Proud to be a heterosexual male and father

We don't need to parade down the streets of cities in the most outrageous garb pushing a hedonistic lifestyle into the faces of the onlooking public.

We don't require positive discrimination to justify our position in the world.

We don't need the global media barons to create endless propaganda to push an agenda.

We earn respect through hard work and doing the most challenging and filthy work that no other group who demand equality would do.

We are committed to restore sanity to a madness that is causing chaos across the globe with a political mafia bowing to the demands of the feminists (lesbians) and homosexuals determined to undermine society and the family unit that have heterosexual males at the head.

We, above all others, recognise the children of this world as a top priority and that the strongest protection they can have from a hostile homosexual leaning state machine is the protection of biological fathers.