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Joe Biden: No 'guarded border' in Ireland - the US president-elect on Brexshit VIDEO
Trump leaves reporters baffled with impromptu, one minute press conference on Dow Jones VIDEO
Billionaire Barclay Brothers rag gushing tribute to a bunch of royal parasites VIDEO

Sick bucket required for this utter royalist bullshit and propaganda
Clashes erupt in Paris as police break up makeshift refugee camp VIDEO
Calls mount for tory thug Patel to be held accountable over bullying allegations VIDEO

Thuggery the mark of the tory bullyboy regime with Patel doing his dirty work.
American businesses crumbling amid pandemic VIDEO
Carol McGiffin: I won't take a vaccine for Covid-19 VIDEO
Lord Sumption: Fear has been 'skilfully and deliberately' used by government to ensure compliance VIDEO
Tory MP: 'There are lies, damn lies and Covid statistics' VIDEO
WHY GOD WANTS YOU TO BE ALONE Powerful Motivational and Inspirational Video VIDEO
Trump’s refusal to concede perpetuates unfounded belief that election was rigged VIDEO
Inside Russian hospitals amid overcrowded conditions dealing with covid VIDEO
Police separate Trump supporters and opponents at massive rally in Washington, DC VIDEO
Kennedy Assassination: David Icke VIDEO
Antonov AN-124 Engine Failure and runway excursion in Novosibirsk! 13/11/2020 VIDEO
Abby Martin's Lawsuit Over Israel Loyalty Oath Mandate in USA VIDEO
Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos VIDEO
Election 2020: Is American democracy in crisis? VIDEO

Make it look like a crisis when they ALL work for the same zionist backers and it's NEVER been a REAL democracy when money is how presidential elections operate and keeps the working classes out of the running.
New York plans curfew to curb rise of new COVID-19 cases VIDEO
Far right gutter rag backs tory thug Patel shutting off Europe for good over freedom of movement

So many racist Brits unaware of how free movement lets them spend lengthy periods in warmer European countries especially after retirement. But to dimwitted to see those missed opportunities.

  • Scottish cops are the utter dregs of the earth

  • Gutter rag backs Angiolini claims that "Damning report finds bigotry and misogyny in Police Scotland" (As long term victims of these fucking masonic scum we can say with certainty that when they are kicking men out of their homes during divorce they show NO FUCKING SIGNS of misogyny just brutal persecution of men not part of their vile satanic club and more cops are living in stolen property than EVER before thanks to outrageous claims of DV that makes the legal and police mafia's rich on the back of corruption)
  • Scots cops given free reign to smash down doors in line of duty following watchdog probe (During divorce Scottish cops massively abuse the powers to SMASH DOWN DOORS terrorizing men not part of their satanic club before they fleece them of everything when acting as hired thugs for the crooked legal mafia feminist lawyer Sturgeon heads)
  • Dave Chappelle on Trump VIDEO

  • Gutter rag claims Harry and Meghan turned Remembrance Sunday into a 'publicity stunt' (But NOT the queen and her entourage?)
  • Murdoch gutter rags use REMEMBRANCE day to promote royals as if they ever get put on the front line (What have the royals EVER got to do with working class men being sent to war to be murdered in the trenches?)
  • Remembrance Sunday an excuse to wheel out the royal propaganda machine on the back of dead working class men (They must be turning in their graves to see heterosexual men being detroyed by the royals masonic lackey judges)
  • ROYAL WREATH RIFT Prince Harry ‘refused permission for Remembrance Day wreath to be laid at Cenotaph on his behalf’ in sign of Royal rift
  • Trump discusses vote counting at the White House VIDEO
    Trump calls on supporters from Twitter, makes false claims about vote counting VIDEO
    Psychologist calls to lobby government to end restrictions VIDEO
    The dirty secret of capitalism -- and a new way forward VIDEO
    Whistleblowers calling out 'corruption' and 'cover-ups' in the NHS VIDEO
    Apparently, fathers are now UNNECESSARY VIDEO
    Denzel Washington's Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS VIDEO
    America's cops now acting as assassination squads against black victims of their brutality VIDEO
    Legal mafia up in arms over attacks from the political mafia

    If only they would attack corrupt judges and lawyers when they are fleecing and persecuting divorcing men? GAYrdian run and controlled by feminist lawyers at the top.

  • Lawyers call for apology from Johnson and Patel for endangering colleagues (Political and legal mafia's battle over lawyers sympathetic to immigration but who are allowed to persecute Britain's divorcing heterosexual men in their nasty fleecing courts and how they find the money to pay for defending serial criminals and immigration appeals)
  • Tory thug Priti Patel kept up anti-lawyer rhetoric after Met warning on terror (NEVER a mention when men are being destroyed in their corrupt courts)
  • Legal mafia demand the political mafia Boris Johnson and Priti Patel 'apologise for lawyer attacks' (Corrupt lawyers and judges have been out of control for decades but its only when it doesn't suit the government they attack lawyers NOT when they are fleecing men for the crown)
  • Women's Aid the mouthpiece for the legal mafia

    Women's Aid is a construct of the terrorists at the Law society who claim to protect women from all us bad men when in reality it is a licence for these evil fuckers to smear, frame and thieve from men using manufactured domestic abuse bullshit that is brought up, NOT before juries, but freemason judges during divorce. This is the single biggest racket on the planet and no mafia can steal more than the legal mafia when men's money is tied up in bricks and mortar that cannot be moved out of the country when these fuckers come to thieve big time.

    Women's aid are totally integrated with lawyers, run by lawyers and funded by governments to ensure an easy way of re-distributing billions of men's wealth into the hands of the crooks using the most extreme persecution campaigns that even the toughest of men can end up suicidal when their life's are ruined by the legal mafia running the courts for their own and the crown's self enrichment schemes.

    All the feminist offshoots of Women's Aid like Refuge are full of man hating feminists whose only mission in life is to destroy heterosexual family life with men as its head and draw women into their lesbian lifestyles that smear men only ever as abusers and a legal system only to happy to turn them into millionaires overnight on the back of the lies and deceit that freemason judges NEVER question as that is all part of the racket.

    Even the cops who enforce the court orders using DV scams to line their pockets when they get offered some of those stolen properties at knock down prices from the law society mafia only to happy to share the spoils with a myriad of government agencies used to break men while fleecing them of everything they have ever worked for. A gutter press, also controlled by the law society, who regularly use DV scams to propagate the myth that Women's Aid are supportive of vulnerable women when those women ultimately learn that all the legal aid used to fight their husbands in court will have to be be paid back from the proceeds of selling off the family home and silver to pay for the extortion used to destroy their ex-husbands.

  • Divorced man turns his life around moving to the Philippines VIDEO
    Anti-COVID measures protest in London VIDEO
    Final Presidential Debate Highlights Between Trump And Biden VIDEO
    From Brexshit to Canzuk? VIDEO
    Trump’s crooked former jewish lawyer Michael Cohen on working for the president VIDEO
    How judges treat great fathers with contempt unless the mother backs off VIDEO
    Doctors pushing the feminazi domestic violence bullshit VIDEO

    Doctors and lawyers get massive legal aid payouts when they conspire over DV bullshit
    Legal mafia and their gutter rags will stop at NOTHING to hide their crimes against heterosexual men

    Since launching attacks on some of the enemies of heterosexual men who have been helping the legal system besmirch men to the point they are being persecuted into early graves to make thieving from them so much easier, we have seen ominous moves that have forced us to reconfigure everything we put out online. As with the printing presses of the past the legal mafia used libel laws to shut down any dissenters who were exposing their corruption.

