    Protests erupt over London towering inferno

    Lily Allen attacks media cover up of actual deaths at London inferno VIDEO

  • Lily Allen dropped from Newsnight following controversial Grenfell Tower claims on Channel 4 news
  • Britain's dangerous housing for the poorest exposed in towering inferno

  • Kensington's social divide and social cleansing exposed in towering inferno aftermath
  • USA banned cladding that was used on Grenfell Tower
  • Tragedy of Grenfell tower exposes 911 collapse
    Only the 'poorest' in London could be so disastrously let down

  • May's chief of staff is accused of failing to act on warnings about fire safety rules as the PM voices shock over London tower block blaze (Tory incompetence, neglect and cuts behind more deaths)
  • Cheap cladding put on high rise to 'improve the view' for the luxury flats nearby (The poor paying a heavy price for the Kensington rich)
  • Grenfell Tower fire shows that the poor and working class are once again left behind to live in danger
  • Last night countless of London's poorest burned to death in a man-made Roman Candle in one of Britain's richest boroughs. We can't blame terrorists. It wasn't an act of God. But someone was to blame. And they need to go to jail
  • Tory godmother Theresa May claims to 'learn lessons' over London fire but THEY NEVER DO (The same old rant that avoids responsibility for mass killing)
  • Company paid £11M to manage flats accused of 'incompetence' as construction boss who oversaw £10m revamp admits he 'doesn't know what it's clad in'
  • Company boss paid £3m to clad inferno tower block is hiding in his £1m mansion as homeless residents sleep on the streets
  • In 2015 London's richest borough Kensington moved those in temporary housing to cheaper areas (Despite EVERY effort by the tory scum to move those least likely to vote for them OUT of the area Kensington still voted Labour and a major investigation should look into how moving the poor away from areas voting tory is another means to manipulate elections who claim we have a democracy)
  • Grenfell Tower Fire Fund
  • Crowdfunding to Help the families of Grenfell Tower
  • Kensington get first Labour MP after tory's tried to throw poor out of the area


    Despite EVERY effort by the tory scum to move those least likely to vote for them OUT of the Kensington area locals still voted in the majority for Labour and a major investigation should look into how moving the poor away from areas voting tory is another means to manipulate elections by those who claim we have a democracy. The richest borough in London has rising anger against some of London’s most extreme gentrification.

    In 2015 London's richest borough tried to move those in temporary housing to cheaper areas

    Kensington and Chelsea said it was looking for 39 homes outside borough because it cannot afford properties in area where average price is £1.4m

    The UK’s most expensive borough to live in, the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, plans to send some of its most vulnerable residents to live outside London because the soaring property market means it can no longer afford to house them. The Conservative authority, where the average home costs £1.4m, will spend £10m buying properties outside the borough for people who have been made homeless. It is searching for 39 homes in outer London, the M25 corridor and the home counties suitable for temporary accommodation, used by people who often suffer physical or mental health problems and are left without a roof over their heads.

    The policy has been fiercely criticised by housing activists, who say the use of temporary accommodation to house vulnerable tenants will isolate them from vital community support. Nick Paget-Brown, the council leader, said: “In an ideal world we would like to buy properties in Kensington and Chelsea, but the numbers simply don’t stack up. We could only buy a handful of homes here. By looking further afield, we can purchase significantly more, making a huge difference to those on our waiting list.”

    Neighbouring Westminster city council has spent £3.6m buying 25 homes in Thurrock, Essex, for temporary housing, bringing the number of Westminster-owned homes located outside London to about 100. The latest batch bought by the council in Grays, 25 miles east of central London, cost £183,000 each on average, compared to the almost £1m an average house in Westminster costs. The new strategy comes amid plans to tear down flats in Chelsea which the council currently uses for temporary accommodation. They are likely to be replaced in part by private apartments fetching up to £4m each, in a scheme that has been opposed by the comedian Eddie Izzard and the deputy Labour leadership candidate Tom Watson. A spokesperson for Westminster city council said: “We do not rule out having to go further afield and will consider the M25 area and southern counties.”

    Doaa Borie, 38, a single mother of two whose son has special educational needs, said: “It is unfair and it makes me angry.” Her family are facing eviction from temporary housing on the Sutton Estate, a social housing area in Chelsea that will be partly replaced by multi-million pound luxury apartments. “It seems like only rich people can lead normal lives. Sending people out of London is a very bad idea. This will damage children by pushing us away from the community.” John Kent, the Labour leader of Thurrock council, said he had not been told about Westminster’s plans and demanded that the London authority pay the social care costs of residents it places in the homes. Moving tenants out of Kensington and Chelsea is the only affordable option

    In a robust letter sent in March, he told Westminster’s Conservative council leader, Philippa Roe: “Your current approach simply props up your failing housing system. It increases the burden on the public purse through ever growing housing benefit payments by pushing up rents and demand for housing outside London.” Paul Dimoldenberg, until recently the leader of the Labour group at Westminster, also opposes the move. He said: “Westminster Conservatives are continuing to export the homeless to east London and Essex where they have no social connections or family support. They are using their financial wealth to take away homes from residents in Grays who want to buy or rent locally.”

