Subject: Andrew McCardle persecuted in Carstairs

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Colin Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
Douglas Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
John Connaughton (Medical Director)
Andreana Adamson (Hospital Chief Executive Officer)
Jim Fry (Ward Manager, Kelvin Ward, State Hospital)
Colin Angus (Complaints Officer, State Hospital)


Andrew McCardle persecuted in Carstairs

Further to the McCardle case

They have gone ahead with the treatment order. They will now do what they did to our member George Farquhar forcibly inject him with anti psychotic drugs. The UK is turning into a cesspit of EVIL. Hitlers Nazi spirit is alive and well within the hallowed walls of Carstairs Persecution camp.

Extract from McCardle Petition

10. That the Petitioner (A McCardle) is the holder of numerous documented proofs of acts of criminal corruption by all of the following senior
staff of the State Hospital at Carstairs, some of those being:-

A Dr Colin Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
B Dr Douglas Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
C Dr John Connaughton (Medical Director)
D Ms Andreana Adamson (Hospital Chief Executive Officer)
E Mr Jim Fry (Ward Manager, Kelvin Ward, State Hospital)
F Mr Colin Angus (Complaints Officer, State Hospital)

Submissions were made by Carstairs State Hospital and Andy McCardle.

Despite evidence to the contrary - and supporting emails and faxes from supporters - Sheriff Stewart stated that Andy is suffering from a mental illness, namely "delusional disorder", and must be treated by forcible injection of anti-psychotic drugs. She therefore granted the State Hospital a Section 18 Order under the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984 to legalise his abduction, unlawful detention and forced treatment.

During the hearing, the sheriff unfairly criticised Andy for not being fully-prepared - yet she made no adverse comment about the reasons for this, ie the theft and illegal withholding of Andy's crucial documents by Carstairs staff, and his former solicitor's negligence. (Mr McQuillan was absent today, though Andy had requested his presence.) Nor did the sheriff comment on the psychiatrist's perjury. She was lenient, almost defensive towards the professionals involved. Andy stated that his human rights and statutory legal rights were being abused, not least because of the disputed matter of jurisdiction, which could render these proceedings unlawful. Why the sudden urgency by the psychiatrist to "treat" him? No plausible answer. Andy's legal arguments sounded utterly convincing but, it appeared, the outcome was pre-determined.


In my opinion, a public jury would have considered this scandalous and would not have condoned the State Hospital's actions. It was abundantly clear that the Hospital management and staff had a vested interest in drugging Andy, who had evidence against them as well as against corrupt police, negligent lawyers and known drug-dealers. The sheriff read an article by the News of the World (19th? January), submitted by Andy, which substantiated allegations he had made. It seemed, though, that no amount of evidence would influence the sheriff's opinion, which was based on the psychiatrist's report. There was palpable relief from Carstairs staff and representatives when Sheriff Stewart announced her verdict.

I was shocked and appalled at the professionals' criminal deception, the sheriff's facade of legality and the lack of recognition of the enormity of their deeds: a man's life is at stake.

Judges are routinely authorising property dispossession and forced drug treatment of whistleblowers without waiting for the appeal process, knowing that their actions will be legalised by hand-picked judges in higher courts. Criminal miscarriages of justice are occurring in civil courts, which can be closed and where recordings are not taken. The legal machine is out of control and seems unstoppable as nobody is ever made accountable. Where will it end?

One can only imagine the living nightmare that Andy has to endure (unless he is allowed to commit suicide).

As a gesture, I bought flowers and left them by the courthouse door, with a carefully-worded card:


a man of great courage, dignity and integrity

He acted in the Public Interest.


Andy McCardle persecuted in Carstairs
INTERIM REPORT by AM (Courtwatcher)

I attended Lanark Sheriff Court yesterday, as a courtwatcher. The case involves Carstairs State Hospital against Arnold (Andy) McCardle. Sheriff Stewart is to decide, today, whether to allow the Hospital's consultant psychiatrist, Dr Colin Gray, to forcibly inject Andy with anti-psychotic drugs.

Dr Gray and colleagues allege that Andy has a mental illness, specified as "delusional beliefs". This illness "manifests as delusions". Andy's "delusion" is that, having seen Strathclyde police officers drug-dealing with known criminals, his life is at risk whilst he is a potential witness. Neither the police officers nor the criminals wish Andy to testify against them, so have a vested interest in preventing him doing so. Certain incidents have occurred - most recently, Andy's abduction from Parliament Square, Edinburgh, where he had left the Supreme Court buildings "a free man" after three senior judges considered that he had been illegally detained under an unlawfully-imposed section order by Dr Gray.

It now transpires that Dr Gray had failed to tell anyone, prior to or during that hearing, that he had imposed another order, allegedly the day before the hearing. Having abducted and again illegally held Andy, Dr Gray now wishes to start "treatment" before the criminal courts can determine whether Andy is the victim of organised crime. Andy requested Sheriff Stewart to sist Dr Gray's case until the criminal case has been heard, as he could not otherwise have a fair hearing. The Sheriff said she could not do so as this hearing must be taken "in isolation, as a civil case"; and Dr Gray alleges that drug treatment "may help Andy to conduct his criminal case".

When I attended the hearing yesterday, Mrs McLean, the court clerk, did not wish me (the only member of the public) to be present. She instructed the usher, before the sheriff arrived, to find out who I was and ask me to leave as "it will be a closed court". I asked that Andy be allowed to decide whether he wished it to be a public hearing. The sheriff allowed me to stay, at Andy's request.