    They seem to be trying to use any trick in the book to block the truth of how they operate getting out and to cover up the many thousands of men who have either died or left broken thanks to their tyranny. That we intend to remain vigilant to and to avoid the removal of their crimes from exposure. Youtube have been particularly helpful in bending to their demands by pulling any video's the establishment don't like as we have been unable to keep up with the speed in how so many important video's have been removed.

    They cannot and will not be able to stop the ever expanding avalanche of material even if they try and pick us all off one at a time that we have spent decades avoiding and will continue to do so even if we have to close down some parts that might be easier to attack.

  • Monopoly in danger Google faces wrath of US antitrust law VIDEO

    What started out as a clever little search tool has turned into a massive devious and dangerous global data theft network for and on behalf of the CIA, MI5 and Israel's Mossad used to undermine anyone who dares challenge their unchecked powers.

  • How Google wrecked its own website by replacing search results with ads and their own products
  • Nigeria’s security forces “shoot dead at least 12 civilians” as protests grow VIDEO
    While NASA gets to spend $billions on frivolous space junk millions of Americans remain homeless and starving on the streets VIDEO
    Michael Parenti on so called "Poor Countries" VIDEO
    Two USA cops turn themselves in, nearly 3 years after fatal shooting VIDEO
    Trump and Biden take different approaches as US election campaign nears end VIDEO
    America's Small business owners struggle to survive while waiting for new stimulus package VIDEO
    Spitting Image - Series 1, Episode 3 VIDEO
    ‘OK you’ve heard that?’ ‘Unbelievably dumb statement’ on police shooting, brought to you by Biden VIDEO

    Don't shoot to kill just shoot them in the leg
    ‘Will we have to wear masks forever?’ - Ben Swann has something to say on Biden’s COVID policy VIDEO
    Mystery probe of Trump campaign cash revealed VIDEO
    Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore VIDEO
  • UK Solitary judge refuses Johnny Depp permission to appeal the false allegations in Murdoch's filthy rag by homosexual Dan Wootton that he was a wife beater (Ridiculed and abused many times by his former wife. Throughout the gutter rags key editorial positions are being taken by homosexuals who smear and frame heterosexual men especially at the BBC and GAYrdian)

  • UK Johnny Depp is DENIED permission to appeal against High Court ruling that newspaper was entitled to call him a 'wife beater' over claims by ex Amber Heard - leaving him facing £628,000 legal bill (Screwed during divorce and screwed again for £628k by a solitary judge again over claims of abuse. NO JURY like Alex Salmond had in Scotland when ten women claimed he sexually abused them)

  • UK BBC fail to mention the porter at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children who has been accused of more than 80 sex offences was a homopaedo specifically targeting BOYS (ONLY child is mentioned throughout their report not ONCE do they state it was boys who were abused)

  • UK Porter at Great Ormond Street children’s hospital, 55, is charged with ‘decades-long catalogue of sex crimes against young boys he groomed at work’ (At least the Daily Mail gets it right)

  • UK Union backlash over public sector pay freeze (more severe austerity for working classes)

  • UK Tory's always ensure the poor hit hardest with their extreme austerity

  • Thailand ‘We don’t want to be slaves’ Thai protesters target monarch’s wealth in Bangkok rally (VIDEO)

  • UK We are being softened up for draconian new curbs and kamikaze sabotage of our economy

  • UK Israeli Mossad influenced 'Black Cube' trying to shut down journalists using lawsuits from exposing their subterfuge (Press freedom advocates published an open letter last year to draw the British government’s attention to what they called a “growing trend to use strategic litigation against public participation (Slapp) lawsuits as a means of intimidating and silencing journalists working in the public interest”)

  • UK More than 200 public statues connected to slave trade found in Wales (Old British establishment freemasons no longer seen as a force for good. We have spent decades reporting that most of the statues that adorn London are mainly lackeys of the royal mafia and who ruthlessly enforced the British Empire abroad and implicated in the persecution of the local populations who were fleeced and enslaved for the royals and their lackeys coffers)

  • UK Scottish power run by a bunch of crooks who threaten people with phantom bills (When men are facing divorce in Scotland Scottish power usually assist the legal mafia to threaten and harass men for phantom debts another ploy to persecute heterosexual men facing outrageous legal punishment for merely being forced into their courts. We have PERSONAL experience of how these crooks operate)

  • UK GAYrdian pushing the feminist / lesbian influenced man hating rights again of 'Needing to be pushy' (Making themselves millionaires on the back of divorce and a judicial and political mafia happy to oblige their every wish while smearing man as abusers and deserving of the mass fleecing and persecution meted out by freemasons running the UNjust courts)

  • UK Tory scumbag Hancock's former neighbour won Covid test kit work after WhatsApp message (Tory's and their pals making millions from covid bullshit using the excuse government contracts don't require bids for work)

  • USA Joe Biden: No 'guarded border' in Ireland - the US president-elect on Brexshit(VIDEO)

  • EU threatens to pull out of Brexshit talks if UK refuses to compromise

  • UK How did a former SNP first minister get £500,000 of public money handed to him by Scottish judges despite multiple claims of sexual abuse by multiple women? (While these judges are crucifying divorcing men Salmond walks away with a huge payout from them)

  • UK Johnson insists he 'absolutely' has full confidence in bullying Patel (Tory gangsters use persecution as a form of persuasion to further their tyranny. Ask any poor person reliant on state handouts)

  • UK Britain's honest cops (His crime pales next to the £billions they are helping steal from divorcing men when they act as hired thugs for bailiffs stealing homes for the law society terrorists)

  • UK Over-55s growing less satisfied with the BBC, Ofcom says (Few viewers see the BBC as a moral barometer after the Savile cover up)

  • UK The homopaedo's employed at the royals grooming factory Eton where he would pay regular "nocturnal visits" to boys "for his own sexual gratification"

  • UK Tory's announce the biggest economic decline in 300 years (Excuse for another massive tory draconian austerity boot)

  • Global RT joins the gutter rags pushing the feminazi male hate campaigns of violence as if it is ONLY one gender that commits it (VIDEO)

  • UK BBC help promote the latest extreme feminist DV propaganda

  • USA Trump leaves reporters baffled with impromptu, one minute press conference on Dow Jones(VIDEO)

  • UK Billionaire Barclay Brothers rag gushing tribute to a bunch of royal parasites (Sick bucket required for this utter royalist bullshit and propaganda)(VIDEO)

  • UK Lawyer run GAYrdian ramping up the DV and legal aid scams that see men face years of persecution paid through endless legal aid funds that strip men of their livelihoods to claw it all back (Meanwhile the golddiggers and their crooked lawyers make divorcing mens lives a misery with court orders dished out by masonic scum masquerading as judges. This is a RACKET that is more criminal than all other crime put together and perpetrated by those who have given themselves power to use the law maliciously against anyone they target and divorcing men are their NUMBER ONE target )

  • UK Cabinet Office briefing warns that Brexshit, Covid, flu, flooding and unrest could lead to chaos (Nothing new as the tory bastards have ALWAYS gone out of their way to create chaos)

  • France Clashes erupt in Paris as police break up makeshift refugee camp(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum about to make the working classes pay for their covid fuck ups (Raising taxes of the rich is an alternative but a route the tory scum NEVER take as there is always method in their madness)

  • UK Tory scum, especially Theresa May, created a vicious campaign of hate and persecution against the Windrush immigrants and their families (Persecution is the name of the game for the British establishment who continue the reign of terror against any man facing divorce)