    Daniel Astaire, the Westminster cabinet member for housing and regeneration, defended the strategy as “a practical step to help people in housing need” and said housing is a London-wide issue that will not be solved by sticking rigidly to borough boundaries. With the average cost of a home in Kensington and Chelsea the highest anywhere in the country, according to Land Registry data, the council expects to save significant sums by looking further afield. It is planning to pay no more than £450,000 per home. The strategy could leave workers in temporary housing facing long commutes if they want to keep their jobs. But the council said the two and three-bedroom homes would be chosen so they are within commuting distance of the borough, and in an area where the ethnicity of the population is similar to the different types of households who access temporary accommodation.

    Roger Harding, the policy director at the housing charity Shelter, said: “This is yet another symptom of the capital’s drastic shortage of genuinely affordable homes, which is seeing homeless families uprooted and torn away from their local area on an unprecedented scale. Imagine the pain of losing your home and just wanting a little help until you get back on your feet. And instead finding yourself being forced to pack your bags for a new town and waving goodbye to schools, jobs, and everyone you know. “If we don’t want to see parts of London becoming no-go zones for all but the very rich, then the only solution is for the mayor and the government to invest in building the genuinely affordable homes that we so desperately need.”

  • London's Richest Neighborhood Just Voted Labour. That's Astounding
  • Kensington's first Labour MP vows to tackle area's inequality
  • Kensington tower block in flames despite previous warnings VIDEO

    and still standing not like 9/11 towers
    Kensington London tower block goes up in flames

    Chillingly, back in November, while addressing the managed by tenant managers Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), the group wrote: 'It is a truly terrifying thought but the Grenfell Action Group firmly believe that only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord, the KCTMO, and bring an end to the dangerous living conditions and neglect of health and safety legislation that they inflict upon their tenants and leaseholders.

    'We believe that the KCTMO are an evil, unprincipled, mini-mafia who have no business to be charged with the responsibility of looking after the every day management of large scale social housing estates and that their sordid collusion with the RBKC Council is a recipe for a future major disaster.

    'Unfortunately, the Grenfell Action Group have reached the conclusion that only an incident that results in serious loss of life of KCTMO residents will allow the external scrutiny to occur that will shine a light on the practices that characterise the malign governance of this non-functioning organisation.

    'We believe that the KCTMO have ensured their ongoing survival by the use of proxy votes at their Annual General Meeting that see them returned with a mandate of 98 percent in favour of the continuation of their inept and highly dangerous management of our homes.'

  • London towering inferno in Kensington despite action group calling for Grenfell Tower to be pulled down
    FOUR YEARS ago but say their warnings about appalling safety ‘fell on deaf ears’
  • Cops shot a member of the public during London Bridge attack VIDEO
    Witness footage of London Bridge Attack June 3, 2017 VIDEO
    London attack: 'They were running and stabbing everyone VIDEO

  • London attack: Six killed in vehicle and stabbing incidents
  • London Bridge: Deaths after car and stabbing attacks VIDEO
    CCTV images of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi released VIDEO
    Manchester: Distrust of police action persists after attack VIDEO
    I Know Who Is Responsible For the Manchester Bombing. US, UK, Israel, The Saudis

  • Britain now looking like a third world junta with armed cops at bank holiday events (Even Mugabe would be proud)
  • I Know Who Is Responsible For the Manchester Bombing. US, UK, Israel, The Saudis
  • Aren't MI5 supposed to protect UK citizens from attacks?
  • How the British Deep State Turned Manchester into Al-Qaeda Town UK
  • Did British Officials Train Manchester Attacker as “Moderate Rebel” in Syria?
  • The British Establishment is Putting Our Lives at Risk
  • Comic Rufus Hound suggested that the Manchester terrorist attack on Monday night was actually an inside job from Prime Minister Theresa May
  • Theresa May has given the impression that a moment of national crisis(a terrorist attack) has worked to her political advantage
  • Theresa May is playing into the hands of terrorists by politicising the Manchester attack. Her job is to allay public anxiety, not promote it
  • MI5 was warned about suicide bomber (BUT DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!While Theresa May was Home Secretary)
  • Did Britain's MI5(freemason controlled) deliberately ignore warnings about Manchester suicide bomber?
  • How many boxes does an Islamist extremist have to tick before he qualifies for close surveillance by the security services?
  • Theresa May branded 'biggest terrorist' outside Downing Street
  • Are we now paying the price for the chaos Cameron unleashed in Libya?
  • Political mafia now have hundreds of troops protecting them while telling the rest of us to Keep Calm, Stay 'United' and Carry On
  • May warned by Manchester cop that cuts put the city at risk in 2015
  • Salman Abedi: 'Public called anti-terrorism hotline about suicide bomber' up to 5 years ago(VIDEO)
  • Security services face claims Manchester killer's family and friends warned them YEARS ago he thought 'being a suicide bomber was OK'
  • May blasted for 'crying wolf' attack on cops after soldiers forced to step in due to Tory cuts
  • Manchester attack: Army arrives at Westminster and Buckingham Palace as London landmarks put on lockdown
  • May triggers marshall law putting British troops on the streets(VIDEO)
  • Manchester suicide attacker 'was KNOWN to security services but not thought to pose immediate threat'
  • Manchester and the Gross Hypocrisy of the 'Moral West VIDEO
    Partial Martial VIDEO
    Salman Abedi: 'Public called anti-terrorism hotline about suicide bomber' up to 5 years ago VIDEO
    Manchester suicide bomber named as Salman Abedi
    Salman Abedi identified as suicide bomber in Manchester attack

