The BBC's dire attempt at understanding the complexities of divorce that is killing men in droves

The lawyer controlled BBC of late has been doing various articles on divorce, most of the time written from the perspective of law society lackeys, who make £billions bleeding men dry and the grand theft of their estates and children. Noticeable one of the main comments made within the piece is "And during the period of separation, it's often difficult for couples to sort out their finances - selling the family home, for example".

The main criteria of wealth redistribution in Britain, thanks to a corrupt CROWN and its legal mafia, is the absolute speed that a mans estate is taking over and into the hands of the biggest terror group on earth who cause more misery and potential life threatening abuse than all other pseudo terror reporting on the planet.

Some of the above graphs they have included in their report, no doubt gained from the law society itself, show how most men who have garnered substantial assets over a lifetime are then left potentially homeless, penniless and childless at some of the most crucial times in their life.

The average duration of marriages in England and Wales is now about 12 years. If you then calculate the huge cost of buying a home and paying a mortgage for 12 years, and the biggest cost any man usually bears in his lifetime, that is rapidly eaten up in divorce with huge legal fees, either through initial interaction with lawyers, or through an ex-wife's lawyer obtaining endless legal aid using malicious means leaving a legal bill ultimately paid by an ex-husband. Most unsuspecting married men do not realise the enormous repercussions and financial ruin brought on by the state agitators who will go to any length to strip men bare even if jail time or suicide will ensure an easier route to stripping a man of his life's work.

Life insurance policies are a great way to encourage the crooks to push a man into an early grave and payouts made on a doctors NATURAL causes report usually also paid from legal aid. The legal mafia and medical mafia are in this together see Dr Harold Shipman's history for more details as to how they strip victims after mass murder.

The average age of a man divorcing is now 45 and most men find the enforced removal of their home during divorce leaves them in dire circumstances financially as they will never get another mortgage and will be forced into the private sector with a damaged credit rating thanks to the legal machinations of the divorce and will leave landlords nervous about letting a home to a divorcing male. They are already aware of the enormous repercussions to any man at that crucial time.

This is one of the main reasons many men end up on the streets or suicidal trying to recover from the most horrendous intrusions into their lives by a monstrous evil system of control and grand larceny. Under any other circumstances a crime perpetrated by the very bastards who have given themselves a monopoly over who is jailed for criminality. Crooked lawyers and judges thanks to this monopoly getting away with total murder and the destruction of millions of men's lives and their children's.

The ease with which the BBC makes assumptions in their report and the neglect to inform the young men moving up into a marital system hell bent on fleecing men en masse is directly related to how freemasonry controls the inner workings of the crown court scams. A structure that ensures any man not part of their vile satanic network is reduced to living on a pittance that parasitically feeds off of men enduring hardships indescribable until you actually experience living in the ongoing hell they create for their victims. Until masonic judges and lawyers are excised from this abominable regime men will continue to face that living hell that the BBC have only scratched the surface off with little mention of the nightmare existence many men are enduring for decades thanks to the crimes that emanate from a closed secretive network of unbelievable power and grotesque punishment regime.

That we as former victims will continue to do and expose the hypocrisy of the gutter rags who seem to relish in ever more outrageous rewards dished out to the gold diggers who aid and abet these utter dregs of the earth.

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