  • UK The tory state assassins and how they treat war veterans who are disabled (The ruthless conduct of the DWP stems from tory thugs like Patel dictating policy that sees millions of lives broken thanks to the persecution being meted out to anyone reliant on state help)

  • UK Tory scumbag Rishi Sunak to launch £3bn unemployment support plan (They are having a laugh in how they are forcing the unemployed to find work that is NOT there)

  • UK The state can be so negligent to children in the care system that it would risk its children being taken away if it were an actual parent (This is the SAME state that goes to great lengths to strip the biological fathers protection from his children in the most sinister of ways aided and abetted by a corrupt legal system founded on smearing, framing and thieving)

  • UK Gutter rag paid to promote Scottish lawyers as TRUSTED (From our own decades long dealing with these fucking gangsters we would NOT trust one lawyer in Scotland as they all work to the orders of the terrorists at the law society of Scotland and funded by the legal aid board and whose main preoccupation is to strip their victims bare ESPECIALLY divorcing men who are their number ONE target and then dead victims wills)

  • UK Tory scum waste £5.6 billion on extravagance and luxury while imposing more austerity on the peasants (Rich coming from the very gutter rag that usually backs them to the hilt)

  • UK SNP pushing the dangerous totalitarian '1984' scenario of stifling free speech (Sturgeon a lackey for the law society threatens the right to express opinions against those who threaten heterosexual family life and who can bomb Gaza and Palestine with impunity)

  • UK Low paid pay the price of covid as tory scumbag Sunak cancels proposed 5.6% rise in the national living wage

  • UK Only the poorest and working classes are being lined up to fund the massive Tory government bill for covid lockdowns

  • UK Israeli mafia behind the destabilisation of the Labour party with a lawyer Starmer now in charge who is bowing to their demands (Israel would NOT tolerate the degree that outside forces are putting on the British political system that stinks of Israeli interference. The constant squawking of antisemitism only because some MP's like Corbyn back Gaza and Palestine instead of mass murdering Israel)

  • UK No-deal Brexshit to cost more than Covid, Bank of England governor says (Tory scum ain't listening)

  • UK Tory thug Patel will turn her bullying ways to Britain’s asylum system and migrants

  • UK Eight Met cops are under investigation after a black female student said she was punched repeatedly while on the floor during an arrest and was later strip-searched and assaulted again (When freemasons run the met they think they can get away with murder)

  • UK Joe Biden has again warned that Brexshit must not jeopardise the Northern Ireland peace process, stressing the importance of keeping the Irish border open (Puts the tory plans of extreme NO DEAL Brexshit up in the air)

  • UK 'SYSTEMIC CRISIS' UK faces New Year ‘perfect storm’ chaos of floods, pandemic flu, strikes and Brexit no-deal, leaked Govt papers warn

  • UK 'AN OUTRAGE' Tory MP rages at ‘disgraceful and un-British’ police after woman, 72, bundled into a van at protest outside Parliament (A very rare occasion for any tory to make such a stand)

  • UK Personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpiles in England were inadequate for the Covid pandemic and price rises earlier this year cost taxpayers about £10bn

  • UK Feminist lawyer Sturgeon looking after women with free tampons while stripping men bare with DV smears (Sturgeon like Thatcher thinks she will remain in power by pampering women but they rejected Thatcher and will find out the REAL agenda of Sturgeon the law society lackey)

  • UK Cladding with another Grenfell disaster waiting to happen while the government fails to protect the buildings that had been allowed to fit dangerous flammable cladding to their outer walls (Regulation was the responsibility of the government and failed miserably)

  • UK Brexshit: Hauliers fear 'mayhem' at Holyhead port (Tory scum ain't listening)

  • UK Smirking Matt Hancock refuses TEN TIMES to say whether he will accept mooted 4.1% pay rise for MPs in gruelling clash with Piers Morgan despite mass layoffs and pay freeze for rest of public sector (One law for the tory scum and another for the peasants. Revolt long overdue to get rid of these evil greedy corrupt bastards)

  • USA The jewish thugs like Weinstein now behind bars are monitored 24/7 so they don't end up like Epstein (If it was up to the Rabbi's NO ONE would be able to pin their despicable crimes on their jewish mafia pals letting them get away with MURDER while whining about antisemitism)

  • UK Tory scumbag Rishi Sunak claims to promise £150m extra spending on homelessness (The very perpetrators of mass homelessness due to extreme austerity want to spend a pittance on eradicating the very issue they allowed to get out of control DELIBERATELY)

  • UK Lawyer Starmer causes a MASS exodus from a Labour party that is being turned into a tory party MK2 just like lawyer Blair did(and bowing to the Israeli mafia)

  • UK Boris Johnson will intervene in Brexshit talks this week amid a 'final push' for a trade deal with the EU before Tuesday deadline

  • UK Boris Johnson against MPs' pay rise, says No 10 (But they will still get the rise)

  • UK BBC Radio 2: Claudia Winkleman replaces Graham Norton on Saturday mornings (Sums up the BBC replacing a homosexual with a feminist jewess)

  • UK Tory scumbag Sunak refuses to apologise for PPE contracts given to firms with ties to MPs and their rich pals (Vast tory corruption behind the covid veil)

  • UK Scottish judges rule Lockerbie documents will remain secret (Scotland's Speculative judicial mafia having been covering up crimes for decades including Dunblane and the Shirley McKie Fingerprint Scandal. These are the same evil fuckers smearing, framing and thieving from divorcing men in their evil masonic run courts)

  • UK Tory Eton halfwit Boris Johnson ‘acted illegally’ over jobs for top anti-Covid staff (it would represent a further serious blow to the credibility of the government’s handling of the pandemic and support claims that ministers have been running a “chumocracy”)

  • UK Home Office has sacked 12 staff following allegations of bullying since 2018 but tory thug PATEL remains in post

  • UK Tory scum wont mention raising taxes for the rich ONLY cutting wages of the working poor (They have been at the austerity racket for nearly 10 years and now covid has given them the excuse to carry on with the deprivation program that masquerades as some sort of budget)

  • UK Lawyer / lesbian / masonic run Womens Aid ratchet up the DV extremes implicating rail companies in FREE travel to ensure children get separated from their biological fathers protection (Sinister what is now masquerading as a means to protect women with BBC's help)

  • USA How orthodox rabbi ignored NY governor's call to cancel 7,000-person synagogue wedding and held it in 'secret' by only using word of mouth - as covid infections in NYC soared (They will be screaming its antisemitic to dare accuse them of ANYTHING and it looks fucking weird and creepy)

  • UK Calls mount for tory thug Patel to be held accountable over bullying allegations (Thuggery the mark of the tory bullyboy regime with Patel doing his dirty work)(VIDEO)

  • UK Safety checks eased to help flat owners 'in limbo'(OWNER is an onerous word and a LIE)

  • UK Shopping: Almost one in five shops in Wales empty

  • Saudi Arabia Awkward questions avoided at digital G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scum use pandemic as excuse to continue their years of austerity that crippled the working classes (Eight years of pay restraint came to an end only in 2018)

  • UK Tory scumbag Rishi Sunak fails to rule out ‘morally obscene’ pay freeze for millions of public sector workers

  • Global Fears Covid mutations will make vaccines useless as scientists monitor 4,000 new strains (Just like the common cold virus)

  • UK The Yorkshire Ripper likely took the secrets of his potentially murderous relationship with BBC paedo Jimmy Savile to his grave, a top criminologist believes