    A British-born business student with Libyan refugee parents was identified Tuesday as the suicide bomber who killed at least 22 people and wounded scores more outside an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

    Investigators reportedly linked Salman Abedi, 22, to the deadly attack through a bank card found in his pocket. The young student traveled abroad to multiple countries, including Libya, within the past year to train with the Al Qaeda terrorist group, according to an NBC News report, citing U.S. intelligence officials.

    The Islamic State also claimed Abedi as one of its “soldiers” for carrying out the attack, but authorities have not publicly linked him to any network. Abedi’s homemade explosive device was full of nuts and bolts, which struck dozens of people at the Manchester Arena, authorities said.

    The college student was known to British intelligence officials before the gruesome massacre. Abedi’s family warned authorities that he was dangerous, the intelligence source told NBC. Abedi was born in Manchester — the second youngest of four children. His parents fled Libya during Moammar Khadafy’s regime, first moving to London in 1994 before settling in Manchester.

    They moved to the Fallowfield section of Manchester about 10 years ago, according to The Telegraph. Abedi took business classes at the University of Salford in Manchester.

    Police raided an address in the southern Manchester neighborhood Tuesday and detonated a controlled explosion. Witnesses said some 30 police officers surrounded the apartment building.

    Manchester Police Constable Ian Hopkins said the blast was for officers — seen decked out in riot gear — to gain access to the home. Alan Kinsey, who lives across the street from the building, told The Guardian he’d seen only a man in his 20s living at the apartment in recent months.

    Cops also searched another apartment in Whalley Range, also in southern Manchester. Abedi grew up in that neighborhood. A 23-year-old man was arrested near that apartment, in the neighboring Chorlton area, in connection with the explosion.

    Witnesses saw the man, who has not been identified, smiling as cops took him into custody, CBS News reported.

  • Search continues for Manchester bomber's possible ISIS connections VIDEO
    Suicide bomber at Manchester arena Ariana Grande concert kills 22 VIDEO
    'Go! Go Away!': First moments of police locking down Westminster following attack VIDEO
    Moment attacker's car speeds across Westminster Bridge VIDEO

    Woman falls into Thames at 0.10
    Two days before London attack we reported 'Terrorists' hijacked tourist boat in London terror drill VIDEO

    More than 200 Met cops participated in a large-scale terror drill on the River Thames
    Westminster attack mass killing despite Britain's strict gun laws

    We can't depend on the state to protect us
    'Full counter-terrorism investigation' underway in Westminster Attack VIDEO

  • London attack: Four dead in Westminster terror incident
  • FOUR dead - including policeman and a woman - and 20 injured as 'two attackers' mow down people on Westminster Bridge before one is shot attacking police inside Parliament gates
  • Stay away: Police urge public to keep off streets of central London as they issue list of NO GO AREAS following Parliament terror attack
  • How Corrupt is Britain? VIDEO
    Propagandafest 2016 VIDEO
    Palestine Protesters storm a planned talk by a former Israeli soldier VIDEO

    Pro-Palestine protesters storm a planned talk by an Israeli activist at a London university. The speaker Hen Mazzig and Jewish students were escorted by police from the building after their UCL meeting room was surrounded.

  • American Express disowns Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters because of pro-Palestinian views (NO ONE should be using their dodgy cards)
  • 788-790 Finchley Road. Fraud, Theft, Blackmail, Money-Laundering VIDEO

  • Gordon Bowden exposes Finchley Road money laundering(VIDEO)
  • UK Government Fraud and Deception (VIDEO)
  • 788 790 Finchley road (VIDEO)
  • Uber Eats drivers protest over dwindling pay VIDEO

  • Uber loses more than a billion dollars in 2016 (VIDEO)
  • Jo Cox murder: Thomas Mair asked for mental health treatment day before MP died

    Thomas Mair: Despite mental health issues he had access to a gun like Thomas Hamilton in Dunblane

    The man accused of murdering Jo Cox sought help for his mental health problems the night before she was killed but was told to make an appointment and come back the next day.

