UK 2019 election a tyrannical farce

You would never guess going by Britain's gutter rags perspective that presently we are being offered up mass murderers as a suitable mob to run the UK for the next 5 years. While that twisted media provide platforms for a privileged Eton groomed mass murderer to pontificate about all his new policies that will make UK great once again, he has alongside his fellow mass murderers resided over the monstrous austerity measures that have seen tens of thousands of the most vulnerable UK citizens either dying on the freezing streets through homelessness and poverty or from being pushed to suicide before the evictions occurred.

Also the deaths of knife crime victims that have seen freemasons employed as the controllers of the police with a deliberate policy of withdrawing from the streets to create anarchy allowing tory scum like Johnson to claim they will get tough on crime next time round, when the only time you will see cops on the streets en masse is when they are aiding and abetting the legal and banking mafia's to steal property or when a claimed terror threat results from releasing known threats early on to the streets so tory scum can claim they will protect us from those they release.

The insanity going on right before our eyes is that the already proven murderers are being hailed as saviours who will for the next half decade or so provide assurance of prosperity and safety while they have a long history of the destruction of so many in our society and the realisation that the form of elections Brits are being offered and claimed to provide democratic utopia is a pipe dream and is creating a system where a privileged few can continue the endless attack on those least able to defend themselves from murderous tory machinations.

Under the guise of a 'Get Brexit Done' umbrella mass murder has been committed and sidelined as being somehow irrelevant.

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