Derek Mackay: How the SNP 'Rule of Law' operates in Scotland

Finance Secretary Derek Mackay, 42, who was tipped to be the next First Minister of Scotland exposed grooming 16 year old boy on Facebook and Instagram, while SNP government deny trying to block newspaper claims.

Punishment: As yet no police force has made any attempt to arrest and charge him and he is allowed to resign with a 12,000 severance payment.

Divorcing men smeared and framed by the royals handpicked Scottish judicial mafia assisted by the SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon's draconian abuse laws where arguing with wives over money can now be classed as a crime with the 'coercive behaviour' tag. In fact any disagreement between a husband and wife can be categorized as criminal.

Punishment: Men will lose everything, their homes, their children and bank accounts and those vulnerable children are now open to be abused in Scottish care homes by the homopaedo's that are running them for their own sexual deviancy after separation from the protection of their biological fathers.

  • Former SNP finance secretary homosexual Derek Mackay won't face charges after messages scandal involving 16-year-old schoolboy (Is that the freemasons running the cops and prosectors covering for their lodge buddy? Meanwhile Scottish men are losing EVERYTHING for MERELY arguing with their wives thanks to that same SNP scum like Mackay manufacturing extreme anti HETEROSEXUAL male legislation)
  • Derek Mackay: SNP government denies trying to block newspaper claims
  • SNP homo perv Derek Mackay sent secret late-night Facebook messages to boy, 16, while on holiday with lover boyfriend
  • SNP's former Scottish finance secretary Derek Mackay asked married man, 25, 'got any naughty pics?' in message bombardment
  • Former SNP first minister Alex Salmond appeared in court today accused of offences against 10 women, including attempted rape and a series of sexual assaults (We are the ONLY outlet that has been warning the public about the SNP utopian bullshit but even we didn't expect these sordid headlines as SNP feminist lawyer Sturgeon manufactures laws to criminalize husbands whose only crime was to argue with their wives now classed as 'COERCIVE' bullshit while their own leaders are accused of multiple rape charges)
  • Scotland's legal mafia removing children into care? homes to feed the homopaedo rings operating them (and why heterosexual fathers are being smeared and framed while their biological protection is taken away from children)
  • Scottish legal aid chief arrested with rent boy in shopping centre toilet (This evil bastard is STILL responsible for signing the cheques to Scottish lawyers from their legal aid honeypot to aid smearing divorcing fathers and separate their biological protection from their children)
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