    The disclosure comes as it emerged that Thomas Mair had allegedly bought a number of manuals from an extremist group in the US, which explained how to construct a home-made gun and munitions. There were also reports that police had found ‘Nazi regalia’ at his home. Mr Mair, 52, visited an alternative therapy centre in Birstall on Wednesday evening, the night before Mrs Cox was killed, where he explained he wanted treatment for depression. The owner of the Birstall Wellbeing Centre told Mr Mair to return the next day for an appointment but he never went back.

    Mrs Cox was stabbed, shot and killed the same day outside Birstall library, which is about 300 yards from the therapy centre. The centre’s owner Rebecca Walker, 42, told The Telegraph: “He came to the centre looking for alternative therapies for his depression. “He said he had been suffering from mental health problems for a long time, but said that reflex therapies and others he’d tried in the past hadn’t helped. “He appeared to be quite a troubled man, didn’t say very much to anyone while he was there.

    “I asked him to come back on Thursday to discuss it all and have a drink, but he never came back. “You think maybe you could stop it, you know if he’d stayed for five more minutes. I guess I couldn’t really have done much though really.” The claims that Mr Mair had allegedly bought a number of manuals from an extremist group in the US was uncovered by the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), a civil rights organisation in the US.

    It said Mr Mair made the purchases between 1999 and 2003. Receipts for items also included Ich Kämpfe, an illustrated handbook issued to members of the Nazi party in 1942. In total, SPLC said Mr Mair had spent £430 worth of books and manuals from the National Alliance, a white separatist movement which shut down in 2013. The National Alliance was set up by William Pierce, one of whose racist novels is said to have inspired Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber who murdered 168 people and wounded more than 600 in the 1995 atrocity.

    It was reported on Friday night that special police units which searched Mr Mair’s house were believed to have found samples of Nazi regalia and far-Right literature. One neighbour spoke of her surprise at reports that Mr Mair had purchased neo-Nazi books and other materials.

    “If you had told me he had turned into Father Christmas I would have been more likely to believe you than him turning out to be a neo-Nazi,” said Diana Peters, 65, who had known Mr Mair for many years. She said he had taught migrants English at a college in Dewsbury. Other neighbours said they heard him practising with a pellet gun in his garden. They said he was a “calm and polite man” who only got angry when children played in the garden. Mr Mair had suffered from mental health problems and from epilepsy for some years. He had told a local newspaper in 2010 how volunteering at park near his home on the Fieldhouse estate in Birstall had helped his mental health. “It has done me more good than all the psychotherapy and medication in the world,” he said.

    Mr Mair had been referred to by the Pathways day centre for adults with mental health problems. It said it could not comment while a police investigation was ongoing on any treatments Mr Mair was receiving prior to Mrs Cox’s death. The Telegraph has learnt that Mrs Cox, the week before she died, had raised concerns over the provision of mental health services in her constituency of Batley and Spen. She had met with Musarrat Khan, a local Labour councillor, who herself had expressed fears that adult mental health services were under-funded at a meeting held at a Methodist Church in Batley on Thursday night.

    Councillor Khan said: “We did talk about mental health and the difficulties for people with mental health problems particularly people who don’t know how to access the system and fall through the net. Jo had a good understanding of mental health issues.” Cllr Khan said it was too early to say what prompted Mrs Cox’s murder but said a full investigation would be needed to see if lessons could be learned in the future. A fund launched by Mrs Cox’s husband Brendan had on Friday night raised more than £50,000 in just three hours for three separate good causes. Mr Cox said on Twitter: “Protecting people in Syria, tackling loneliness & fighting extremism; some of the causes Jo fought 4.”

    On the Jo Cox’s Fund internet site, set up by her friends and with the backing of Mr Cox, it states: “We are raising funds to support charities closest to her heart, chosen by her family.” The charities are: The Royal Voluntary Service, “to support volunteers helping combat loneliness in Jo’s constituency”; HOPE not hate, “who seek to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism within local communities across Britain”; and the White Helmets, for volunteer search and rescue workers in Syria.

  • Questioning Israel in Britain VIDEO
    Security services plant dummy bomb at football match creating mass panic VIDEO

  • Manchester United bomb scare was planted by security services (Police have since announced it was a "training device" accidentally left behind after a training exercise. What else are they getting up to? and why are they instilling fear in the population with supposed threats they themselves are planting?)
  • The Shocking Truth About Public Schools VIDEO

  • The Truth about School (VIDEO)
  • Public school toffs cream off all the top jobs

    Leading British actors are more than twice as likely as stars in the music industry to have attended fee-paying schools, the Sutton Trust says.

