DuckDuckGo: Search engines and jewish control

DuckDuckGo's Gabriel Weinberg

Video of Vivaldi browser promoting DuckDuckGo's Gabriel Weinberg
(Vivaldi marks the launch of a new integration with DuckDuckGo)

Video of RT promoting Gabriel Weinberg's DuckDuckGo claims of Privacy?

RED ALERT!!!!!!!!Why are so many CEO's of search engine companies jewish? When Google was exposed as abusing data of its users there was a mass exodus looking for other search engines. One that was getting publicity at the time was DuckDuckGo and their claims of NOT keeping any of the data used after a search. However we have investigated this search engine and found bigger issues than even Google.

For a start the CEO like Google is controlled by Gabriel Weinberg who is jewish like his partners in crime Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The difference with Weinberg is his claims of no data keeping goes out the window when he creates vast distortions of searches that are maybe critical of Israel, zionism and jewish control of the media.

One example of how they do this is Veterans Today who claim to have stopped using Google and rant about the goodness of DuckDuckGo as an alternative HERE. Yet when you see DuckDuckGo search returns for Veterans Today who have been highly critical of Israel those returns take on a very different picture with almost every third one showing negative aspects of Veterans Today and shocked and surprised they promote this DuckDuckGo in one of their articles. This is no coincidence as another article in the Israeli Times HERE paints a glowing picture of Weinberg.

Those connections alone make us highly suspicious of this search engine and who are promoting it as an alternative to Google. From our research we see Weinberg using his search returns to smear and undermine anyone daring to criticize Israel, the worldwide zionist movement and the Israeli lobby's that undermine the USA, UK and many other countries who do the bidding of Netanyahu through those corrupt sinister interactions. We DO NOT recommend under any circumstances using this as alternative to Google.

Can you EVER really trust any search engine that is run and controlled by the zionist mafia?

Here are some of the negative comments about Weinberg's search engine from former users at Sitejabber.

“Another biased liberal arm of controlled search results and content” 9/26/18

Why am I not surprised? Not as obvious as Google, Bing or Apple but I noticed right away, my search results are being controlled, I'm FORCED yet again to scroll through at least 4 pages of MSM before finding anything worth reading.

“Not Ready for Prime Time” 9/13/18

Went to try out DuckDuckGo and on my very 1st practice test search it gave me results for a trojan website. The kind that locks up your browser and tries to hold you hostage. That's enough for me... too dangerous. I guess google filters these sites out because I just don't have those problems when I use it.

“Owned by Amazon?” 7/6/18

Good luck finding any products other than what is offered by Amazon. Seriously frustrating. When searching for a specific product, 100% of the results are Amazon links. When I type Amazon at the end of the search, there are NO "product" results. I highly suspect DDG is owned or otherwise affiliated with Amazon - and anyone who thinks Amazon isn't going to track users (and subsequently LIE about it across the board.....) think again.

“!Bang is the WORST feature!!” 5/28/18

I loathe DuckDuckGo's !Bang feature SO MUCH that I'm just going back to Google - I'm tracked through other sites anyway, so it's not like they don't already have access to my activity and whatnot (edit: I actually switched to startpage instead)

“Fraudulent Duck.” 11/30/17

Every search term I type in Duckduckgo shows up with all the other search terms typed by everybody else in Google, etc., for the world to see. Every disease, address, name, issue is all out there, exposed, courtesy of Duckduckgo.

“Ostensibly Inferior Search results” 9/22/17

I fell for the hype, but have paid with a lot of wasted time and effort. Even searching for a document name directly does not lead you to the document, while the same search on Google has the document on the second search result. The image search is worse; try looking for the famous photo of Donald Trump outside of the Scottish parliament while a comedian demonstrated the law of static electricity with a balloon and Trumps wig. You won't find it on any Duckduckgo search results neither will you find image search results for his sons safari kills.... Duckduckgo fails at it's only major objective, being a reliable search engine that provides relevant and useful results!

“Completely Awful” 8/21/17

I thought I'd give DuckDuckGo a try when I switched over to Firefox. Boy was I shocked by the results of my first search. I searched for Al Gore's funders. The enitre (ENTIRE) set of search results were completely fallacious, rightwing, Nazi nonsense. I couldn't believe it. So, DuckDuckGo is GONE.

“Rubbish quality search results with tons of ads everywhere!” 8/11/17

DuckDuckGo is just bothered about getting you to click ads even if those ads go to viruses or scam websites. Not good. I use startpage now... uses google search results but doesn't track you or benefits google.

