FLASH CAMERON Before Cameron became Prime Minister, through the dodgy democracy in the UK, he tried to portray himself as from the sticks when behind the working class clothes hides a Jack Flash. Eton ensured Cameron was GROOMED to serve his fascist leader the Royal parasite.

Eton is a hotbed of political scandal where posh boys are taken away from their families and brainwashed into a royalist mindset. Most of the top city jobs go to the Eton toffs who swear oaths of allegiance to the biggest despot and most VILE control network on the planet.

Their compliant media always downplay the importance of the Royals vast WEALTH as well as CONCEALING how all positions of major power in the UK are being rubber stamped through freemasonry by the Duke of Kent for and on behalf of the royal parasite herself . That ensures she has no blood on her hands personally as her thugs, like freemason cops and psychiatrists, do the dirty work of assassinating anyone who rocks her royalist boat. Ask Jimmy Carr about how they destroy career's when Old Lizzie gets upset?

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