    It also says professions like politics and the law continue to be dominated by privately educated Oxbridge graduates. The Trust said a child's chances of reaching the top still came down to their schooling and contacts.

    The government said the state sector was increasingly matching the private sector in terms of academic attainment. Researchers for the Trust, which campaigns for greater social mobility, looked at the educational backgrounds of more than 1,200 people, working in high positions in medicine, the law, the military, journalism, politics, the civil service, business, film and pop music.

    They also looked at Nobel Prize-winners.

    The report - Leading People 2016 - found that more than two in five (42%) of British Bafta winners went to a private school, compared with around a fifth (19%) of those who have been awarded a Brit music award. Also, two-thirds (67%) of British Oscar winners were privately educated, among them Eddie Redmayne, who went to Eton, and Kate Winslet, who studied at Redroofs Theatre School.

    The Sutton Trust suggested the successful state-funded BRIT school in Croydon, which counts Adele and Jessie J among its former pupils, may be one reason why the proportion of state-educated top music stars is higher.

    Elite backgrounds

    The research found that three-quarters (74%) of the UK's top judges went to a fee-paying school, and nearly eight in 10 (78%) went on to Oxford or Cambridge University. Among top military personnel, some seven in 10 (71%) were educated in the private sector, although just 14% were Oxbridge educated. Slightly more than half of leading print journalists and solicitors (51% each) attended fee-paying schools.

    Just over half (54%) of these journalists attended Oxford or Cambridge, along with 55% of solicitors and 51% of the senior civil servants included in the study. In politics, half the Cabinet were privately educated (including old Etonian Prime Minister David Cameron) compared with 13% of the shadow cabinet, and around a third (32%) of MPs. The current Cabinet does have fewer former independent school pupils than the coalition cabinet of 2010, the report notes, but slightly more than Tony Blair's post-election Cabinet in 2005.

    Just under half (47%) of the current cabinet are Oxbridge graduates, along with 32% of the shadow cabinet. The trust said that of the country's top doctors, 61% were educated at independent schools, nearly one-quarter at grammar schools (22%) and the remainder (16%) at comprehensives. The private school sector educates 7% of the population.

    "The top of many of the UK's most prestigious professions remain disproportionately constituted by those with elite educational and socio-economic backgrounds," the study says.

    Social networks

    Sutton Trust research fellow Dr Philip Kirby, who wrote the report, said: "Young people from more advantaged backgrounds often have broader professional social networks, which can be used to access certain jobs, as well as parents who might be more able to support them through unpaid internships, which are increasingly important for career development." Chairman of the Sutton Trust Sir Peter Lampl said: "Our research shows that your chances of reaching the top in so many areas of British life are very much greater if you went to an independent school. "As well as academic achievement, an independent education tends to develop essential skills such as confidence, articulacy and team work which are vital to career success.

    "The key to improving social mobility at the top is to open up independent schools to all pupils based on merit not money as demonstrated by our successful Open Access scheme, as well as support for highly able students in state schools." A spokesman for the Department for Education said: "Thanks to our reforms - which are underpinned by a total commitment to social justice - 1.4 million more pupils and counting are being taught in good or outstanding state schools than in 2010. "As the independent Good Schools Guide has recognised - the state sector is increasingly matching the private sector in terms of academic attainment and learning environment.

    "University entrants are at an all-time high, with rising numbers of children from disadvantaged backgrounds going to university and the number of disadvantaged students attending Russell Group universities doubling since 2010. "We are determined to spread this educational excellence everywhere, extending true social mobility for all. We are continuing the pupil premium at current rates for the duration of this parliament."

  • Billionaires more likely to be graduates? (Rich backgrounds increase ALL of their chances)
  • London's poverty trap VIDEO
    Britain and the Middle East in 2015 VIDEO
    Fugitive financier Pugachev - London a haven for criminals (Subtitles) VIDEO
    London turned into military war zone to protect zionist war criminal Nuttyahoo

    Tory scum and filth aid and abet murderous Israeli zionist mafia

  • Arrest Israeli war criminal Netanyahu(VIDEO)
  • UK protesters set up camp at world’s largest arms fair at Excel London VIDEO

    No coincidence Excel London is located at the very end of Freemason Road
    Arrest Israeli war criminal Netanyahu VIDEO
    76,000 signatures and counting: More Britons petition for arrest of Netanyahu VIDEO
    New Banksy 'Dismaland' theme park launch VIDEO
    Ashley Madison adultery site - UK GOVERNMENT email addresses?