  • Russia Has Moscow been secretly microwaving our spies for years? CIA investigates after the world was shocked by claims Indian troops had been 'cooked alive' by Chinese electromagnetic pulse weapon

  • UK Legalising gay marriage has caused a surge in divorce rates among lesbians, says same-sex fertility chief

  • UK Ex Bullyingdon boy Johnson ignores tory thug Patel's bullying (Tory scum rule by fear and intimidation and none more so than what is imposed on the most vulnerable in society. A tory thuggery that has cost vast numbers of their victims to commit suicide)

  • USA American businesses crumbling amid pandemic(VIDEO)

  • UK SNP control freak lawyer Sturgeon imposes toughest virus rules in force for two million Scots (Her lawyer pals are just waiting to clear up with mass bankruptcies and house repossessions when the payments can no longer be made)

  • UK sourced PPE from factories secretly using North Korean slave labour

  • UK Johnson: 'The way the SNP have handled devolution has been a disaster' (Pot calling the kettle black?)(VIDEO)

  • UK Lord Sumption: Fear has been 'skilfully and deliberately' used by government to ensure compliance(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory MP: 'There are lies, damn lies and Covid statistics' (VIDEO)

  • UK Carol McGiffin: I won't take a vaccine for Covid-19(VIDEO)

  • UK Prestigious £12,000-a-term public school Clifton College apologises over its handling of homopaedo teachers after ignoring claims one staff member's house was a 'den of vice'

  • UK Scamming solicitor, 41, and her translator husband who defrauded taxpayer out of almost £95,000 in legal aid must repay just £5,500 (the tip of an enormous iceberg)

  • UK Former Goldman Sachs banker faces criminal investigation after 'trading financial secrets' to wife battling her Russian oligarch husband for £453million in UK's biggest-ever divorce (In December 2016, Farkhad’s ex-wife Tatiana was awarded one of the world’s biggest matrimonial settlement and the largest divorce payout in English legal history despite the ex husband disputing the right of the English High Court to have made any award against him because the couple were Russian citizens in 1992 when they married in Russia and divorce proceedings had already occurred in Moscow in 2000. British judges are getting away with murder dictating the world's divorce actions when they have NO jurisdiction)

  • UK Mother who faked having cancer and raked in more than £45,000 in donations from well-wishers which she splurged on shopping trips and a box at Spurs faces jail after being found guilty of fraud (Yet women lie daily about abuse during divorce and get HUGE payouts despite the lies)

  • USA Trump's greatest achievement was bowing to the murderous Israeli regime while weakening Palestinians

  • UK Scottish ministers were not trying to "cover things up" when they resisted calls for an inquiry into abuse of children in care claims former first minister Jack McConnell

  • UK A former soldier who was part of the Queen's guard at Balmoral Castle has been jailed for nine years for sexual abuse against children (How many paedo's actually work for the royal mafia?)

  • UK Mother is accused of scalding her daughter to death then leaving her to scream in pain while ‘covering her tracks’ (NO screams from the hypocritical Womens Aid or Refuge when a young girl is murdered by her mother. Shows they dont really give a fuck about the welfare of girls but only when it suits their 'man hating' agenda)

  • UK Tory thug Priti Patel: Labour demands full release of bullying inquiry amid claims of 'cover-up'

  • UK One in seven UK businesses 'on brink even before lockdown' (Tory fuckwits were already massively disrupting businesses before lockdown)

  • UK SNP exposed covering up Salmond inquiry

  • UK Tory's top domestic violence purveyor Priti Patel stays in job despite a history of bullying staff to the point of suicide and proves the tory scum rule by fear, threats, intimidation and persecution (She was head of the DWP the notorious tory state assassins who make life a misery for the most vulnerable reliant on a pittance in government support and who suffer extreme poverty when the vile sanctioning system strips them of everything. Many who decided suicide was an easier option that living with NO support)

  • UK Cop who infiltrated the Black Power movement has told a public inquiry that he believed undercover cops infiltrating political groups may have had no choice but to have sexual relationships with activists they were monitoring (Freemasons come up with the most outrageous excuses to abuse those who are victims of their stasi network)

  • USA Lawyer for alleged victims of Epstein says wait for Prince Andrew to talk to FBI 'outrageous' (While divorcing men are smeared during divorce hearings thanks to the royals hand picked judges destroying their livelihoods this royal bastard gets away with allegations of raping underage girls)

  • UK Prince Andrew: ‘Outrageous’ that year has passed since royal vowed to cooperate with FBI, says lawyer

  • UK Lawyers want extra £250m for their INjustice system (Well heeled lawyers always pleading poverty despite vast theft from divorcing men)

  • China spending billions on space junk to the moon

  • UK Hinkley Point B nuclear power plant shut down over cracks in graphite core

  • UK Boris Johnson's cronies helped pals bag £10bn of taxpayers' cash with PPE orders (Tory corruption ignored by Britain's law enforcement)

  • UK Johnson finds £16.5 billion for defence spending while imposing austerity on vast areas of Britain (Warmongering tory filth handing out vast publicly funded defence contracts to their election backers)

  • UK TV personality Robert Rinder says the government could house the 136,000 homeless children who will be sleeping on the streets of the UK tonight with the extra money they are putting into defence

  • UK Lawyer Starmer destroying Labour's socialist principles while using Corbyn suspension to appease the Israeli mafia (Starmer like Blair are law society lackeys who back Israeli mass murder in the Middle East)

  • UK Priti Patel's 'Slap on wrist' with 'handed written warning by Boris Johnson over staff bullying allegations but will NOT lose her job as Home Secretary

  • EU 'Final push' Brexshit trade talks grind to a halt after one of Michel Barnier's negotiating team gets CORONAVIRUS leaving UK and EU hurtling toward December deadline with no deal

  • UK Some of England’s poorest areas face being trapped in coronavirus restrictions “permanently” unless the government tackles deep-rooted inequalities that are driving high transmission, according to a public health chief

  • USA Nasa says landing astronauts on moon by 2024 is unlikely (Vast amounts of public funds wasted on NASA's space frivolity while millions of Americans are brought to their knees through poverty)

  • UK BBC report government cut the £4m fund for "The Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Challenge Fund" (The lunatics are running the asylum)

  • UK LAWYER Starmer refuses to give Jeremy Corbyn whip as he’s readmitted to Labour (Law society goons like Starmer and their Israeli mafia controllers smear Corbyn as antisemitic for backing Palestine and Gaza and NOT the brutal thuggery of Israel)

  • UK Dundee woman who endangered girl by repeatedly giving her sleeping pills dodges jail (She blamed it, or HER lawyer blamed it, on her being in an abusive relationship. The 'get out of jail' card for lying devious witches and their corrupt legal pals milking legal aid to defend her)

  • UK BBC dont want to upset homosexuals by playing "Fairytale of New York" by The Pogues

  • USA Trump sacks official who told him he was a loser and election wasn’t rigged

  • UK The BBC’s ‘unjust’ and ‘unprincipled’ thuggery of using debt collectors to ‘harass vulnerable people’ during lockdown must stop, MPs have claimed

  • UK Police chief who spied on activists went on to work for union blacklist, inquiry told (The most important exposure of the depths these masonic fuckers will go to destroy lives)

  • UK Jewish Labour Movement condemns Corbyn's readmission (Jews openly dictating the direction of Britain's political mafia)

  • UK Exposed: Dominic Cummings's links with two of the four companies detailed in damning PPE report(Tory corruption)

  • UK The government was not transparent about suppliers and services when it scrambled to award £18bn worth of Covid-19 contracts (Tory corruption)

