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eu bank raid In a stunning development, depositors were asked to bail out Cyprus' banks. Raping depositors would only further erode confidence in the system. Did the Money Power miscalculate? Are they upping the ante in preparation for their endgame? Or was their hand forced by mounting German opposition?

'The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.' -Lord Acton
By Anthony Migchels (Henry and Real Currencies

It is not clear yet how things will go in Cyprus. The depositor bank bail-out was rejected by Parliament Tuesday. Ironically deposits may be in more danger if banks fail. It remains to be seen if the EU will bail out Cyprus' banks to the tune of 10 billion euros. Some think that the main target was Russian holdings in Cyprus, which is an off shore hub for all sorts of shady fortunes, including those of the Oligarchs. Putin denounced the package as 'unjust, unprofessional and dangerous'. However, the stakes involved here are way too high: grabbing a few Russian billions is not the agenda behind destroying depositor confidence worldwide. But apparently Putin's constituency is hurting, because a little later he actually offered to participate in the Cypriot bailout. Almost half of the $90 billion in Cyprus banks is Russian money, await6ing reinvestment in Russia. 40,000 Russians live on the island.

Apparently, the 'rescue' was forced upon Nicosia by the threat of being kicked out of the euro. It's amazing that this 'threat' still holds sway, after five years of this nightmare and with the clear example of Iceland. Cyprus, as a small nation, seems to be similarly positioned. Undoubtedly, behind closed doors, the threats were more strenuous. Cyprus is probably just a test case, to monitor global reactions. The country is irrelevant, with only 0,2% of Euroland's GDP. The euro may not fail, because if it does, they will never be able to sell World Currency. If they can't even make it work in Europe, how is it going to work on a global scale? That's the reason why all member states are kept on board at whatever cost, either to Brussels, Frankfurt, the national economies or even, it seems, the banking system itself.


The key driver behind the Euro crisis is the Money Power agenda of consolidating power in Brussels. The issue is fiscal union. Over the last few decades a lot of political power has been centralized in Brussels. About half of European legislation already emanates from there, instead of national capitals. But real political power is with those running the budget and that's what Brussels is after here. The Euro crisis' main goal, from the Money Power's point of view, is to sucker people into handing over the power over their budgets. How this is achieved is of lesser import, there are several ways. One of them is the infamous European Stability Mechanism (ESM), an utterly tyrannical outfit, financed by the Nations and run, without any democratic oversight, by a commission of finance ministers. The ESM's goal is to bail out any bank even before it becomes a problem. The ESM is backed by a law forcing the nations to cough up any sum the ESM demands within seven days.

The other is ECB money printing. The big difference between the Fed and the ECB is, that the Fed is backed by only one Government and the interests of the Fed and Washington are highly aligned. The Fed will always provide Washington with whatever liquidity needs. The US cannot go bust, because the Fed will always print whatever is needed. Nowadays, with nobody buying US Treasuries, the Fed simply provides the Government with all the money it needs at close to 0%. This is not possible in Europe, because if the Spanish need money, all other Governments, most notably the Germans, are on the hook for it. This is the reason why the US has not found itself in the kind of debt trap that destroyed Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Ireland. Had these nations still been able to print their own money, they would not have had these problems either.

Structural ECB money printing would make a mockery of 'fiscal independence' and would create an almost unstoppable driver for further fiscal integration, as all the nations would in effect be guaranteeing each other and the weaker nations would have to comply with the stronger nations' demands. This was the real 'break through' behind ECB boss Draghi's 'we'll do whatever it takes' back in July 2012: what he was really saying was that the ECB, for the first time, would interfere in the sovereign debt market in a major way: printing to keep borrowing costs down for the PIIGS nations.

However, although the Germans backed this statement, gnashing teeth and all, they are unwilling to go all the way. They are not going to allow a real debasement of the euro. Certainly not if they are on the hook for it. German support for the euro is still fairly strong. The country has benefited immensely from the crisis. Structural imbalances have provided Germany with great exporting opportunities throughout the zone. The nation has seen a massive capital influx from money leaving the South due to lack of confidence. This capital has generated a bit of a boom while the rest of the world burns. But while Germans love the upside of European Colonization through the euro, they hate the downside: backing Southern debt. Merkel is dealing with plummeting confidence and recently an anti Euro party was launched. People like Merkel and Schauble (the German finance minister who also coordinated the Cyprus deal) are total NWO insiders, but while most lower politicians are kept in check, this veneer is wearing thin. Nationalism, a lethal enemy to Globalism, is rearing its almost forgotten head and the utter disgust with the bankers and local elites are becoming hard to avoid.

