There's the zionist world and then there's the rest

There is no denying that for anyone connected with the arts that the world is dominated by lackeys of the zionist global media circus. Everything outside of the internet is controlled by judeo-freemasons who keep the doors closed to the hype that ensures only those hand picked by a small self appointed elite get a global platform.

Scumbags like Simon Cowell ensure anything that gets onto a world stage is controlled by zionists right down to the very last penny. The reason they can dominate the arts as well as everything else that is seen in their controlled media is how at the onset of printing, radio, movies and tv they knew ONLY by ensuring every last vestige of those media systems had to be controlled by them.

We have been brainwashed for not only decades but centuries and only the rise of the internet has released the public from global domination of what passes as news and entertainment that does not have a massive zionist stamp right across it, but how much longer can they keep up the ruse?

America's presidential election is turning into a massive farce as both sides are funded from the zionist coffers to take control of the most powerful country in the world for and on behalf of zionist Israel's global and financial interests.

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