  • Full UK government email address's here?
  • Did zionist leaning Noel Biderman set up Ashley Madison website to lure in those they wanted to trap?
  • Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman's emails reveal he had multiple affairs despite his claims he never cheated on his wife
  • Of the more than 40,000 zip codes in the United States, there are ONLY THREE with zero registered Ashley Madison users
  • Kids Company boss Camila Batmanghelidjh responds to abuse allegations VIDEO
    Cops make arrests outside Ecuadorian Embassy during Assange protest (April 2015) VIDEO
    UK political regime that helped destabilise North Africa has caused migrant surge at channel tunnel VIDEO

  • Calais crisis: Government 'has got a grip' says tory henchman Hammond
  • UK protesters clash over Eurotunnel migrant crisis VIDEO
    Jewish gangsters the Krays were Lords of the London Underworld VIDEO

    Brutal beatings took place at UK boys 'CARE' homes VIDEO
    So just how evil is Britain?
    evil media

    Just some of Britain's EVIL media

    Britain's evil media controllers. The Barclay brothers (Daily Telegraph), Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Richard Desmond (Daily Express and Star ), Rupert Murdoch (Ex-News of the World, The Sun and Times) and BBC's Danny Cohen

    As the UK approaches another election a disturbing trend is once again showing the extent of how evil a high percentage of Britons really are. As happened in the 1970's when Thatcher continued her reign of terror until she was booted out by her own party for showing increased signs of megalomania and psychopathic tendencies the same thing is happening once again.

    While the controlled media make a massive hue and cry about the 150 lost souls in the Germanwings crash thanks to a severely depressed pilot they have all but ignored the tens of thousands of lost souls in Britain who have died thanks to draconian sanctioning measures brought in by the evil tory / libdem regime that has seen their victims suffering from depression being pushed over the edge as their last menial payments are stopped for the most trivial of reasons.

    Meanwhile the same media that has ignored the growing stats and deaths rant on about the economic benefits of another term where the tory mass murderers once again will be getting away with murder using their state assassins the DWP and now defunct ATOS replaced by Maximus. The media claim in their dodgy polls that at least 38% of the population will vote tory. Now if that is true then they are either brain dead, brainwashed or just pure EVIL and prepared to ignore the mass murder of their fellow citizens for any supposed gain they will get from the draconian measures that have ruthlessly been used to slay many thousands caught up in a massive zionist / masonic / satanic mass murder to rid Britain of , in their eyes, the useless eaters.

    This is not only sick and sinister, that while the zionist controlled media rant on endlessly about the jewish holocaust in Germany they fail to address the tory / libdem holocaust right on their doorstep. So to all those who claim they will vote tory at this election without any conscience they are no better than the Gestapo loving mafia who gassed the sick and disabled while the tory filth use psychological torture to murder with impunity.

    For all the good UK people of conscience they must ensure NONE of the political mafia who are party to this form of mass murder get your vote. If the polls in the mass media that claim 38% of the population are prepared to vote tory then Britain truly is full of evil individuals that will allow this holocaust to continue unabated.

  • UN claims that the tory government were guilty of grave and systemic abuse against the disabled(VIDEO)
  • Why mentally ill people are an easy target for the Tory scum
  • Boycott 100 fatcat company bosses who back mass murdering tories and include tax avoiders and people running firms accused of blacklisting
  • BBC admit press barons control election outcome (VIDEO)
  • UK zionist / freemasons playing the two party election ruse(VIDEO)
  • Hypocritical zionist BBC and their dodgy election polls (VIDEO)
  • The Illuminati can make anyone famous. It's called hype.They choose people who will advance their satanic agenda
  • Trident nukes whistleblower: Weapons access easier than 'most nightclubs' VIDEO
    Micro flats at £800 a month turning London into a modern day slum VIDEO
    UK government elite 'BLOOD' RITUAL 2015 VIDEO
    Boarding school at an early age is child abuse says victim George Monbiot VIDEO

    Elite are emotionally damaged that creates psychotic leaders
    'Anti-jewish' rally planned for Stamford Hill in London
    Police are speaking to community leaders about a planned "anti-Semitic" demonstration in north London.

    The "Liberate Stamford Hill" protest is set to take place on Clapton Common on March 22 and is described as being "against Jewification and anti-white oppression". Stamford Hill is home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities in Europe.

    The demonstration has seemingly been organised by Joshua Bonehill. A post on his website entitled "An Urgent Appeal: The Jewification of Great Britain", attacks the Shomrim, a Jewish neighbourhood patrol group that assists the Metropolitan Police, and claims "white people" in Stamford Hill are the target of abuse. The post continues: "It’s utter disbelief that the Jews of Stamford Hill have set up their own police force which enforces their own talmudic law on the streets of a White British city. "In Stamford Hill, White people are openly spat at on the streets and viewed simply as 'Goyim', slave to the Jew."

