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    One BIG advantage about the EU that is seldom mentioned over Brexit

    Brits in general have been STUCK with a political system that has been permanently broken. For any person born and raised in Britain they are also STUCK in a country that not only has depressing weather but a depressing outlook for anyone who aspires to better themselves. Now in the dim and distant past if you wanted to seek better climes that was only available to the rich who could provide the necessary bank accounts that would please other countries to taking them in.

    With the EU that dramatically changed and the working peasants now had opportunities like never before. Since the EU has been formed millions of Brits have left to find much warmer and less depressing places across Europe to live. Millions of people who worked their asses off all their lives had finally gotten a chance to live the final years of their lives in places that had weather that suited ageing bodies rather than the cold dank corridors of Britain.

    For many activists who have been sick of Britain's press painting a very warped picture of the cosy lives Brits lead when that is so very far from the truth with a political and legal system creating massive injustice and a London city corrupt to the bone fleecing the working classes virtually all their lives. Europe, for anyone who takes the plunge, is miles better than cold damp Britain. One of the few issues that ensured a major positive aspect for the working classes of Britain was the removal of border controls and allowed for the first time long suffering Britons to find sanctuary elsewhere without needing a massive pot of money.

    Brexit will end the opportunities for those seeking a better life in other parts of Europe that offer far more than the dreariness and drudgery of a country that manufactures propaganda suggesting there is some kind of utopia that is so far from the truth. Even former SNP leader bawface Alex Salmond admitted recently on BBC Question Time that villages across Scotland are emptying as people find better lives elsewhere thanks to the opportunities of travel that were not available to the peasants pre EU.

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    Brexit exposes power struggles of the elite
    Never have the tory political scum been so divergent over Brexit when an otherwise solidly corrupt bunch of murdering thugs show a united front when massively attacking the financial status of the peasantry . Leaving the EU has exposed a massive chasm existing within the British establishment who dragged us into the EU but are now finding its restrictions are impeding their ability to hammer the peasantry even more.

    However in Scotland there is a very different power struggle in that the SNP, which is in fact a very long arm of the terrorists operating out of the Law Society of Scotland and unknown to the vast bulk of Scots as yet to face the wrath of this monster who have been led like sheep down a road of SNP utopia dreamt up by the press who they control with an iron fist. Scots rightly got rid of the vast bulk of tory madmen with only a token few tories left and who get a disproportionate amount of time in the controlled media despite being a tiny minority voted in by some small borders town who see England rather than Scotland as their home.

    Salmond rubbing shoulders with his masonic pals in Ayr

    However the SNP under Salmond, who left the door open for a law society plant in Sturgeon who gets massive publicity in the press on everything she utters ensures the LAWYER control over Scotland continues unabated. Scotland is totally and utterly controlled by freemasons . They are embedded in every branch of government and the police and especially those who use Scots law to fleece the peasants and keep them in their place.

    Scots who have yet to feel the massive legal mafia boot don't even know what is truly going on behind the closed doors of Scotland's courts . But instead are browbeaten every single day by the controlled media in how wonderful a job the SNP are doing despite them trying to bring in a police state under one rogue chief constable who was massively arming them while setting up spy networks listening to all Scots communications.

    You would think that would be enough to convince Scots the SNP utopian message was a myth yet they carry on heeding not only the SNP but all the other political parties with a majority of leaders either homosexuals or lesbians who are using Holyrood to destroy heterosexual men and their families. These are the facts coming from men who have faced this tyranny yet see a Scottish race continuing to believe the ruling mafia have their best interests at heart.

    The SNP are pushing for independence NOT in the best interests of the Scottish people but to allow the freemasons ever more power where Scotland is the power base of the most sinister satanic cult across the globe and its birthplace. Brexit will give the opportunity for independence to happen while the tory psychopaths take England on a different path and who have been unable to accept their domination being overruled by the EU mafia that is just another arm of the freemasonic state that encircles the globe .

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