Andy represented himself. His former solicitor, Mr McQuillan, had had to be dismissed at an earlier date as he did not wish to act on his client's instructions; but he attended throughout on a voluntary basis. Anyone in Andy's position would feel traumatised. He has been illegally-held since 2001 and had his human and legal rights abused. His formal complaints to numerous authorities, including the Legal Services Ombudsman who investigated the action of the Amicus Curiae ("court's friend") Graham Bell QC, have been upheld but no action taken.

Andy was quietly-spoken and respectful in court. I was very impressed by his rationale and cross-examination of the two consultant psychiatrists, who constantly repeated that Andy had delusional beliefs. Dr Gray had to admit, though, that his statement that Andy had refused to attend leisure activities and education was a lie: Andy had been denied access to leisure activities, and his choice of courses - legal theory and legal framework - had been deemed "inappropriate". And Lord Abernethy's order, that Andy be allowed access to his own documents, was not complied with as "it is not hospital policy". The Hospital authorities are being allowed to flout the law, and the wishes of senior judges.

The case will conclude today. Andy considers the hearings to be illegal and has stressed that he has no wish to be a human guinea-pig and have his memory distorted through drugs: he will resist treatment and "would rather die".

Anyone who has suffered harassment, persecution or victimisation for blowing the whistle on corrupt professionals is a potential victim. According to Dr Gray's criteria, whistleblowers are mentally ill (ie. have "delusional beliefs") if they admit to the above "symptoms". Sheriff Stewart asked Andy whether he wanted to call any witnesses: what better witnesses than other whistleblowers!

Sheriff Stewart
Lanark Sheriff Court
24 Hope Street
Lanark ML11 7NE
Scotland, UK

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Andrew McCardle Nobile Officium
Re: The release of whistleblower Arnold McCardle by Lord Justices on 5th December 2003; his subsequent abduction and illegal detention; and his blocked Petition to the Nobile Officium (see below).


(Lodged on 23 December 2003)

Humbly Sheweth:-

1. The Petitioner is Mr Arnold Lowe McCardle (Hereinafter the Petitioner)

2. The Petitioner having appeared before the Bench of the High Court of Appeal at Edinburgh on 5th December 2003, that said
Bench comprised the Rt Hon Justices Clark, Osborne and Johnston.

9. That the Petitioner has been detained since 13th July 2001 till being moved to, and further detained in the State Hospital at
Carstairs on 11th February 2002.

10. That the Petitioner is the holder of numerous documented proofs of acts of criminal corruption by all of the following senior
staff of the State Hospital at Carstairs, some of those being:-

A Dr Colin Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
B Dr Douglas Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
C Dr John Connaughton (Medical Director)
D Ms Andreana Adamson (Hospital Chief Executive Officer)
E Mr Jim Fry (Ward Manager, Kelvin Ward, State Hospital)
F Mr Colin Angus (Complaints Officer, State Hospital)

11. That the Petitioner avers and believes that all named in Statement 10 above are at present actively involved in a wilful and
deliberate conspiracy to pervert the lawful course of justice by the criminal abuse of their trusted positions that they hold in
the State Hospital at Carstairs.

12. That the Petitioner is in imminent perceived danger from those named in Statement 10. He seeks the urgent protection of the
courts as promised by Lord Justice Clark on 5th December 2003. As a matter of the utmost urgency,

May it therefore please Your Lordships:

1) Make an immediate order to remove the Petitioner to a "place of safety" pending total thorough investigation of all alleged
crimes listed herein.

2) Make an immediate order to hear the Petitioner and view the supporting proofs of all allegations herein.

3) Make an immediate order for the return of all documents and other property unlawfully seized by State Hospital employees.

4) Make an urgent order to make a thorough investigation into the maltreatment of a patient in terms of Section 105 (2) of the
Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984.

5) Make an immediate order to prevent any attempt to administer any anti-psychotic medicines or other treatment which the
Petitioner avers and believes will be administered solely in an attempt to defeat the purposes of justice by destroying the
memory of the Petitioner.

6) The Petitioner avers and believes that should the High Courts choose to refuse to hear this Petitioner, they could only be seen
to be condoning and abetting state abuse and murder to suppress (exposure of) serious criminal activity.

According to Justice
A McCardle (Unlawfully Detained Petitioner)


I, Arnold Lowe McCardle, at this time being subject to unlawful detention in the State Hospital at Carstairs, Lanark ML11 8RP:

That unlawful detention being currently undergoing process of appeal in the High Court of Justiciary at the present time, asks the Bench to order that I be removed from the sphere of control of those at The State Hospital who would wish me harm to prevent any exposure of their own criminal acts.

In the belief that this Court may have any concern that I might possibly be deemed a risk of any kind whatsoever to the public or anyone else, I hereby ask to be removed from The State Hospital at Carstairs to a place of safety. Or any secure prison in the UK for the duration of any reasonable time period that this Court deems right and proper to facilitate the lawful and proper investigation of all allegations of any criminal conduct or abuse by those involved in my false and malicious arrest and detention since 13th July 2001.

I therefore undertake to waive and forego any legal right to sue for damages or compensation for any period of time spent in custody that this Court may decide right and proper to facilitate the proper lawful investigation asked for in the interests of Justice.

In that there are a considerable number of prominent people in the employ of the Police, The State Hospital and others who would wish me harm to prevent exposure and prosecution for their own criminal involvement in my illegal detention since 13th July 2001. I ask this Court to remove me immediately to a place of safety to afford both myself and evidence the full protection of the law and the European Convention on Human Rights.

A McCardle


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