  • UK The £18BILLION coronavirus PPE scandal: Devastating report exposes chronic bungling and 'jobs for pals' in ministers' desperate rush to buy safety gear during pandemic (Tory corruption)

  • UK A cynical and brazen cronyism: As new report reveals £18bn coronavirus PPE farce, DAVID ROSE argues this is not how public procurement in Britain is meant to work(Tory corruption)

  • UK Tory Rishi Sunak refuses to say if he will profit from Moderna Covid vaccine (The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has refused to disclose whether he will profit from a surge in the share price of the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer Moderna, one of the biggest investments held by the hedge fund he co-founded before entering parliament)

  • UK Fire test for Grenfell foam cladding panels was rigged, admits ex-employee (A total failure of the regulatory bodies in Britain)

  • UK Failure to seal post-Brexshit deal would more than halve UK growth, says KPMG

  • UK Starmer urged not to let Corbyn back into parliamentary party (Israeli mafia totally controlling Britain's political mafia)

  • UK BBC's Woman's Hour Power List (BBC now totally controlled by femi / lesbian / homo mafia)

  • UK More than 100,000 divorces in England and Wales last year (Family lawyers have predicted a "post-lockdown divorce boom" and who will be MILKING it)

  • UK Irvine Welsh: Scotland's hate crime bill is open to abuse (It was not the role of the state to intervene in what people could say or think)

  • USA Trump’s refusal to concede perpetuates unfounded belief that election was rigged (VIDEO)

  • Russia Inside Russian hospitals amid overcrowded conditions dealing with covid(VIDEO)

  • UK Jeremy Corbyn: Labour readmits ex-leader after anti-Semitism row

  • UK Tory's throwing $20m of public money at Spanish businessman over coronavirus pandemic protective garments (Tory corruption rife during covid panic)

  • UK Patel bullying staff is "with" the prime minister

  • UK Nearly two million people in west Scotland including Glasgow could be plunged into the toughest Level 4 Covid restrictions with pubs closed in measures announced today (How long before peasants rebel over draconian lockdowns instigated by the SNP lawyers controlling everything now. Sturgeon is a dangerous law society lackey but Scotland needs to waken up to her hidden agenda of allowing the vast majority of men to be stripped bare and lockdowns give them more excuses to bankrupt and repossess but Scots are being brainwashed by the lawyer controlled rags that paint a very different picture. SHE gives not a jot about the men she is arranging to smear, frame and thieve from with her lawyer buddies milking vast wealth from unsuspecting men caught up in divorce)

  • UK Brexshit trade deal 'could be done by Tuesday, Britain's chief negotiator David Frost tells Boris Johnson'

  • UK Murdoch rags far right wing advice to Johnson over Brexshit including NO DEAL (This bastard's vile rags interferes with British politics despite never living in Britain)

  • USA Georgia’s secretary of state says Lindsey Graham suggested he throw out legal ballots (Raffspenger was reportedly “stunned” by the question, in which Graham appeared to suggest that he find a way to throw out legally cast absentee ballots)

  • Space ISS maybe the most expensive white elephant in history and the governments allocating $trillions of public money away from the homeless lining the streets (Space will NEVER be home to humans with the extremes of radiation that quickly destroy human tissue but the well heeled scientists who get highly paid jobs will always think differently pushing for ever more wealth to be diverted on to their fanciful ideas)

  • EU Major breakthrough needed to avert no-deal Brexshit, says Irish minister

  • Russia DEATH PILED HIGH Russian model films ‘morgue overflowing with Covid corpses’ as she tries to find dead dad in pile of bodies

  • UK The royal parasites love of Germany (Their homeland)

  • UK The latest in a long line of revelations regarding businesses and individuals with close links to the tory scum that have adversely affected public trust during this pandemic"

  • UK Lawyers apologise for protecting another tory scumbag

  • UK Not paying BBC licence fee is STILL a crime: Plans to decriminalise non-payment are delayed amid fears bailiffs will target the elderly (Outrageous the BBC are fleecing the public to fund their propaganda and can JAIL victims of their fraud)

  • UK Universal Credit claimants could see their payments rise today after major rule change (DWP are using ANY excuse to cut pittance from working class)

  • UK Transgender man, 34, loses legal battle to be named as the father on his child's birth certificate after claiming being labelled a mother 'breaches his human rights' as Supreme Court refuses to hear his case (Lunatics running the asylum)

  • USA Police separate Trump supporters and opponents at massive rally in Washington, DC(VIDEO)

  • UK GAYrdian gives platforms to lawyer controlled shock tactic DV propagators to enhance all of their bank accounts (there is no bigger racket than claiming to be a DV victim to line your bank account with ill gotten gains)

  • UK Gayrdian rants about 'healing Britain's divided society' while spouting male hate bullshit

  • UK Tory thug Patel masterminding the brutal mistreatment of migrant children with the use of restraint and “physical intervention” (The ruthless tory mafia exposed in how they deal with innocent migrant kids)

  • USA Phil Collins' ex-wife claimed she needed stay in the singer's $40m mansion to treat a 'debilitating' spinal condition - but photos show her jetting around the world to go mountain climbing, kayaking, cycling and box (A legal system that allows golddiggers to rob mens homes)

  • UK Britain's political mafia who MILK the system while hammering the poor

  • Global Kennedy Assassination: David Icke(VIDEO)

  • USA Abby Martin's Lawsuit Over Israel Loyalty Oath Mandate in USA(VIDEO)

  • UK Stasi Met cops slept with left wing activists while spying on their activities (Anyone who doesn't understand how Britain operates needs to understand just what depths these masonic fuckers plummet to dig dirt on campaigners)

  • UK Equality and Human Rights Commission that backed antisemitic claims against Labour and backed the BBC's inequality pay rates is filled with white racists and Israeli supporters

  • UK The psychopathic bullies at the heart of the tory regime(See Patel and Cummings as to how they operate)

  • UK How an arm of the British state (Post Office) was allowed to persecute its own staff for so long hounding them to death (An insight in to how the whole British establishment operates to drive their victims to suicide. Something we have been reporting for decades and is now only highlighted in their gutter rags. Divorcing men face the worst possible persecution thanks to thuggery by crooked judges and lawyers and why so many take their own lives)

  • UK Scottish lawyers behind cover up of Salmond inquiry

  • UK BBC feminists turn on their employer with endless whining about unequal pay (Despite constantly pumping out DV bullshit that smears men as the abusers the BBC itself treats women differently from the masons employed at their senior management level)

  • UK Dominic Cummings has left Downing Street after internal battles over his role as Boris Johnson's chief adviser (Hard line Brexshitters that would have fucked up Britain's economy even more than presently with Covid)

  • USA Election 2020: Is American democracy in crisis? (Make it look like a crisis when they ALL work for the same zionist backers and it's NEVER been REAL democracy when money is how presidential elections operate and keeps the working classes out of the running)(VIDEO)

  • UK Tory scumbag Johnson's pack of political thugs made sure he wont last another year with his hard line Brexshit stance

  • UK Cops run by freemasonry Common Purpose that infests every public institution these days, and is largely financed by taxpayers’ money (Rich coming from Harmsworth's rag that backs these evil bastards so often with claims they are left wing what UTTER BULLSHIT)

  • UK Drunken wife, 57, who torched her £400,000 suburban family home to spite her husband of 27 years during bitter divorce battle is jailed for almost three years (Nightmare scenario's when property becomes a divisive tool in divorce with men basically losing control of their assets)

