Is there any political hand globally that is not being greased by zionist money?

While at least one half of America is rejoicing in Trump's presidential win, while the rest ponder their future, there is still little understanding by American voters how unimportant their votes really are. They get to vote for the two candidates funded by zionist money and ONLY zionist money. The two candidates promoted by the zionist media and selected by all those political windbags who are having their hands greased by zionist dollars who dupe the American masses into believing they have choice.

The only nation who win this battle are Israel and the zionist gangsters that have for centuries manufactured the political, legal and banking scams that ensure they remain the richest and most powerful force on the planet while the sheeple meekly look on. Their masonic lackeys protect a corrupt system creating vast inequality with wars that divert the sheeple from what they are really doing.

Despite the internet breaking the back of this system just watching the American sheeple holding up Clinton and Trump banners is enough to know that there is a long way to go before the sheeple can be woken from the zionist / judeo / masonic slumber their media continue to play a part in the propaganda and brainwashing that keeps the vast bulk of America still controlled by the zionist's corrupt and murderous iron fist.

God really needs to HELP America as it slips further and further into a comatose state despite the warning signs that continue right across the internet.

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