Freemason controlled courts and the framing of non members of their satanic cult

There is a global war going on that is centuries old and despite ALL the distractions the scumbags running the world presently throw up in our faces it cannot and must not distract from the evil that passes for some sort of global law and order.

Epstein, Weinstein, Prince Andrew and Savile exposures have made it crystal clear that when you sign up to the devil that devil protects your nasty fucking arse no matter how sick and sinister your deviousness's are. In Britain the centre of the global tyranny that stretches right across the globe and centred on the royal parasites and their head honcho the Dukey Kent maybe responsible for more male non cult members deaths and destruction than all the wars put together and goes right under the radar of the gutter rags that pass as some sort of news authority. That news being manipulated to hide the enormity of the damage being done to non cult men and their families hopes, dreams and especially their finances.

When you are able to pull the strings of virtually every media outlet on the planet the sheeple that listen and read can be led down the masonic path not realising they are heading for the chopping block anytime soon. Only the rise of technology has finally given platforms and exposures to the victims of the sinister goings on that masquerade as some sort of force for good and how those at the centre of this evil coven are held up as saviours of the people. See the royal headlines pumped out daily and en masse by their gutter rags.

Spending years even decades in and out of their masonic hell holes you can easily build up a picture of how they manufacture the law to line their pockets while stripping their victims bare and again a gutter press only to happy to rig the news to always report that justice is being seen to be done instead of the massive stitch up of everyone dragged through their satanic covens. Read the regular quotes from their hand picked judges as they send another wee scamp down to the cells whose crimes massively pale next to those very judicial decisions that are a multi trillion dollar fraud on their non cult victims.

Britain has just seen how the judeo masonic mafia can manipulate the sheeple to vote for mass murderers and see them lining the streets expressing their gratitude that another long line of victims face the same horrible and twisted nightmare of political machinations that push ever more non cult men into vast deprivation and homelessness and for many poor souls suicide.

We do not know how this will end as despite all the efforts of so many across the internet there seems to be a hardened core of numbnuts happy to go along with their evil plans of destruction while being swayed to believe these fucking monsters have their best interests at heart only until they themselves become victims to this massive and corrupt bunch of gangsters acting in every key position of power.

Stupidity maybe the single biggest block to having this monstrous mechanism, behind every major global incident, eradicated from the lives of the millions touched by the evil hand of the judeo / masonic filth that pollute the world with their twisted and sinister agenda. Remaining optimistic and the reality that their lodge buddies are slowly but surely finally getting the spotlight shone on their depravity despite a resistant global media who have protected their arses for way to long.

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