  • USA Trump’s bid to overturn election loss dealt huge blow as officials find no evidence of widespread fraud

  • USA First the presidency and now the marriage

  • UK The same bunch of assholes at the "Equalities and Human Rights Commission" who backed claims of antisemitism inside Labour under Corbyn back the BBC over pay ruling and attacked as a whitewash (BBC run by lawyers, EHRC run by lawyers, Labour under Corbyn NOT run by lawyers until Starmer took over)

  • Global The BBC once again dismissing so called 'conspiracy theories' over USA dollar bill (BBC perpetuate how the establishment have used their propaganda to program the sheeple with their constant 'Nothing to see here')

  • UK Dysfunction at the heart of the tory scum's domination, disarray and destruction of politics (They claim to provide stability but behind the scenes it is total chaos and a destructive vindictive force as they HATE and persecute POOR victims of their tyranny)

  • UK Westminister more like a free boozer than a place where laws are manufactured (No other place of work would allow such a free flow of subsidised alcohol on the premises)

  • UK Covid puts an end to the BBC's lesbian promotion

  • UK Students on rampage over University conditions and fees during lockdown

  • UK Is Vote Leave losing its muscle in Downing Street? (Disaster if the tory scum can use Brexshit to cause more untold damage to Britain and working class jobs to satisfy the dimwits who were allowed to voice their racist tendencies above jobs and stability)

  • UK Cummings to leave Downing Street by Christmas (BIG U turn by the assholes that are pushing Britain into a disaster worse than Covid)

  • UK Martin Bashir 'is set to quit BBC': Journalist 'tells colleagues' that the row over his Princess Diana interview for Panorama 'is a tragic way to retire'

  • UK Tory scum always predict 'HARD TIMES AHEAD' no matter the climate (Never have Britain's working classes had 'GOOD TIMES AHEAD' under a brutal tory regime and they have ALL the excuses they need with Covid and Brexit ensuring Britain will go down the drain)

  • UK Gutter rag backs Angiolini claims that "Damning report finds bigotry and misogyny in Police Scotland" (As long term victims of these fucking masonic scum we can say with certainty that when they are kicking men out of their homes during divorce they show NO FUCKING SIGNS of misogyny just brutal persecution of men not part of their vile satanic club and more cops are living in stolen property than EVER before thanks to outrageous claims of DV that makes the legal and police mafia's rich on the back of corruption)

  • UK Scots cops given free rein to smash down doors in line of duty following watchdog probe (During divorce Scottish cops massively abuse the powers to SMASH DOWN DOORS terrorizing men not part of their satanic club before they fleece them of everything when acting as hired thugs for the crooked legal mafia feminist lawyer Sturgeon heads)

  • UK Scottish cops are the utter dregs of the earth

  • UK Covid: Rough sleepers back on Welsh streets after first lockdown

  • UK A monument to naked idiocy: A new statue celebrating the icon of feminism Mary Wollstonecraft will have schoolboys sniggering and evokes NONE of her brilliance(Feminism is a lesbian indoctrination system for women who divorce with social workers and lawyers all part of alesbian cabal destroying heterosexual men for profit using Womens Aid and Refuge to get their claws into the huge divorce payouts)

  • UK Britain's royalist establishment give the peasants a day to celebrate the ruling mafia (The duped enslaved totally unaware of the sinister operations to keep these scum and filth in power and wealth. Cross paths with these fuckers and you could end up like Diana or in one of their political gulags doted across the UK)

  • UK A female nurse accused of murdering eight babies and the attempted murder of another 10 is due in court (A very RARE occasion the BBC would dare to report a female murder suspect that does not fit their feminist man hate agenda. Neither Womens Aid NOR Refuge ever comment when females are being murdered by females as it does NOT fit their man hate agenda either or their dodgy stats that NEVER show how many children and adults are murdered by females)

  • UK Female Children's nurse, 30, is charged with murdering eight babies and trying to murder 10 more after probe into hospital infant deaths

  • UK Alex Salmond affair: SNP government says it has no information on 'forgotten' bombshell meeting (SNP and their dirty tricks exposed during Salmond affair)

  • UK The leftwing journalist and intellectual Tariq Ali was spied on by at least 14 undercover British cops who went to extraordinary lengths to keep tabs on his political activities, a public inquiry has heard (The stinking heart of how British law enforcement is dominated by a masonic 'STASI' style mindset)

  • UK Royal parasites Germany trip sparks outrage - 'they should lead by example!' (Rich coming from their biggest gutter rag promoter)

  • Ireland Brexshit: UK has to 'knuckle down' and get a trade deal with EU - Irish PM

  • UK Far right gutter rag backs tory thug Patel shutting off Europe for good over freedom of movement (So many racist Brits unaware of how free movement lets them spend lengthy periods in warmer European countries especially after retirement. But to dimwitted to see those missed opportunities)

  • USA New York plans curfew to curb rise of new COVID-19 cases(VIDEO)

  • UK Boris Johnson's key aide QUITS as civil war erupts inside No 10 after PM's fiancee Carrie Symonds tries to block him from becoming new chief of staff - so will Dominic Cummings be next to go? (Brexshit thugs getting the boot now Biden is America's new president?)

  • Global The Bellwether (Feminist bullshit being pumped out by Hollywood)

  • UK Two tory scumbags have accepted jobs with the gambling industry worth tens of thousands of pounds before a government review of betting laws (These scumbags would sell their grannies at any price)

  • UK Lee Cain: Johnson's senior aide resigns amid tory infighting at No 10

  • EU insists November 19 is the final deadline for agreeing a Brexshit trade accord with the UK as Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney says it is 'more likely than not' there WILL be a deal but warns it could still 'fall apart'

  • UK Tragedy of Queen's secret cousins: The Crown will tell the story of Queen Mother's nieces with severe learning disabilities who were locked in an asylum and neglected after being registered as DEAD (Only a family of ruthless tyrants would behave towards their vulnerable relatives like this)

  • USA Trump campaign to file lawsuit to stop Michigan certifying election results

  • UK 'Radical lesbian activist' COVERS UP new tacky sculpture celebrating 'mother of feminism' Mary Wollstonecraft after critics slammed artist for reducing icon to a 'naked silver Barbie doll

  • UK The top tory's DV promoter and witch bitch Priti Patel's bullying of staff were “brushed over”, an adviser to Boris Johnson has said (The very purveyors of supposedly protecting women from all us bad men using DV scams are the biggest thugs of all with some of her victims becoming suicidal after her extreme persecution)

  • UK BBC finally admit after decades of smearing heterosexual men as abusers that their gay pals can be the worst offenders

  • UK BBC only seem interested in what homosexuals think of America's election (Biden as a lawyer will be part of the global law society agenda to push the homosexual agenda at the utter expense of heterosexual families and especially heterosexual fathers)

  • USA Twisted mom ‘drowned her baby daughters because their organs were worth a lot of money’ (A headline seldom seen in the BBC and GAYrdian)

  • UK Tory scum dish out £3.6bn Covid public funds politically not by NEED (To the same lot that vote them back in and who fund their election campaigns and the EVIL bastards claim its a democracy)

  • UK Lawyers have been protecting church homopaedo's for decades while smearing fathers during divorce and separating children from the biological fathers protection (There is creepy and sinister method in their deranged madness)

  • USA election: Justice lawyer quits after attorney general orders 'vote fraud' inquiries

  • UK Creepy naked feminist lesbian statue provokes backlash (How NOT to be the least bit feminine by brainwashing young impressionable females to flaunt their bodies and WHY the feminazi are so desperate to use the law to remove good fathers influence from their children. )