    "I refuse to ignore the on-going Jewification of my country whilst other “Patriotic” organisations are busy attacking issues that don’t matter. "That’s why on the 22nd of March, 2015 in Hackney at Clapton Common, I will be demonstrating against the Jewification of Stamford hill (sic) in an effort to “Liberate” the area and draw attention to the Jewish problem."

    A Facebook event advertising the protest has been created and lists more than 50 people as attending. Posts on the page include references to Jews as an "odd, weird, alien race" and as "the corruption behind mankind". A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: "We are aware of an application to hold a demonstration on March 22 in Stamford Hill. A decision as to whether the demonstration will be permitted has yet to be taken. We're in consultation with the community about the possible impact it will have." The demonstration's announcement met with criticism on social media.

    Labour MP Luciana Berger, who was recently the target anti-Semitism on Twitter, tweeted: "This 'rally' has no place in Britain." Liam Hoare wrote: "A white supremacist march to 'liberate' Stamford Hill -- is this real?"

    And Ava Vidal posted: "Since when has there been a 'Jewification' of Britain? Are people losing their minds?!" Anti-fascist activists have planned a counter demonstration to take place in the same location at the same time - between 2pm and 4pm on March 22.

  • Alan Barnes fund reaches £329,961
    Alan Barnes and Katie Cutler have emotional meeting

    alan barnes

    On Sunday night 67 year old Alan Barnes was attacked and knocked to the ground outside his home, on Hillside Place in Low Fell. Alan was born with a number of defects including sight and growth problems after his mother contracted German Measles during Pregnancy. Having been knocked to the ground by the thug who attempted to rob him, he suffered a broken collar bone and has been left extremely distressed.

    Alan is too frightened to return to his home so with the help of his sister he's looking for new accommodation. I'm trying to raise £500 for Alan which will help him towards the cost of relocating in order for him to feel safe and carry on with his life. After reading his article on the Mirror.co.uk I was so upset that anyone could target a disabled pensioner and be so cruel. We can't take away what has happened but with a little donation we can make the future a prettier one and help towards the cost of his new home. Thank you all.

  • BBC promoting freemason built (MK)Milton Keynes as best city in Britain? VIDEO

  • Milton Keynes: Tainted with the vile stench of freemasonry
  • London eye's Coca Cola sellout VIDEO

    London's Southbank TOTALLY controlled by freemasons running the council
    Jewish patrol cars on the streets of London

  • Jewish patrol cars out in force in London amid fears of copycat attack in wake of kosher store siege in Paris
  • Shomrim (Jewish neighborhood watch group)
  • City of London: World's organised crime capital VIDEO

  • Fraud Crimes Left Out of Official Figures
  • Redacted! London rejects RT ads as ‘political overtones’ VIDEO

    Try putting any sort of anti-establishment poster across London and it will be removed in less than 5 minutes, especially in the tourist part of Southbank were there are a dedicated teams ready to pounce on ANYTHING that does NOT agree with tory bastard Boris and his creepy tory agenda.
    Rotherham's freemasons controlling the council and police buried 1400+ abuse cases VIDEO
    Not kosher: Supermarket removes Jewish food amid anti-Israel protests
    A central London branch of a major UK supermarket emptied its kosher food shelf after its manager feared anti-Israeli protesters outside would attack the store, the grocery giant has confirmed.

    Meats, cheeses and sauces were removed and placed into cool storage at a Sainsbury's Local branch in Holborn as it was picketed by demonstrators calling on the grocer to boycott Israeli goods. There followed uproar on social media as opponents of the move said many of the removed items were not actually from Israel. They also pointed out the distinction between Israeli exports and kosher dietary goods.

    GIVES IN TO FEAR: UK supermarket, Sainsbury, REMOVES kosher food, fearing protesters http://t.co/6dGomqTCWv #tcot pic.twitter.com/17w3pejwU5 — slone (@slone) August 18, 2014

    Despite the Sainsbury family’s Jewish ancestry, the supermarket was accused of anti-Semitism for its actions. Sainsbury’s insisted the decision was taken to protect the food from damage. However, one opponent made a formal complaint against the grocer. Gavin Platman wrote to Sainsbury’s: “I presume you are aware that kosher food is produced in countries other than Israel? You are therefore not making a political statement against Israel, but instead are targeting a group based on race - i.e. Jews.

    Before going berserk when ONE branch of Sainsburys removes Kosher food, please consider that in #Gaza there is not much food at all 1/2 — Mira Bar-Hillel (@mirabarhillel) August 17, 2014

    “As a Jew I find this deeply offensive. Naturally I am against the death of innocent children in Gaza, so why are you persecuting me by denying me the right to buy kosher food? “I presume you are also removing Halal food in protest against the Islamic State slaughtering Yazidis. Clearly not – therefore you have blurred the line between political statement and hate crime,” he wrote.