So we see two basic conflicts: one being the hard choice for the bankers of either being shorn themselves or to rape the depositors they need in the long run. The second being the German refusal to pay the price for the great benefits the euro has brought them. Of course, the tensions in Europe's South will continue to escalate also. Only a few days ago the Spanish police took to the streets to apologize to the people that they were fighting them, instead of arresting the Bankers. In the Netherlands, another key member, people are refusing austerity to destroy their economy like it did in the PIGS nations.


The euro may not fail. If it does, it would be a devastating blow to the agenda of World Currency. Rest assured that the Cypriots were threatened with sulfur and brimstone. The original German demand seems to have been taking 40% of deposits, to avoid further (German) tax payer or ECB involvement. Obviously this is not sustainable: just this Cyprus thing is going to have major consequences. Already we hear of taking 15% of Italian savings but this is not doable. It would mean war. The Italians just did away with Goldman Sachs alumni, Trilateralist and German backed strong man 'Super' Mario Monti . They went for Beppe Grillo and it's not hard to imagine what he would make of such a move. We would see quick new elections in Italy and the end of the current order.

Throughout the South, local elites face extinction. In the US, it is clear the Government is preparing for civil war, depleting national ammunition production, buying thousands of tanks for the DHS and the recent confirmation of manned and ready internment camps throughout the United States. Of course, many rational solutions are available to the credit crisis. But all of these imply the end of banker hegemony and that is, after all, what it is all about.

It Is impossible to fathom it all in real time. Their smoke and mirrors will always fool us and only with hindsight can it be really understood. But the question of today is: is the Money Power still in control and preparing for a final showdown, or is all this a sign of weakness? We MAY know the answer to this question sooner than most might have imagined.

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    Cyprus: Your Money is Their Money
    hands off cyprus The first thing we should all learn from this is that your money is not yours. The second thing is don't put any of 'their' money in 'their' banks. Keep it in your mattress and make them work for it just like you did.

    "Money Grows on Cyprus Trees" by Bernard Grover (edited by

    What would you do if you found that your money was not yours? What if you found out that you were 10% poorer than when you went to bed? If you live on a sleepy little island in the corner of the Mediterranean Sea, that is exactly what happened to you.

    Yielding to pressure from the IMF and the EU, the Cypriot government agreed to steal nearly 7% of all Cyprus bank deposits up to 100,000 euro, and almost 10% of all deposits over that amount, and hand it over to the banksters. (gasp! shock!) Why? Because the government of Cyprus had been arm-twisted into buying Greek bonds as part of an earlier bailout scheme. When Greece defaulted on the bonds, the banksters wanted their money back. Damn the little guy and his hard work and desire to save for some future reward. The first thing we should all learn from this is that your money is not yours. The second thing is don't put any of 'their' money in 'their' banks. Keep it in your mattress and make them work for it just like you did.

    It's no small irony that Cyprus always has been a major cog in what Joseph Farrell calls "the international bankster class" operations. In his book, Babylon's Banksters, Farrell traces the history of money and banking from the dawn of recorded history. What the whole thing comes down to is that the euro, like most of the world's currencies, is private money created by private banks. When they want some of it back, they are well within their theoretical rights to take back their 'property', which they only lent to you and me (at interest, of course). We mere mortals, having agreed to use their property to conduct our daily activities, have wittingly or not agreed to their terms. It's a simple, if rather obscure, contractual arrangement. What causes me no end of head-slapping is that we just don't seem to get it. We are shocked when we realize that our 'money' really belongs to someone else and we have just been allowed to use it, like borrowing the neighbor's lawn mower or something.

    A lot of conspiracy theorists talk about a 'one world currency' and how 'They' are driving us into it. Little do they know that a single global currency would not serve the bankster purposes. Since the beginning of our history, 'They' have fostered incompatible currencies and then sat back and reaped gobs of wealth by being the only group able to convert one to another. If there were a single global currency, it would put a major dent in their operations. Rather, they want to simplify the math and create two or three (trilateral) currencies, which would need to be traded and converted in the course of commerce. It's little more than a carefully hidden private tax on business dealings. As Farrell points out, even in the earliest times, the West used gold bullion, while the East used silver. Thus, the traders in the middle reaped a tidy profit converting them back and forth. And just like Sparta (then) and Libya (now), anyone who didn't play their game got a good ass-whuppin'.

    Back to Cyprus. The Cypriots really don't have the right to be angry in strictly legal terms. They consented to use private paper to conduct their business transactions. Furthermore, they didn't raise a fuss when the IMF/EU arm-twisted their government into buying up a bunch of worthless Greek bonds. Now, when the chickens come home to roost, they are upset. Sorry Charlie, 'shoulda seen that one coming.' The only way out would be to follow the Icelandic model and repudiate the debt, sever all ties with the IMF/EU and throw the banksters in jail.