  • UK Phil Collins fucked over a second time by ex-wife (The first time she took him for $47million now she's after the $40million house meanwhile smearing him in the media. Women are getting away with fucking outright murder thanks to the legal and media mafia's making themselves millionaires overnight on the back of men's wealth)

  • Ireland Law society controlled gutter rags pump up the domestic violence bullshit (While covid distracts the sheeple heterosexual men are being destroyed in vast numbers by the freemasons controlling the divorce courts and using manufactured DV claims to persecute innocent men)

  • UK Lawyer scum like Starmer and Blair are destroying any credibility the Labour party has left (Zionist lackeys operating for and on behalf of Israeli interests NOT Britain's)

  • UK GAYrdian praise tacky feminist lesbian influenced statue that's replacing the masonic bastard statues they are now pulling down (THE mother of feminism Mary Wollstonecraft a typical lesbian looking piece of shit)

  • UK UK government fails to publish details of £4bn Covid contracts with private firms (Tory scum lining the pockets of the bastards that fund them come election time and all the companies they own shares in)

  • UK Tory scum use FEAR of Covid or terrorism to keep the peasants in line

  • UK Major: Brexshit set to be 'more brutal than anyone expected' (Unemployment set to sky rocket)

  • UK Coronavirus: Tory twat Matt Hancock asks NHS to be ready to deploy COVID-19 vaccine from start of December

  • UK 'Worst mum ever' to be electronically tagged over Christmas after beating 3 kids (A headline you seldom see in the BBC or Gayrdian)

  • Ukraine Mum ‘beat son, 5, to death in front of daughter, 6, for causing a mess in house’ (A headline you seldom see in the BBC or Gayrdian)

  • UK Woman, 55, is arrested for murder after 62-year-old man's body is found in Surrey cul-de-sac (A headline you seldom see in the BBC or Gayrdian)

  • UK Female Teaching assistant, 32, is jailed for two years after having sexual relationship with pupil, 15, that made him consider 'mutilating' his own genitals in desperate bid to end abuse (Another headline you seldom see in the BBC or Gayrdian)

  • UK Woman was tricked into relationship with undercover cop until 2015 - four years AFTER conduct of Met Police moles was made public, 'spy cops' inquiry hears (British policing the utter scum and dregs of the earth and a shameful blot on a supposed civilised society)

  • UK Lawyers like Starmer and formerly Blair turn Labour from working class into a tory Israeli loving party MK2 (A global law society behind political chicanery in the USA Biden a lawyer now president)

  • UK Gutter rag claims Harry and Meghan turned Remembrance Sunday into a 'publicity stunt' (But NOT the queen and her entourage?)

  • UK BBC crisis over Diana slurs scandal: Calls for TV bosses to face a criminal probe as the victims who Martin Bashir smeared are poised to sue and a friend reveals princess DID regret interview

  • UK We need a police probe into BBC Martin Bashir's actions... that BBC interview might have cost Princess Diana her life (The morally upstanding BBC could have triggered Princess Diana's death)

  • UK Michel Barnier says UK and EU are 'redoubling our efforts' to strike a post-Brexit trade deal after Joe Biden's US election win sparks fresh push for an accord and George Eustice hints Britain could move on fishing rights

  • USA America and its lunatic preachers worth millions and they buy into this shite

  • USA Dave Chappelle on Trump (VIDEO)

  • USA Trump ‘told to CONCEDE election’ by Jared Kushner as his aides start blame game

  • UK Johnson congratulates Joe Biden on USA election win (He wont have his right wing buddy Trump to help push through the extreme Brexshit NO DEAL that will finish off Britain's jobs after Covid)

  • USA ‘Let’s give each other a chance’: Joe Biden vows to heal divided America in his first speech as president-elect (America needs to get ready for more disappointments as the same rhetoric from an ELDERLY lawyer sounds like Obama)

  • USA Trump acting like an 'adolescent' with refusal to concede

  • UK Johnson tells EU to 'get real' and treat UK as an independent state if it wants a post-Brexshit trade deal - as he's warned avoiding No Deal is best for a good relationship with Joe Biden (Ireland will be torn apart if its up to the tory scum again)

  • UK Johnson 'sends security to ministers' homes to check phones' after lockdown leak

  • UK Farage claims Trump would have ‘won by country mile’ without postal votes

  • UK Murdoch gutter rags use REMEMBRANCE day to promote royals as if they ever get put on the front line (What have the royals EVER got to do with working class men being sent to war to be murdered in the trenches?)

  • UK Remembrance Sunday an excuse to wheel out the royal propaganda machine on the back of dead working class men (They must be turning in their graves to see heterosexual men being detroyed by the royals masonic lackey judges)

  • UK ROYAL WREATH RIFT Prince Harry ‘refused permission for Remembrance Day wreath to be laid at Cenotaph on his behalf’ in sign of Royal rift

  • USA Wild cheering in the streets as Joe Biden claims victory after networks unanimously call election for him but Trump says Joe is 'falsely posing as winner' and hits the golf course

  • USA Biden’s spokesman, Andrew Bates, said: “The American people will decide this election. And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House

  • USA It seemed like a desperate last stand from a fearful strongman who can feel power slipping inexorably away (Perhaps the bogus claims of fraud will eventually allow Trump to quietly slip away while saving face, contending that he would have won re-election but for cheating establishment forces beyond his control. American elections a farce not fraud)

  • UK Johnson and EU commission chief to hold talks before decisive week for Brexshit deal

  • UK Lawyer controlled SNP run Scotland becomes first UK nation to ban smacking children (Meanwhile divorcing heterosexual men face extreme persecution from the evil bastards that are claiming to protect families when it is just an excuse for the legal mafia to take over the control of families from fathers and the family assets. The SNP are devious and dangerous and one look at the Salmond case exposes the dirty tricks they are behind)

  • UK Raging Depp's lawyers Schillings said: 'Most troubling is the Judge's reliance on the testimony of Amber Heard, and corresponding disregard of the mountain of counter-evidence from police officers, medical practitioners, her own former assistant, other unchallenged witnesses and an array of documentary evidence which completely undermined the allegations, point by point. All of this was overlooked (Whenever masonic judges are deciding on DV claims it only taking the lies of a solitary female golddigger to be taken as the truth and NOTHING else matters)

  • UK Scotland outlaws smacking children from today in UK first - despite concern over the state's growing interference in family life (Lawyers will use this in divorce to sever childrens ties with the protection of their biological fathers while their interference in the raising of children is the biggest abuse by far of anything that happens within families and all for the greed of the scum and dregs who use these type of laws to line their deep corrupt pockets)

  • UK We're not going to take it any more. You can sleep with your wife but can't play tennis with her. You can shoot ducks, but can't feed them. Boffins scare us with graphs, then change them...