    This is the explanation @sainsburys are tweeting re moving kosher food in Holborn store as "precautionary measure" pic.twitter.com/qLKODWj4jp — Jess Brammar (@jessbrammar) August 17, 2014

    A spokesman for Sainsbury’s told the MailOnline, “It was the manager’s decision there and then - not company policy at all. We are a non-political organization and we're not coming down on either side of the argument. “We have had similar demonstrations at stores where people have gone in and removed goods, though no great damage was done. A decision was taken by a store manager faced with a challenging situation outside the store.”

    Disorder inside Tesco in Hodge Hill following a protest against the war in Palestine. http://t.co/NCHcZHZQcP pic.twitter.com/DR6BUNSaP8 — Birmingham Updates (@BhamUpdates) August 16, 2014

    Boycotts of Israeli goods, though not kosher goods, have long been a demand of the pro-Palestine movement, intended to send a message to Israel over its blockade of Gaza. The Holborn incident occurred the same day activists stormed a Birmingham branch of rival supermarket chain Tesco. Tesco sells fresh produce and branded goods from Israel. A spokesman said, “We do this in line with the government position on trade with Israel, and we mark all products clearly with the country of origin, so customers can make informed choices about what to buy.”

    The Israeli state’s assault on Gaza has provoked a wave of anti-Semitism across Europe in the wake of massive protests. The Institute for Jewish Policy Research reports that up to 80 percent of British Jews say non-Jews blame them for the Israeli government’s actions. It found the experience of anti-Semitism is often bound up with perceptions of the political and military decisions of the Israeli government. During an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today program, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said that while criticizing Israeli policy did not constitute anti-Semitism, it did “create a context within which anti-Semitism can thrive.”

    He said that evidence suggested that many Jewish people had begun to “consider their future in the UK” in recent weeks because of the upsurge in incidents. However, Gaza solidarity protests in London have included a visible Jewish presence, with those in attendance calling for a marked distinction to be made between the actions of the Israeli state and the Jewish people as a whole.

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    Homer clone wins euro seats
    nigel farage
  • Farage on euro victory
  • House sellers / thieves remain a threat to a roof over our heads
    Those figures don't include the massive property theft by the legal mafia in family courts during divorce and the thousands of men tossed onto the streets when the house thieves come knocking

    More than 4,000 households in England are at risk of losing their home every week amid high housing costs and a shortage of affordable homes, according to the charity Shelter.

    Its analysis of possession notices issued over the last year suggests 215,000 homes in England are at risk of eviction or repossession and it warned rising interest rates would bring more households under threat. The research revealed hotspots where people are most likely to face losing their home with Newham in London at the top of the list and Salford the "eviction and repossession risk capital of the north".

    London boroughs dominate the repossession risk list, but Nottingham and Peterborough also feature in the top 20, according to the research based on Ministry of Justice data on homeowners and private or social renters receiving a possession notice for their home – the first stage in a process which can end with the loss of a home. "These staggering figures show just how many families go through the trauma of learning that their home is at risk, every single week," said Shelter chief executive Campbell Robb.

    "People are hearing that the economy is recovering, but we're seeing the reality that many families across the country are still battling to keep their heads above water and keep their homes. Just one thing such as a job loss or serious illness can tip any of us into a downward spiral that puts our home at risk." Shelter said its free advice helpline was taking more than 480 calls each day, offering support and advice to homeless families and those fighting to stay in their homes.

    "Getting advice early is the best way to halt the spiral of rent or mortgage arrears and can mean the difference between losing a home and keeping it," added Robb.

  • Savile's homopaedo pal Jaconelli to be stripped of honors VIDEO

    Homopaedo abuse probe appeal over former Scarborough mayor Peter Jaconelli

    DETECTIVES investigating child sex abuse allegations are appealing to people to come forward with information about a friend of Jimmy Savile.

    North Yorkshire Police has launched a drive to identify possible victims of former North Yorkshire County Council planning chairman Peter Jaconelli, following claims by a number of people that they were targeted by him. The call for details about the 21-stone ice cream trader and restaurateur, who died aged 73 in 1999, follows the force asking the Independent Police Complaints Commission to investigate its handling of historic child abuse allegations involving Savile and Jaconelli.

    The force said that such is the evidence against the former Mayor of Scarborough, that had he been alive he would have been interviewed under caution and a file submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service. Jaconelli, who trained as an opera singer, was a high-profile figure in the town. He has been linked to helping improve the fortunes of the resort’s 750-year-old port.

    A police spokesman said: “It is important that victims are able to access the specialist support services that are readily available, and that we gather all the evidence in respect of this matter. “ Victims and people with information are urged to call the force on 101, and pass details to the Force Control Room quoting Operation Hibiscus, or to email MajorCrimeUnit@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

  • Ex-mayor of Scarborough Peter Jaconelli was a sex pest, says councillor
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