    One caveat: they had better arm every Cypriot to the teeth and be ready for an invasion. That's the bankster ace in the hole. They always have ready 'enforcers' for just those kinds of situations. The one thing Iceland had going for it is that there ain't much there to fight for, other than some principles. Cyprus, on the other hand, has always been a key trading post between the Occident and Orient. Right now, Cyprus is a key base for launching attacks on Syria, Lebanon and other points of interest to the Zionists. It must remain within the Western hegemony.


    What is worth watching is how the Cypriots react. Most likely, there will be some rioting and hording, but eventually folks will knuckle under or lose food and energy imports. If they continue to stand up to the banksters, then the island will be invaded by...say, the Muslim Brotherhood from Syria. Either way, the banksters seemingly hold the winning hand. Really, the only way out of this mess is a tripartite attack on the bankster class: widespread democratization of hyper-dimensional energy (i.e.-zero-point energy); complete and utter rejection of GMO foods; and, the issuance of publicly-controlled currency in whatever form. Short of that, we are all well on our way to the Cypriot model. The banksters have already seized north of $8 trillion in the US, and similar reclamations of private property are running apace worldwide. Cyprus is only the latest and currently most visible example.

    The most likely outcome is that people will generally roll over and take it. Why? We've all been trained by religion to wait for some outside force to come in and clean things up for us. This mentality has been carefully fostered by the banksters over centuries to keep us all complacent and docile. In other words, Karl Marx was right on that score. From the bankster pov, the ideal response will be that of the US, where folks stirred for a moment, grumbled, then went directly back to sleep. Instead of becoming angry, we will all run to the churches to listen to the bankster prophets tell us that our savior is coming...just wait (another 2,000 years)! And so it goes...history repeats and rhymes and no one does anything really constructive to fix things. It is said that we use roughly 10% of our brains' capacity, which happens to be the same amount of money being confiscated by the IMF from the Cypriots. Maybe we are using the wrong 10%.

    Bernard Grover is a freelance writer/producer/director living in Jakarta, Indonesia. His work has appeared in film, broadcast and major publications on- and off-line. Bernard publishes the Life on the Far Side blog and produces Radio Far Side.

    cyprus bank ROBBERY Well here we go on the next stage in the mass theft of men's assets with the EU conspiring with the Cyprus government to seize money and freeze bank accounts of everyone now targeted to bail out the Cypriot banks to stop them from melt down, or that is the excuse being used for the mass plundering of victims savings. The bank robbers this time ain't dressed in the usual garb but in well dressed Armani suits subsidised by the corrupt European Union coffers.

    This organisation has been sending out warnings for well over ten years about the sinister creeping fraud and corruption that started in family courts in secret trials that saw MEN en masse being destroyed while their lives are picked apart and their money in bank accounts seized by thieving judges and lawyers acting for a criminal cartel disguised as a global law society.

    Clinton, Obama and Blair apart from being political leaders, are also lawyers as was the lesser known Donald Dewar who wrote Scotlands devolved assembly rules and who also happened to be a lawyer politician. Noticeable they all come from the supposed left leaning political parties? Now these evil bastards are NOT there to protect the citizens of their countries but as a conduit to siphon money into the coffers of the legal mafia and the crown they work for and on behalf of.

    The EU is just a much bigger assembly of these crooked bastards who , like British judges, are now making the rules up as they go along. So they have decided that to protect the Cyprus elite and their banking buddies every ordinary citizen's account should be rifled and used to prop up the supposed failing banks. Now we are getting to a point were the tyranny of the global elite makes it much more important that men start to make serious plans to finally bring to a head a battle that has been, for far to long, simmering with endless articles and exposures of this global criminal cartel who quite literally have been getting away with murder.There are many decent men now no longer with us thanks to their tyranny and psychological torture and persecution.

    We have been warning for a very long time that anyone who hoards money in a bank account anywhere across the global is basically risking losing everything. If you can't trust your best pal with your life savings why would you trust a gang of strangers with a reckless reputation for abusing savers cash? They take your wealth and give you a piece of plastic, supposedly for security and then, as has been shown in Cyprus, they can block those bits of plastic and your left with the coppers in your pocket and for Cypriots the strong possibility of their cash being lost to the scum and filth now abusing the very systems they put in place to give them maximum control over everyone's estate. Men who have faced divorce have known for a long time the powers that be are not to be trusted and have also known banks have been aiding and abetting the mass fleecing of their bank accounts who have colluded with lawyers and the courts to freeze trillions of mens assets, properties and business's for their own self enrichment . They are all eating out of the same enormous trough .

    If the Cyprus bank massacre is not a wake up call for men with their heads buried in the sand then what will it take to waken them from the masonic slumber that has provided the cover for the crooks to help themselves using every dirty trick in the book.

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