  • UK Brexshit: Since coming to power, the tory scum have shown a staggering ability for making bad situations worse

  • UK Salmond inquiry 'frustrated' at former SNP first minister's missing evidence (Lawyer controlled SNP dirty tricks being exposed during Salmond inquiry)

  • Global BBC promote the despicable feminazi 'strip for fame' agenda (Their idea of female empowerment is to PROMOTE dressing like a slut and a fine example for young impressionable girls. Something good fathers would curtail)

  • UK Britain’s Blitzed cities are still deprived 75 years after the war ended: Child poverty rates in places such as Hull and Coventry are above average (When a tory gutter rag quotes these stats you know it is really dire)

  • USA Depp and how DV allegations destroy lives even when the perpetrator who claims DV gets off scot free thanks to judgments by solitary judges NOT juries (This is a global pandemic where men, not part of the satanic club, are destroyed by lies and deceit and from the very bastards who themselves inflict damage on those they accuse of harming them. Until juries are restored in masonic controlled courts tyranny and the destruction of heterosexual men will continue unabated. Any man unfamiliar with the secret court system needs to be aware only the 'hearsay' evidence of a golddigger is enough for the masonic mafia to inflict enormous harm on men while they help themselves to their bank accounts)

  • USA Biden says ‘we’re going to win this race’ as lead grows in key states

  • USA White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows diagnosed with coronavirus

  • UK DAMNING DOSSIER Princess Diana’s brother shares his handwritten notes which show the ’32 smears that tricked her into BBC interview’ (The BBC's dirty tricks department. We ourselves have personal experience of how the BBC gather evidence for MI5 and then bin evidence of establishment corruption, psychological torture and murder that they claimed they would report on BUT never did)

  • UK Johnson will phone EU commission chief Ursula von der Leyen today to 'take stock' of Brexshit progress ahead of critical negotiations next week to avoid a No Deal

  • USA Murdoch-owned rag turn on Trump, urging him to act with 'grace' (Far right wing gutter rags stop backing far right wing Trump)

  • USA Trump discusses vote counting at the White House (VIDEO)

  • USA Trump calls on supporters from Twitter, makes false claims about vote counting(VIDEO)

  • USA TV networks cut away from Trump as he tests the boundaries of American democracy by questioning the entire election with extraordinary speech that claims conspiracy against him by 'big tech, big money, the media, pollsters and Democrats'

  • UK Brexshit: Watchdog warns of 'significant' border disruption

  • UK BBC report 'Toxic lockdown' sees huge rise in babies harmed or killed (But fail to mention how many were killed by mothers as it doesn't fit their femi/homo heterosexual male hate agenda)

  • UK COVID CLASHES More than 100 arrests as anti-lockdown and Million Mask protesters clash with cops hours into new coronavirus shutdown

  • USA A rare occasion when a female gets fucked over in divorce courts (Mel B expected to pay ex husband's $400,000 legal fees, plus $100,000 in accounting fees. The cost of divorce is monumental and devastating for anyone facing extortion by the legal mafia)

  • UK Whistleblower NHS healthcare assistant claims she had 'no work for three weeks' at the height of the pandemic has said the claim the NHS is overrun is 'all lies'

  • UK Anti-lockdown and Million Mask March protestors clash with police in London over the new coronavirus restrictions

  • UK The homosexual violence the BBC and Guardian seldom report on (They are BOTH to busy smearing heterosexual men)

  • UK London's greedy landlords have to finally forced to reduce their extortionate cupboard rentals (The crazy mad fucked up world of London's landlord set)

  • UK Are Brexshit trade talks on the brink of collapse? Britain and EU fail to close gaps over fishing rights and state aid with Michel Barnier vowing that Brussels is 'prepared for all scenarios'

  • USA Trump supporters - some armed with rifles and handguns - have descended on election counting centres where mail-in ballots continue to be tallied up

  • UK Statistics watchdog scolds Number 10 for lack of transparency over Covid-19 data used to justify second lockdown

  • UK Boris Johnson and NHS boss claim Covid-19 hospitals admissions ARE rising quickly — despite experts saying health service is NO busier than normal and accusing ministers of 'caving in' to dodgy propaganda

  • UK A retired nurse has told of the 'degrading' moment she found herself handcuffed in the back of the police car, simply for trying to take her mother from a care home

  • Space $100 billion to take nice pictures of the ISS in front of the sun and moon

  • UK Kendal female senior care home worker jailed for mistreating residents (The scum and dregs of the earth that Womens Aid and Refuge deliberately ignore as it does NOT fit their male HATE agenda)

  • Space Astronomer Royal, astrophysicist Lord Rees of Ludlow. “None of the hundreds of people circling around in the International Space Station have done any worthwhile science sufficient to justify even a tiny fraction of the money the Shuttle and space station have cost us.”(As we have been stating for decades the $trillions being wasted on space junk while billions are starving on earth)

  • UK Christian magistrate sacked for saying children should be raised by a mother and father and NOT same-sex couples denies being biased as he fights 'religious discrimination' at Appeal Court (A very RARE occasion when a British judge gets it right but doesn't agree with the MASONIC judiciary's homosexual agenda)

  • UK 'Spy cops' used identities of 19 dead babies and one child who was still ALIVE and had sexual relationships with political activists over four decades (When freemasons run law enforcement you get total and utter tyranny and who think they can get away with murder)

  • UK £29.7million 'break-up fee' from a married billionaire casino magnate (Golddiggers turning themselves into millionaires OVERNIGHT)

  • UK Brexshit negotiations ‘are set to run for another fortnight’ as coronavirus surge in UK and Brussels disrupts progress on a deal

  • UK Princess Diana's brother demands BBC inquiry over Panorama interview

  • UK Twitter bans David Icke over Covid misinformation (Don't dare challenge the establishment narrative EVEN if they are wrong. That's what FREE speech is about)

  • Global Psychologist calls to lobby government to end restrictions (VIDEO)

  • Global The dirty secret of capitalism -- and a new way forward(VIDEO)

  • UK Whistleblowers calling out 'corruption' and 'cover-ups' in the NHS(VIDEO)

  • Global Apparently, fathers are now UNNECESSARY(VIDEO)


  • USA Denzel Washington's Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS (VIDEO)

  • UK The Undercover Policing Inquiry (UCPI) is one of the most complicated, expensive and delayed public inquiries in British legal history (British cops operating like the Stasi BUT much worse)

  • UK Johnny Depp facing astronomical legal fees (Men daily are being fucked over by a legal system that smears, frames and thieves using malicious DV bullshit)

  • UK Lockdown 2.0 will plunge Britain 'into a double-dip recession', economists warn

  • UK Johnny Depp loses libel case over Sun 'wife beater' claim (When Britain's masonic judges are deciding on fictitious DV claims they always side with women to line their legal mafia pockets. A homosexual Sun reporter was used to smear heterosexual Depp with DV claims and RIFE inside the legal system)

  • UK UK house price boom will collapse once buyers lose their jobs

  • UK Labour MP Apsana Begum charged with housing fraud


  • Global Your Rights Are An ILLUSION - George Carlin(VIDEO)

  • Global Apparently, fathers are now UNNECESSARY(VIDEO)

  • UK Corbyn-supporting MPs discussed quitting Labour

  • UK Confusion at BBC as boss says staff can attend Pride marches after all (That will be most of their staff)

  • UK 'Halo effect' protected jewish homopaedo lawyer Greville Janner from child abuse claims, inquiry told (Telling the truth about this scumbag would be classed as antisemitism by his zionist protectors)

  • UK Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: reputations at stake as judgment looms

  • UK Plaid Cymru now facing party review into anti-Semitism (Britain's political mafia under the thumb of the Israeli mafia)

  • UK 'Millions face hardship' as government support ends

  • UK Anti-Semitism row: Corbyn allies urge members to stay in the party

  • UK Labour's left calls for Jeremy Corbyn's suspension to be lifted

  • EU Brexshit talks making good progress, says Ursula Von der Leyen

  • UK Tory thug Priti Patel refuses to rule out second Covid lockdown for England

  • UK BBC journalists told not to 'virtue signal' in social media crackdown

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  • Women's Aid the mouthpiece for the legal mafia
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