“What a surprise ddg is full of $#*!” 7/10/17

Duckduckgo: "Are you sure you`re not searching for one of our advertisers?" LOL

“Don't track? BS” 5/13/17

I have used DDG to search online for purchases because I believed the non-tracking PR. Whoa! All of sudden on the one site I have white listed from adblock plus, the results of my online purchase searches appear on that website!!! Disgusted.

“DuckDuckGo is a pain in the Arse.” 5/12/17

In all honesty DDG is a pain in the arse, i have to use add ons for mozilla fire fox YARP and Element Hiding Helper for AD Block Plus to block and remove all the pop up notification $#*!, and other garbage pop ups DDG keep persisting with that i dont want to see. you need to install and use different Add Ons to make DDG more user friendly, and that should never be the case.

“lol” 4/25/17

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“They lied before, they will lie again probably” 3/6/17

I found out that DuckDuckGo used to set a tracking cookie, even though they claimed they didn't. (!) Back then, I used DuckDuckGo as my default search engine believing I was totally safe. Now I hate them more than Google, at least with Google you know what you're getting yourself into. You can read all about it here: I would switch to secure search engines like ixquick, searx or Startpage.

“DDG Sucks Dirt” 3/5/17

Just as often as not when I want to see a geographical location--i.e., a map--this inept would-be search tool offers nothing but articles or images with no map option. Simply put, literally half my searches for locations end in Google. Why bother. Much like the false hype of Apple.

“Duck Changes All My Search Titles - Aggravating” 10/10/16

I search for GLD, the investment symbol for GOLD, and Duck changes it to search for GOD! Many times I do not realize they have changed the search item title and I waste a lot of time wondering and searching the results for GOD. There is no way to opt out of this automatic "correction", so I have gone back to Google. DuckDuckGo just doesn't get it.

“DUCKDUCKGO acted like a hijacker for me.” 12/23/15

I set DuckDuckGo as my homepage. When I later wanted to use a different search provider, DuckDuckGo would not allow it. Every normal avenue I attempted was prevented, and DuckDuckGo remained stubbornly my search provider. I finally did a system restore to get rid of this. I was hoping to have three different search providers, to use for different needs. But now I'm afraid of your product. Something very wrong happened. I am not the only guy who has had a problem. Bad duck.

“Hacked almost immediately” 5/23/15

Within 24 hours of switching my browser, scam email was sent from a very (formerly) pristine gmail account. This gmail account even had a new, very challenging password combination.

“My Mac desktop with Mavericks has two accounts, Admin...” 12/9/14

My Mac desktop with Mavericks has two accounts, Admin and Secondary. I found DuckDuckGo at Apple's extensions page, installed DuckDuck Go in the Admin account and it duplicated itself in the secondary account. Search results are commercialized and simplistic. It hides from all computer searches and I cannot uninstall it. All instructions for removal that I found, even at DuckDuckGo site, do not work. I must conclude from this that Apple and DuckDuckGo are both criminal.

“Did a test search for "least expensive voice over programs."” 8/28/14

Did a test search for "least expensive voice over programs." DuckDuckGo went straight to "cell phones". A quick comparison with Google confirmed that DuckDuckGo is a waste of time. Tip for consumers: Don't bother. It is glaringly inadequate.

“DuckDuckGo promote Scam websites to the top of their...” 6/19/14

DuckDuckGo promote Scam websites to the top of their search lists, just like the others! I thought they were an ethical business, but found out to my loss (when I trusted their link) to buy a Rod Licence. They promoted a direct link into this scam website, which had the Environment Agency name on it, without any mention of additional fees etc. Is there ANY search engines you can trust, now? I think not, they are all morally corrupt.

“This is about's ability to find and...” 4/5/14

This is about's ability to find and rank websites. Our site ranks on page 1 of 14 of the top 15 search engines, the exception beingduckduckgo. So just how relevant are duckduckgo's results to the search term? If this is not an anomaly then not good at all.

“It is like a virus” 8/26/13

It is like a virus. Once in your computer you cannot get rid of it. Email them asking how, and no reply. it might be the best search engine out there but when it acts like a virus, and keeps taking over my browser, I do not want it. Wonder how many of the 5* reviews are just their spam. They are good at that

“UGH!!!!” 8/18/13

UGH!!!! Very difficult to remove and automatically becomes your default Web Browser in FireFox no matter what you do .... Had to work very hard to remove. I would have been happy to keep it and use it if it didn't take over my browser... Be careful installing this because it makes itself almost impossible to remove!!!!

“unable to remove, no way to remove it be sure you want...” 7/1/13

unable to remove, no way to remove it be sure you want it gives you no out. I don't like anything that takes control of my pc.

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